Environmental Review Process Is One More Provincial Liberal Scandal

ERTManitoulin Island, December 10, 2012
The Manitoulin Coalition for Safe Energy Alternatives Inc. (MCSEA) has pulled the plug on an appeal of a large wind project by Northland Power LP on Manitoulin Island. This action for the reasons below unfortunately now eliminates other parties, participants or presenters their say at the hearing had it moved forward. MCSEA wrote to the Environmental Review Tribunal stating notice of withdrawal of the appeal for the 20,000 acre Northland Power McLean’s Mountain wind project near Little Current to Honora Bay. MCSEA objects to the 24 industrial wind turbines placed in key natural habitat, wetlands and waterfowl nesting areas and environmentally sensitive areas that contain species at risk. Other wind farm impacts were included in our submission to the MOE.

“MCSEA requests that the MOE Director rescind the approval because the problems with the approval are numerous. The most outrageous is a blatant distortion of the truth,” says Raymond Beaudry, President of MCSEA.

“The Ministry of Environment states unequivocally that wind projects in quiet rural areas will stay at 40
decibels. The evidence doesn’t support that statement. We found on page 6 of Northland’s approved noise assessment it shows that the project will go up to 51 decibels and likely more.”

Another contributing factor is a recently released Freedom of Information (FOI) request received last week that forced our group of First Nations and non-First Nations to abandon the process altogether.
“The FOI shows that back in 2009, before the Green Energy Act, several civil servants in the Ministry right up to the Assistant Deputy Minister knew all about the health problems from wind turbine noise. Some admitted to experiencing the effects. Others stated it contravened the EPA. But today, those turbines are still turning continuing to victimize the people of this province.
“The deck is stacked against all of us in rural Ontario. We can’t win these appeals. The legal test to predict
and prove serious and serious and irreversible harm is impossible. Now with this new FOI we know that
projects will never have to adhere to the Environmental Protection Act because no one listens,” says Beaudry.
MCSEA says they need the support of their urban cousins who should be looking at the Green Energy Act
as the most alarming deceit the government has ever contrived against its own citizens.
“How on earth can little guys like us here on Manitoulin Island even begin to challenge this approval when
democracy and justice has been taken from us since the Green Energy Act became law. We have not
abandoned the fight to protect Manatoulin and we are considering other possible courses of action.”
Raymond Beaudry
President, MCSEA
Phone 705 368-3328

20 thoughts on “Environmental Review Process Is One More Provincial Liberal Scandal

  1. The time for civil disobedience is definitely here. The Lying Theiving Treasonous Liberal Bast//ds from H, must be arrested, charged and incarcerated while tried in a noncorrupt (if we still have such a thing) federal court of law.
    Where the H are the RCMP and why is this blatant corruption being allowed in Canada?
    Rob Ford, Torontos most honest, best mayor in history, gets booted from office for helping under privelaged kids, while the most corrupt Ontario/Canadian premier/government in history is allowed to cause irreparable harm, even deaths to rural Ontarions. Not to mention the catastrophic destruction of the environment, and the wildlife, endangered species, birds (ie eagles,raptors etc.) & bats.
    This bs must be stopped now ! Whatever way is required. This is getting real close to civil war, as declared by the dictator McGuinty.
    Remember Caladonia people?
    Well this issue is at least as important, and should be fought with similar actions!
    Is Manotulan Island (and the rest of Ontario) not worth saving? Damn right it is! Time to stand up and fight! Kick their asses back to H where they came from.

    • Rob Ford was booted for not following the rules, don’t twist the truth. It is just an example of the way politicians in this country (and others) feel that they, once elected, can do whatever they want. The whole lot of them believe they are above the laws. The rules are only there to keep us in line. We need a no-nonsense policy that immediately has an inquiry called when any sort of collusion, or conspiracy, or dishonesty is uncovered, no matter what level of government, no matter what party,. Unfortunately, power corrupts, and we need many more safeguards in place, to make sure we can nip it in the bud before it grows into the ghastly mess we see before us. The McGuinty liberals have shown us how terrible the consequences can be when it is allowed to carry on.

  2. MCSEA may find more deceits and or frauds in the documents submitted to the government.
    Sorry you had to withdraw but you have proved the point again that the cards are stacked against the little guys.
    The developers have lots of money to hire lawyers to get what they want.

    • The wind developers actually paid turbine farmers to come out and try to stack our local council meeting in their favour. We know this to be the truth because of a host farmers family member who wishes this wasn’t happening. They throw wadf of money at every obstacle in their way….why not? It will eventually come out of our pockets anyway.

  3. Fighting any group inside the Ontario Government right now is self defeating!….with the corruption and tyrannical Governance that now exists in this once great Province running rampant it’s no wonder it’s a waste of time and money to go after any of them for the damage they are allowing to happen with this Green Energy SCAM!
    Go after your local Councils for backing these criminals!

  4. ‘[excerpt] ………projects will never have to adhere to the Environmental Protection Act because no one listens,” says Beaudry.’

    June 2006 – Laurel Broten, the environment minister – exempted all projects –
    from environmental assessment (EA),
    in a behind -‘we are gathered here’- closed door – affair.
    Proponents of these projects – p’d p’d their pants – with excitement
    Replaced with:
    Proponent Driven ‘self screening’.

    @ the local level of government –
    @ this point the intelligence is still coming in
    oh yeah – freaked out by ‘climate change’ (not weather)
    they’re ‘shaping the environment’ – for our grand-children – and their children.

    Did I leave anything out?
    Well – I don’t know if Ms. Broten – received a bonus cheque.

  5. That’s ok snowball! You’ve just got the colour of the “barf” wrong! It should be GREEN!!

  6. Wars and fighting has never had a good chance of being positive. Only ones that win are investors with loads more of money put on the winning side of a battle will be the beneficiary.
    All the while the fighters get beaten up inside and out, paid nothing and putting there life on the line.
    We can on the other hand can learn from this and just use our minds and send notices that we do not consent and or want any trespassing noises on our property our view. That we have every right to protest peacefully in front of any construction of wind turbines to help and protect ourselves and our neighbours from harm as you public servants have not understood that was your job.
    Sign as a living spirit with your signature.
    just a shot at these dam puppets that just do not care and it does show we care about our community,neighbours and our families. Also mention in a notice that once a proper health study is fully completed and proper set backs are concluded as safe with wildlife safety and properly administered to as a remedy. No more reckless endangerment of our communities.
    They are absolutely out of control and this has to stop.
    And any other ideas?

  7. Loud Obnoxious demonstrations at every political event leading up to the prov. elections so that they are publicly embarrassed and afraid of losing more votes.

  8. Please read Calvin Luther Martins article on “How to Fight the Big Wind Onslaught. He has some brilliant suggestions, and it doesn’t hurt that he is married to Dr. Nina Pierpont. Google his name, and the article will come up.

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