Removal of eagles nest smacks of big money corruption: MPP Barrett

Toby%20BarrettFor Immediate Release January 7, 2013
Last minute approval of habitat destruction for wind towers, “Unconscionable”

Selkirk – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett says approval to remove an eagles’ nest east of Selkirk smacks of big money corrupting Ontario government procedure. The tree hosting the nest was cut down Saturday, January 5, 2013, to make way for an access road for a Next Era wind turbine. The Ministry of Natural Resources published permission for the removal at 5pm Friday, January 4.

“Frankly, I feel betrayed – I was in communication with the Minister’s office through December, and we were never alerted to this unconscionable decision until it was too late,” asserted Barrett. “I got to the site on Saturday just after the nest had been removed.”

Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal green-lighted the Next Era project last fall following a month-long hearing in Hagersville.  “Clearly the Ontario government and its Green Energy Act have corrupted the system – with so much money to be made by government’s wind proponent friends, concerns for wildlife and rural values are steamrolled while opponents are kept in the dark,” Barrett intoned. “We’ve been told that the nest was removed to reduce eagle mortality – a clear admission that wind turbines kill eagles.”

Barrett arrived at the Lakeshore Road location early Saturday afternoon. Neighbours had informed him that the nest was “active” – despite official remarks indicating the opposite – and that there have been a number of eagles inhabiting the area over the last 4 to 5 years.

The Haldimand Norfolk MPP noted that it was just a few years ago that a dead eagle was found near the base of a wind turbine in Norfolk County – government officials at the time described it in the media as a “careless eagle”.

“As with the Caledonia-Six Nations debacle, area people feel abandoned,” Barrett said. “People ask me, ‘if government isn’t going to follow the rules, why should we?’”

14 thoughts on “Removal of eagles nest smacks of big money corruption: MPP Barrett

  1. What is a “careless eagle” in the above government note? How does anybody in the government decide an eagle was careless and got hit by a turbine blade?

    • It wasn’t paying attention???? Listening to his walkman??? Talking on his cell phone??? Oh I know, that careless bird was tweeting! These people are lying conniving scum.

  2. Barrett intoned. “We’ve been told that the nest was removed to reduce eagle mortality – a clear admission that wind turbines kill eagles.”
    well Toby , sounds like serious and irreversible harm to animals , just what the ERT said we had to prove , just how bad is it going to get Toby till you really do something to stop this .
    I suspect you will be at the summit meeting in Wainfleet next month backing April Jeffs 100% and in the meantime you will be contacting all the mayors in rural ontario (who say they are against turbines so close to people) to show their support and show up ………………

  3. MPP Barrett, if you were tuned into social media on Friday night or Saturday morning, you could have been there on time,
    What is your excuse? You are on call 24 hours a day, on our tab.

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  5. The wind company would say that the turbine was an only, maybe, possibly indirect cause of that eagle’s death. The direct cause was his body being mangled. Anything could have mangled that eagle, maybe a flying cow or something. If that careless eagle hadn’t been carelessly looking for food instead of avoiding the birdgrinders, he would still be alive today….Of course we are doing all mankind a huge favour. You won’t have to clean your windows as often.

    • “you won;t have to clean windows as often” is showing no feeling , of which our leaders are made. “Careless eagle” ? That is absolutely unfounded.

      • That was sarcasm directed at the cold-hearted attitudes of the wind people and all who are involved with them. It is definitely not my opinion, sorry if I offended you. There is no such thing as a “careless” eagle. Wildlife does not live by a set of rules devised by a government, or any other person on this earth.

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