MOE shows flagrant disregard of citizens and nature

(Open letter to Jim Bradley, Minister of the Environment)
The Ministry of Environment’s decision not to conduct an Individual Environmental Assessment of access roads at Ostrander Point, announced in your December 19, 2012 letter, is based on numerous errors in fact and judgment.

Your letter states that between March and April 2011 you received 21 requests from members of the public.  In point of fact, the Honourable John Wilkinson, then Minister of Environment (MOE), received the requests.  In the last election Mr. Wilkinson was held accountable for his mishandling of the MOE portfolio.

Only 17 of the 21 requests came from members of the public.  The other four requests were from organizations which collectively represent thousands of citizens.  Why does your letter diminish the significance of comments by the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County; the South Shore Conservancy; Friends of Arron Lake, Wind Concerns Ontario Grey Bruce; and the Prince Edward Field Naturalists, Ontario Nature and Nature Canada?

All the requests point out the extensive impact of the access roads:

  • fragmentation of wildlife habitat by the loop design
  • destruction/loss of alvar and woodland habitat
  • disturbance of avian and terrestrial wildlife during wind turbine construction and during the next 25
  • years of operation due to increased on-site human activities
  • harm, harassment and killing of two threatened species, Whip-poor-will and Blanding’s Turtle, albeit
  • authorized by a Ministry of Natural Resources permit
  • disturbance to raptors, especially protected Bald and Golden Eagles. Read article

10 thoughts on “MOE shows flagrant disregard of citizens and nature

  1. Probably the best solution from the government point of view — and one that will likely be adopted — is to shoot all the eagles and have done with it.

    I am sure you see how this solution can be adapted to other animals that are disturbed or threatened by wind turbines. It’s simply a way of dealing with this in an environmentally friendly, ecologically sound manner that will not involve any further interruptions to the “Greening” of Ontario.

    Perhaps those the see the wisdom of this path can suggest it to the MNR/MOE (Whatever they are called these days) for further evaluation.

    • Better yet, if the government instituted a
      policy of forced displacement of us rural
      folk, then you would have no one to
      complain about threatened wildlife.

      • Some officers of Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment intend to inflict stress on victims of wind turbines. Certain of them do this to defend against (cover up) their own negligence.

    • That’s for all the wossies that fall for forced moves by the servants of the public. They need your consent so if you move you allowed consent. All in all I get what you mean but we allow to many consenting acts as we think they have so much more authority over us.
      Wind mills will be eventually deemed as a bad ass idea and wondered why so many dumb ass people fell for it.
      Of course just like all the other fraud and corruption that happened not so long ago the masses have already forgotten it and paid for it and yet we continue giving in.

  2. Nonvoter, are you saying, because I moved out of my home and away from the turbines, it is considered “giving in” and I “gave consent?”
    I moved away from the turbines to save my life.

  3. The quick eagles’ nest removal (read “destruction”) may just be the final ‘Fast-One’ that Nexterror gets away with in rural Ontario. I plan to be in at Nexterror’s final meeting in Zurich Thursday night too.

    • According to Nextera Josie, they would have done the removal sooner (before it was posted on the EBR) except the weather was bad – darnit. And (in case you are wondering) you weren’t consulted or informed because they didn’t have to…took us 5 minutes to get that answer out of her.

      • This has reached a new level. Remember that poster of squeaky-clean McGuinty amid the wind turbines & lifeless ruins of Rural Ontario, saying “My Work Here is Done”? It’s like a prophesy – it’s coming to pass.

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