Justifying deaths of birds and bats from wind projects – sends chills down spine


Bald Eagle on Lakeshore Rd, Haldimand County

December 10th 2012;  somewhere in Haldimand Norfolk.
Ok so I like reading weird and depressing articles; it is  something to do while under construction siege from a wind developer.  Recently read an article titled ``Views vary on environmental effects; by  Dave Sutor December 9th 2012 ; published in the Tribune-Democrat“  in the article I  noted the statistics for bird and bat kills.
“Operators of Pennsylvania’s wind farms voluntarily collect the data and submit it to the state game commission for review. In a March 2011 report, the commission determined an average of 24.6 bats and 3.9 birds were found dead next to every turbine per year between 2007 and 2009 “  
(my emphasis)

And  further in this paragraph….
“It’s no surprise that wind power is good for our environment; we’ve known that for years,” said PennEnvironment clean water advocate Erika Staaf. “But our report, for the first time, quantifies the full environmental impact and other environmental and health benefits that Pennsylvanians get from wind power.”

So  I went and looked up the report referenced.. sigh.    Nice graphics (always have been taught to find something nice to say) …. Ok  now that I have been  re-educated; I will move onto the trolling of finding  new articles and reports to read.  Everyone avert their eyes to the mounds of dead bats and birds being collected. They are an acceptable consequence and an infinite resource. Let us celebrate their demise and loss of natural habitats.  They came to a glorious end for the greater good.

Please be sure to explain this to the bats and especially include the Eagles located next to the turbines in the Summerhaven NextEra project  in Haldimand Norfolk;   http://haldimandwindconcerns.com/?p=1850

Their sacrifice will not be in vain.   Oh such great comfort to the people being surrounded by an industrial installation.  It sends chills down my spine.

Linda J Rogers
Somewhere in Haldimand-Norfolk ON Canada
(200+ industrial wind turbines and counting)

7 thoughts on “Justifying deaths of birds and bats from wind projects – sends chills down spine

  1. Follow the money and influence trail to the States and back again to Ontario and it’s getting to be more and more obvious that the renewable energy scheme is being promoted to furnish power to the States at the expense of rural Ontarians and birds & bats.
    Great sums of money are to be made by those involved in these schemes in both countries.
    Same thing in the States with the bird & bat kill. These creatures must not be allowed to get in the way of making money. So influence is used, regulations are changed and all kinds of excuses are made to get the necessary kill permits.

    • “renewable energy scheme is being promoted to furnish power to the States at the expense of rural Ontarians “………………..Barbara and all…………………….that is exactly what CANWEA advocated to McGuinty in their WindVision 2025 booklet……………..Ontario IS to become a power generator for the U.S. at our expense!!!!……………….That’s what makes this whole Green Energy Scam so bloody criminal!!!

      • Yes, but the written connections are needed to prove this to the public and many of these connections have now come to light.
        Do you have the Star articles on the Bilderberger Toronto area meeting a few years ago where it is claimed this issue was discussed? Would be interesting to compare connections.

  2. 800metres is the safe set-back for IWTs, and their infrastructure, from bald eagle habitat according to the MNR. It’s 550metres for non-participating “RECEPTORS” (known by MOST people as “human beings”). Seems reasonable doesn’t it?? Another well thought out idea by wind proponents and their political sympathizers!

  3. The setback was designed so that wind projects could fit turbines in the middle of 100 acre farms. Any farther of a setback, and they would have had to impose these machines on much less densely populated areas Our health was never the issue..

  4. 1957chev …. Agreed! We all know where the 550m setback came from and the fact that people’s health was never a consideration! After all, if 550m is “among the most generous of setbacks in North America” (according to some, and we all know WHO) and Arlene King, and her colleagues, can continue to propagate the myth that IWTs present no health issues, the “Proponents” can continue stuffing these things in whenever, wherever, and however many they want! Only the “Receptors” will have to live with the consequences!

  5. Until they personally are suffering, how could it be a problem? I’m sure that not one of those disgusting liars live near an Industrial Wind Complex. Therefore, there are NO negative health effects….at least for her and her “:peers” who review her studies. (of other people’s nonsense)

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