Video: Bentley prorogues Conversation with Rural Ontario on wind turbines

Ontario Energy Minister Chris Bentley agreed to meeting AND a conversation with only a limited number of residents from rural Ontario (fourexactly, but we took five, 2 of home are already victims of wind turbines). It became apparent very early on in the “meeting” that there would be no “conversation”, as Mr. Bentley stonewalled question after question. The time to pretend to “gather information” was over 4 years ago, Bentely — you have the information, but you choose to ignore it, and ignore us. Good luck ever winning rural Ontario vote back again, if the Liberals view this as the way a democracy works.

67 thoughts on “Video: Bentley prorogues Conversation with Rural Ontario on wind turbines

  1. Disgusting vile snake doesn’t even come close to describing this despicable excuse for a human being. He’s beyond compassion, empathy, or moral conscience. I guess to be both a lawyer and a politician, you must be bereft of any of those qualities.

    • This lowlife creep refuses to answer questions because they would be able to argue any points he would make up front. This is bullshit. It is not a meeting, it is just a way for him to claim that he is “listening to people’s problems” To answer those questions would leave him “open” to retaliation, because he has only lies to give in response. He doesn’t want too many people to hear the lies, he is saving them for when no one is listening. Having this in black and white can be tricky, and no one knows that better than a liar, oops I meant lawyer. He is as slimy as they get, what a team those liberals are.

  2. He’s just “practising” for his day in court in front of a Judge…………………these slime balls practise this kind of double speak before they take an oath on a Bible when they are elected into power………….sadly they do not have a soul or any morals not to mention “honour”……..that is the prerequisite to become a politician!

    • It kind of looks in the initial frame like he is conducting a seance. Calling on the spirits of liberals past to come and rescue him from these terrible women. I hope they tell him…You’re on your own buddy, we want no part of this crap. Have at ’em Ladies!!!

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  4. That was truly amazing. Much as I truly love and admire Muriel, I thought she must have been exagerating just a tiny bit when she described this meeting. But it’s all true. He totally avoids answering direct questions – over and over. And he does those hand movements she described. I thought she was parodying him, but he really does it.
    He’s really like a parody of a sleazy politician – but not a very good parody. So it’s not funny.
    Not funny at all. (It was funny when Muriel did it.)

    If we could find a gifted video editor… with those hand gestures and a little editing you could turn him into a ballet, and in the background his mantra – I’m going to listen to all of you first and then I’ll get back to you… I think he had four lines altogether so you could make it like rounders. In the background the chorus – will you answer, when will you answer, why won’t you answer, I just want an answer.Think frere Jacque.

    • Actually, while in the meeting, I was thinking he was more or less doing the chicken dance. We could have joined him:
      “I don’t wanna have a meeting [bring hands together], I just wanna have a talk [open & close hands), … na na na na na”…

      PS- Bentley did not want this meeting videotaped, because “that is not how we do meetings”.

      • This is exactly how Municipal Councillors talk to tax payers who question them in public! There must be a school inside the AMO which teaches these goons how to avoid incriminating themselves when caught with their hands in the tax payers cookie jar!

      • Don’t you know how difficult it is to lie on camera? All those legal issues to consider….letters and e-mails leave paper trails….meetings are easy, you go to the same place, you say whatever you want, he thinks of other things while you speak, you leave him a pile of kindling…er, I mean literature, and later he sends you the prerecorded messages…..Wind turbines are safe, you are not sick from them, you are imagining things, you made yourself sick, do it for your country, it will get better soon, turbines are beautiful and necessary, and all those other slogans they use when they are patronizingly calling you an idiot because they have the right to harm you, they are the government.Locking up those lying scheming politicians and windies would be the only fair outcome to the entire scam.

  5. Incredible! Really hard to watch. But not at all surprising. You gals showed incredible restraint. You must surely have wanted to reach out and wring his scrawny little neck. I know I did.
    Thank you for your continuing efforts, fighting these scumbags on behalf of us all. It is greatly appreciated.
    `Sylvan Bob`, I think you might be onto something, c/w a gifted editor! It`d be great to play on air, during the next election!

  6. Despicable…..the FIX (as we have all known) is firmly entrenched. When will the Anti Racket Bureau of the OPP step in and investigate this absolute corruption. This is part of their mandate.
    Where are all those opposition members who talk, talk and talk some more and don’t have the starch to make a “REAL” stand against a government who deserves prison time.

    • I’m told that the OPP only investigate “crime” where they’ve either received complaints about it, or they see it happening themselves.

      I agree, Opposition MPPs (and all MPs) ought to be engaging the Police (and maybe they are?) but I suspect party whips of all colours would threaten to tattle on them to the “Integrity Commissioner” if they did so. But… since we pay their salaries, maybe it is our responsibility to be directing our elected reps to take these matters to the police? (And maybe some of us have already)?

      What is the likelihood that the Police would see these “crimes” going on for themselves? Considering how hard we experts have had to labour to understand what we do, it’s unlikely that police would ‘stumble’ across the same evidence (no disrespect intended towards the police.)

      So I propose that either we each directly take these concerns of our to the police, or else we make a submission as a ‘community.’

      If you would like to direct a comment to the police (OPP and/or RCMP) I suggest using the label


      in your comments on here, and then we can compile them and submit them. I suspect it will be a more successful initiative the more people that participate. Given the circumstances, I also think it’s appropriate that we should be able to ask for privacy protection in making these submissions.

      • When you have any situation that very rich people are involved in it makes it very difficult for law enforcement to either investigate and/or take actions against these people. These kinds of things have been happening for eons.
        Money is power!

  7. “Are you running in the next election Mr. Bentley? Do you have anything to lose?”
    Bentley: We have until 1:30. No comment. Thankyou. I’m gathering information. I will get back to you. I’ll reply later. I’m not discussing anything today. Thankyou. Nod of head. I’ll reply later. Thankyou. I will not be commenting today. Thankyou. Struggles not to roll eyes. I will reply in the future. Sometime, don’t know when. I will get back to you. Tries not to yawn. Looks at clock.
    Total black hole of lack of emotion.

    “So…. here is the Liberal party, well represented by Bentley. NDP, on this issue, may as well be the Liberal party too. See NDP MPP email addresses on black tab above under addresses and start telling them to have some integrity and catch up on this issue, to stop endorsing the harm to rural Ontario people and communities.”

  8. Kathleen Wynne, and other Liberal MPPs, describe Bentley as “an honourable man.” What I see here is an indifferent man, a cold man, a disrespectful man, a distracted man – definitely a DIShonourable man. I wonder what Kathleen’s criteria are?

    Is it just me, or does he appear to be struggling to keep his eyes open – difficulty sleeping, perhaps? Gee, wonder why.

    • I have just watched it again. (I think I might have unresolved masochistic tendencies) I don’t think he’s tired. I think he’s bored out of his tiny mind. He’s not at all interested in our little ‘concerns’. He’s said he won’t be running again, he’s hoping that when the legislature is recalled they will be voted out of office before he can be charged again with contempt of parliament.
      It would be really great if being found guilty of contempt of parliament were grounds to disbar him as a lawyer!
      He doesn’t care. At all. He’ll hand the letters to some underling who will come up with a cover letter to mail out to everyone.
      What a sad excuse for a human being. What a disgusting piece of crap he is.

      • You would have to bet that Bentley would
        sooner take a bullet to the head than have
        to attend a meeting (?) like this. Typical
        politician that when confronted with issues
        that he has no answers to, he morphs into
        a squirming rat.

      • Bentley’s replies weren’t answers – they were rude excuses for inaction. Bentley the Blithering Bobble-head!

  9. How can you have a conversation with ‘any’ Liberal minister –
    when their boss, Mr. McGuinty –
    has shut down the legislature?

    Recognizing the wind turbine problem:
    @ 4:19
    – private corporations – continue to protect themselves, and their shareholders –
    from potential lawsuits.

    @ the local level of government –
    municipalities (also corporations) ignore;
    choose ‘not’ to protect themselves – or their shareholders (citizens) –
    [you know the rest].

    Excellent video!!!!!

    Does the mayor – have a lawn?

  10. Ugh!
    Human activities?

    A Win for Wind

    The Conservancy is further testing the science of this framework in “Win-Win for Wind and Wildlife: A Vision to Facilitate Sustainable Development,” a new study published in the scientific journal PLoS One. Authored by Conservancy Scientists Kiesecker, Fargione and Evans, in addition to a handful of others, the ‘Win-Win for Wind’ report could serve as a road-map for renewable energy development.

    The paper outlines a common-sense approach to energy independence by recommending siting wind energy in areas across the United States already impacted by human activities — like agriculture or oil and gas development.

    In these areas, says Kiesecker, wind development would likely have few additional impacts on natural areas and wildlife.

    “We looked broadly across the United States at how much wind is available in lands that don’t have biodiversity issues” says Kiesecker. “The ‘Win-Win for Wind’ report lays out the where of wind energy development.”

    David Naugle, a professor of wildlife biology at the University of Montana and a contributor to the ‘Win-Win for Wind’ report, agrees.

    • Science test……… further ‘A Vision’ – Ugh!

      A Win for Wind

      The Conservancy is further testing the science of this framework in “Win-Win for Wind and Wildlife: A Vision to Facilitate Sustainable Development,” a new study published in the scientific journal PLoS One. Authored by Conservancy Scientists Kiesecker, Fargione and Evans, in addition to a handful of others, the ‘Win-Win for Wind’ report could serve as a road-map for renewable energy development.’

      Municipalities can learn more – by attending

  11. I submitted an email message for Minister Bentley–and it was read out during the “conversation” with him.

    I’m still waiting for him to “get back to me” with answers to the questions and concerns I raised.

    It is a bit chilly out today…maybe he might get back to me today!

    Oh, wait…hell hasn’t frozen over. I guess I’ll have to keep waiting.

    On a semi-side note…weasels change colours this time of year to blend in with their surroundings. What do you get if you blend red and orange together? Let’s pray it’s BLUE!

    • Good one about the weasels. That would explain the sudden Conservative interest in turbines. NOW! they are talking about cancelling the contracts. They aren’t saying a lot about the cost – because they will, of course!, pay off the wind companies – probably with bonuses. That’s supposing that they actually do anything at all.
      Anyone who seriously believes that any party would be better than any other is in for a rude surprise.
      I’m hoping for an equal 3 way split with 6 months of negotiations followed by another election and another minority. When they are fighting among themselves they aren’t beating up on us.

      • Now a three way split will still leave the Liberals and NDP in control and both of these parties are proponents of IWTs. So renewable energy projects will move ahead for sure.

  12. How disgusting! What a disgraceful display! Mr Bentley you should be ashamed of your behavior! I don’t believe that you have any intention of responding to this!

  13. Note to anyone meeting with Bentley in the future: make sure you bring a couple of toothpicks with you. It would help him a great deal to keep his eyes propped open; he did seem to have some trouble doing so.
    I am sorry you all in a way wasted your time meeting with the guy. No answers. And likely no answers in the future. Although you once again did confirm what a low-life he is.

    • Not a waste of time. Those involved in this scam have to be called out and this was necessary way of doing this.

      • So who’s next? The MOH or the MNR? Or both?

        That video of citizens chasing the MOE will make for some rare historical footage!

  14. Thank-you to these women for your unshakable commitment and integrity. Thank-you for your precious energy and time. And thank-you for holding ground and speaking up clear and strong.

  15. This is a guilt-ridden and broken man. I hope he gets the help and support he needs so that he can retrieve his spirit. Meanwhile, we are paying him to behave this way – and this is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

    • Are you implying that Mr. Bentely is ill? The MPPs in the present government know exactly what they have done and this includes the NDP MPPs as well.
      And what they have done in not due to illness.

      • His body language, drawn face, inappropriate hand gestures, and weary eyes suggest that he is painfully self-conscious, exposed as a fraud, and feeling guilty. He appears extremely uncomfortable as he displays deception and callous disregard right on camera, as he looks into the eyes of these brave women and outright lies to them. This is sick behaviour. The struggle to keep eyes open suggests that he is too exhausted to do his job, yet he continues to collect a huge salary courtesy of Ontario taxpayers.
        Whether or not he is “ill” – and he does look ill to me – he appears to be broken of spirit, as must be anyone who is capable of doing what he has done. He has behaved utterly dishonourably and with contempt. He has not protected those who elected him. He is not alone, but he is the one on display here. Kathleen Wynne and others of the delusional Liberal tribe describe him as “an honourable man”, yet he looks and acts as though he has lost all honour and self-respect. Was he ever honourable – does anyone remember him as “an honourable man?” What is his history prior to becoming a corrupt Liberal MPP?
        Ill or not, he is not doing his job and should not be collecting a penny from the people whom he has betrayed.

      • Perhaps the important issue here is that this has been accomplished and now on to other Ministers who are also invloved. Take it right to them!
        For awhile I was unsure if these wind warriors would be able to accomplish this as it was not an easy task to corner him.

      • Well, he did send us a letter the week before the meeting say he would not be able to meet with us…. but that was really pathetic attempt to get out of a promise.

  16. “We’re going to have a meeting and a conversation…”
    “I’m going to set up a meeting and a conversation….”
    So…….you had a meeting of sorts. Does this mean that he still has promised a conversation to come???? Not much chance. Thanks to all of you ladies for putting yourself through this frustration. It was important to call him on his offer to meet but the outcome was what we might have expected. “A few weeks” will eat up the time until the leadership convention, then there will be an election, he won’t run and he figures he will be off the hook.
    Bet no one ever hears a response from him!!!

    • I suppose he needs to be invited to a “question and answer” period. The liberals seem to have serious issues with “wording”, I mean, why couldn’t he throw in a few answers off the cuff? Because they need to get the words just right so that they can weasel out of it later when the truth comes out. That camera must have made him feel as sick as though he lived beside a turbine, he couldn’t show his “good” side, because he doesn’t have one.

    • Hello – Hello – Dalton?
      This is your mother calling.
      Where are you?
      I want to know – why you closed down the legislature.
      Citizens deserve better.

      Hello – Hello – Dalton?

      • Hello – Hello – Dalton?
        This is your mother – again
        Call me………
        Is it true Conservatives want dirty air – and dirty water?

        Hello – Hello – Dalton?
        Is it true – you believe in ‘Climate Change’?
        Have you taken your medication?
        You know – how you are – when you forget.

        Hello – Hello – Dalton?

      • Hello – Hello – Tim Hudak?

        This is Lisa Thompson calling. I’m the Member from Huron Bruce.

        I’m not sure whether you got my last message?

        We could really use your help. Families are being harmed and forced out of their homes because of the reckless operation of wind turbines across the countryside.

        We look forward to hearing from you.

  17. This needs to be sent to every media outlet in Ontario. If the tides are turning surely someone would like to air it. This hour has 22 min would have a field day. W5 comes to mind as well. I will send it to any addresses I know. Anyone else who knows a good place to send it should do so as well.

    • This hour has 22 minutes…didn’t they do a skit making fun of people who were “pretending” that turbines made them sick? All those “crazy people” who think they are bad? W5 would take it more seriously, I hope.

      • Yes they did, I am hoping that this might make them change tack. He really could be could skit material. I have sent to W5, CTV and others. I urge everyone to do the same

  18. I am reviewing the criteria for “sociopath” and “psychopath.” I believe these are considered to be forms of psychiatric illness.

  19. Perhaps his appearance is less guilt-ridden than extremely uncomfortable at being caught.
    Who did the video and was he aware of it?

    • He was aware of the video camera, as soon as I walked in the meeting room. He told me that there wasn’t going to be any kind of video recording of the meeting. When asked why, he said ‘because that’s not how we do meetings’. I insisted that this was an accessibility issue as he had limited the participants to just 4 people, and there were hundred more who would like to hear what was said. He still said his ‘preference’ was to not videotape. So I said that it was a joint meeting, at which he laughed (nervous, annoyed, genuinely amused…I don’t know), which pissed me off and I clarified that we are all equals and he is only half of the meeting participants. He waved his hand at me and said, ‘OK, do whatever you want’. And the camera continued on.

      • OWR, do you think his strategy would have been the same had there been no video camera? Might he have been more forthcoming without it?

      • I thought about that – even half way through the meeting. But seeing as he did not bring any other ministerial staff (his ‘brains’ — that doesn’t sound right, sorry), and he really avoided this meeting in a million ways in the previous half year, I tend to think that this was the only way he was capable of in order to grind through the unwanted meeting. Listen to him in question period at the legislature, or his replies to newspaper reporters, and it’s all the same old repeating, non-answers. Proroguing would be so much more acceptable for him….

  20. My research indicates that many politicians are sociopaths and/or psychopaths. This is significant in that one can no more get empathy from a sociopath/psychopath than blood from a stone.
    My question now is this: why are the non-sociopath/psychopath Liberals not speaking out?

    • It all depends….McGuinty has probably been hard at work drafting a bill to enact on his first day back saying that what happened in 2012-stays in 2012. He seems to be fully capable of making up the rules as he goes along. Why don’t they just repeal the green energy act the way that Broten said she will repeal bill 115? Those Liberals must think they own the world. Their “best before date” has expired years ago. Time to throw them out….for the good of our health.

  21. Good job ladies. Consider recording the next time, be discrete. Big woop if you break the law. The lying Liberals do this every day. We have our own laws, involving doing what’s right.
    Bently should be ashamed of himself.

  22. Terrific work ladies!!!!! Your tenacity is appreciated by all.
    I do not know how you contained yourselves from reaching across the table and …………the weasel.

    • Please let us not demean weasels or any other creatures by comparing them to sociopathic human politicians.

    • I’m sure by the look on Stephana’s face that she had a few things she would have liked to say, and do, to that slimy individual. I hope he dreams of your meeting nightly! Maybe then he can come up with some lies, er, I mean answers.

    • It was at the MTO office, so there were security guards there and we had to sign in. Nice chaps. Not like last time…

  23. What a sad government we have, not there for the public just for their own agendas. They certainly won t be elected again.

    • They long ago forfeited their right to govern. Perhaps our best hope is that one of the self-declared puppets – Pupetello (appropriately named), Wynne, Hoskins – will become the puppeteer – so the Liberal gang of thieves will face electoral defeat.


    Ontario’s Giving Up the Dirty-Coal Habit
    Chris Bentley, Posted: 2013-01-12 8:44 AM

    Very soon, coal will disappear from our energy mix and we’re not going to miss it. Ontario is on track to be the first jurisdiction in North America to eliminate dirty coal-fired generation.

    On January 10th, we announced that two of the largest coal-fired electricity plants in the province, Nanticoke and Lambton, are to close a year early, by end of December 2013, saving ratepayers $95 million. The one remaining coal plant in Thunder Bay will stop burning coal by the end of 2014.

    Fully eliminating coal-fired generation represents the single largest reduction in greenhouse gases in any jurisdiction in Canada or the United States — it is the equivalent of taking up to 7 million cars off the road.

    In 2003, coal accounted for 25 per cent of our generation; now, it’s less than 3 per cent. And in 2014, Ontario’s use of coal is expected to be less than 1 per cent of total mix, eventually falling to zero.

    Given that Ontario is Canada’s most populous province and its economic engine, that is quite significant. It means our homes, schools, factories, malls, banks and government buildings will be powered by cleaner energy — when 13.5 million Ontarians flick the lights on, they will know coal is not responsible for the power that made this simple but important task possible.

    According to the Ontario Lung Association, this is not only good news for the 2.4 million Ontarians who live with lung disease, but for all of us and our neighbours. Because if simply breathing can make you sick, nothing else matters.

    The health impacts of air pollution are well-known. An independent study has stated that eliminating coal-fired generation will save approximately $4.4 billion annually, when health, financial and environmental costs are taken into consideration. That includes fewer kids relying on puffers, fewer hospital visits due to smog related causes and fewer premature deaths.

    Moving away from coal also makes good economic sense. The move towards Green Energy has opened up many opportunities for investments in solar, wind and other renewable technologies and created nearly 30,000 jobs in construction, manufacturing and innovation.

    Ontario has proven that it can be done. We chose to invest in a cleaner, brighter and more exciting future, one that benefits our health and competitiveness now and for generations to come.

    • PS I am about to be found in contempt of the Ontario Legislature because I am am a liar.

    • Good. Now that they’ve accomplished their goal of ridding Ontario of coal, we don’t need any more turbines. So they can put an immediate halt to the construction of any more, right?

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