Bye Bye Birdie…Hello Wind Turbine?

Canada Free Press
dead eagle at base of turbineNORTH BAY – Recent government approvals which are allowing the dismantling of the homes and habitat of birds in favour of wind turbine construction is proof positive there needs to be an immediate moratorium on wind development, PC Energy Critic and Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli said today.

On Saturday, with the blessing of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), a bald eagle’s nest and the tree it was housed in was removed to make way for an industrial wind turbine development near Fisherville (, January 7, 2013).

“How can anyone with an environmental conscience allow this to happen?” Fedeli asked.

“I guess when given the choice between wildlife and wind turbines, you pick the one that pays you and your friends the big fat government subsidy,” said Fedeli sarcastically. Read article

7 thoughts on “Bye Bye Birdie…Hello Wind Turbine?

  1. Would it make any difference at all if those were the broken and battered bodies of the rural citizens of this province lying in a heap at the bottom of a huge turbine?? I think not!

    • Would make no difference. Just as in
      the destruction of eagle habitat, we
      human receptors are acceptable
      collateral damage. Time to rise up

  2. Your right 57 chev. It wouldn`t make a damned bit of difference to the Lieing Liberals from ‘H’ or IWT profiteers/rapists, also from ‘H’!
    They`d just dig more holes to bury us, or throw us in their incinerators, along with all the bats & birds they regularily dispose of, before anyone sees and counts (records) them.

  3. Sounds like Fedeli knows the whole wind thing is just a huge scam. Time for the Conservatives to blow it all open (public enquiry) before they get saddled with all the turbine problems after the next election… the problems won’t disappear until the turbines do.

    • I think you`re right ‘Wind Wrath’.
      A Public Inquiry should called into the GEA and all things (supposedly) Green, as soon as the PCs take power. In the meantime, all projects should be stopped in their tracks,with operating ones shut down, until a proper, complete, Ontario based study, determines what the best way forward is, who should be charged with crimes, etc.
      I think we should put this to Hudak, see if he`ll commit to it. That way he doesn`t have to commit to canceling/changing the FIT and all kinds of other stuff that potential PC voters are leary of him for.
      A proper, complete Inquiry, covering every aspect of this Green Crap, Economic,Health, long & short term Environmental considerations, Corruption at all levels (a biggy), will then show the government the logical way forward and nobody will be harmed again except of course, those of us who sell their turbine surrounded properties during the time the Inquiry drags on, before the IWTs are taken down.

  4. “How can anyone with an environmental conscience allow this to happen?” Fedeli asked.

    Ah well — there is your answer right in the question…

    I think the people who removed the next have a perfectly good conscience — never been used — perfect condition… who could ask for more?

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