Alliance to appeal Ostrander Point Wind Park approval
The Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC) has filed an appeal to the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) on the approval of Gilead Power’s Ostrander Point wind project. The appeal, says Henri Garand, APPEC Chair, “is focused on the serious health effects that nine wind turbines will inflict on residents living within two kms.

ert“In 2011, the Chatham-Kent ERT panel acknowledged that wind turbines can cause harm when sited too close.  It also noted that Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Arlene King had failed to research ‘indirect’ health effects in her 2010 review of scientific literature. “APPEC’s appeal will take into account the ERT’s guidance on the need to show harm to specific ‘receptors,’ aka persons.  It will present the latest acoustical, epidemiological and medical research, as well as the testimonies of Ontario wind victims.”

Garand notes that while previous ERT appeals featured a battle among experts, “this time Ontario residents will recount the adverse health effects they personally experience when living next to wind turbines despite supposedly protective setbacks. Read article

2 thoughts on “Alliance to appeal Ostrander Point Wind Park approval

  1. What in the world makes good people so susceptible to corruption once they become MPPs? Is there even the smallest doubt that this government has boastfully engaged in an intentional perversion of the truth, in other words fraud? The proof of ‘causal link’ is recorded in legal documents, yet this government still blatantly lies to the general public saying there is no causal link. The growing frustration as this government continues to grant free reign to foreign turbine companies will surely one day boil over. The stench of corruption will not be tolerated forever. Will the stench be irradiated democratically, legally or by the last resort?

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