SpeakOut Ontario Video – Ted Whitworth, Amaranth Twp

A video of Ted Whitworth. from Amaranth Township, Ontario. Ted’s family has been devastated by a turbine project, specifically the transformer station, that started up years ago. They have followed every protocol and have contacted every authority possible. The problems are punted between various Ontario ministries and agencies but no one has accepted responsibility nor offered any tangible help.

3 thoughts on “SpeakOut Ontario Video – Ted Whitworth, Amaranth Twp

  1. How could any host farmer see something like this and still maintain that these turbines are safe. Willful blindness. Money will silence the voices telling them how wrong this is. So sad. They are stooping to the level of politicians…..disgusting.

    • Shellie … Google Theresa Kidd (neighbour to the Whitworths). She was able to illuminate a 4′ florescent tube, in her back yard, connected to nothing but her hand! No “stray voltage” eh? Obviously someone, connected with the “wind industry”, has failed to point out that she has the advantage of “free” exterior lighting for her home! Surely that would fall under the oft-used heading of another “Overall Benefit” wouldn’t it??

  2. http://ontario-wind-resistance.org/2012/12/05/foi-reveals-moe-plan-to-help-families-impacted-by-turbines-but-where-did-the-report-go/

    These fit together. Kate Jordan of the MOE says the abatement plan is old and what they used to tighten up regulations. Who are you trying to kid Katie?
    Why are at least 3 families from 6 years ago still suffering and some out of their homes? What about the others in Melancthon and other ontario wind projects.
    Criminal behaviour and outright lies from the ministry!

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