Video: Nextera workers remove Bald Eagle nest to put up wind turbines

Video from inside wind developer Nextera’s destruction zone of the bald eagle nest. Don’t mind the odd bleeped out bit of anger flying around – it wasn’t the most pleasant place to be.

42 thoughts on “Video: Nextera workers remove Bald Eagle nest to put up wind turbines

  1. Absolutely unbelievable that the workers think this is on the orders of Stephen Harper!!! How incredibly uninformed can you get?? Do they honestly have no idea that this is all the result of the Dalton Gang of liars, thieves and criminals??

    • Did someone tell the workers this? If so who told them this was so?
      A copy of this order should be obtained to determine who signed off on this eagle’s nest removal.

      • Please leave the workers out of this. We all know why these turbines are coming . It’s because we were told they would save the planet, we all believed it, and we even begged the government to be green and to put them up. “Let Ontario lead the world on how to be sustainable,” was the motto.
        Blame the green movement, its charlatan leaders, and the multitudes of gullible duped followers for this.

    • In another country he would be executed!! Why isn’t the media picking this up?? CTV, CITYTV,, GLOBAL??? aNYONE, PLEASE

  2. This is sickening. One can only wonder how many times this has happened in more rural areas,
    out of sight of cameras.
    Wildlife has adapted to an ever changing climate for millennium. Pre-emptive slaughter in the name of saving the planet with useless wind turbines is insanity.

      • The wind industry and their corrupt eco fascist, pandering politicians obviously don’t care about eagles any more than they do people, in their greedy rush for subsidies.

  3. Might as well blame it on perennial straw man Mike Harris.

    But Stephan Harper ???

    Surely this suggestion will have Douglas Moran foaming at the mouth all over again …

  4. Well, personally, I’m quite willing to blame anything on Harper. lol But seriously folks, take my premier. Please.
    If you watch the sequence from 4:26 to 4:30, you might wonder if it was really wise for the two guys holding the tree steady to be standing that close to the chainsaw. I wonder if Worker Safety people would be interested in seeing this video.

  5. How come the media isn’t all over this? I guess those green energy act dollars reach a lot of back pockets there too!
    I am totally disgusted by this, where I live in Prince Edward County I have 6 to 8 family’s of eagles living around the cliffs and trees, what lies in store for them? Relocation? Probably not… the turbines will get them!! And for what? affordable energy? Not.

  6. Typical lefty talking point – Blame it on Harper, The lib-elites believe everyone else is stupid, so they continue to lie.

    • Andre, do you think that guy was a lefty? He was just an ordinary guy with a job who has probably never thought about nature or wind or anything – like 95% of the population, but he’s heard complaints about Harper or something… I doubt he knows anything except they phoned him last night and told him to be there this morning.
      Some of it might actually be Stephen Harper’s fault. It wouldn’t surprise me. But sadly, a lot of it is our fault – for not keeping ourselves more informed much earlier – like all the time – and being more involved in our communities and the whole system instead of just sitting back and letting ‘them’ do as they will.
      ‘Twas ever thus. ‘Twas also ever that there reaches a point where the public – the great Lumpenproletariat ( I love that word, although I don’t think it actually means what it sounds like) finally says enough, and stands up on their (our) hind legs and starts to fight back. But by then, it’s really too late to do much. Then it gets really ugly.
      It’s called the rise and fall of civilizations.
      What we learn from history is that nobody ever learns from history until it is too late. It just helps us to understand afterwards where we went wrong.

      • You may not be so far off…

        Lumpenproletariat, a collective term from Lumpenproletarier (a German word literally meaning “rogue” as well as “rag” proletarian), was first defined by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in The German Ideology (1845) and later elaborated on in other works by Marx. The term was originally coined by Marx to describe that layer of the working class, unlikely to ever achieve class consciousness, lost to socially useful production, and therefore of no use in revolutionary struggle or an actual impediment to the realization of a classless society.[1]

        In The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon (1852), Marx gives this description of the lumpenproletariat:

        Even the lowest of the proles shall revolt…

      • I’m repeating myself here, but …

        Years ago, a women in the grocery store kept blaming Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau for the Provincial sales tax. Even after setting her straight, she still felt compelled to blame Trudeau for the price of tea in China, or whatever.

        Sometimes people just need to blame their favourite straw man, guilty or not, of the crime at hand.

      • Actually Sylvan, I never said the guy was a lefty. I said the comment was. He may have been, but I agree with you it is more likely he was parroting what he’s heard in the media repeatedly. And that goes to my point. Since you raise the german expression ‘lumpenproletariat’ lets take another lesson from german history, albeit an unfortunate one, and that is Hitler’s use of the term The Big Lie in which he stated that “in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation”.

        The left in North America have seemed to mastered this well and have done an excellent job of painting the right as anti-environment and themselves as the defenders of environment and democratic principals. I have worked as an environmental consultant for almost 30 years in this province. This industry is driven by legislation and regulations, so I have worked regulations advanced by all major parties. No party is perfect, but the most draconian anti-democratic and environmentally counterproductive legislation came from the NDP in the early 1990s and the current Liberals.The Green Energy Act is the most draconian to date. But they get away with it because they paint in an ‘environmentally friendly way”.(Green Belt – strips away property rights; Ecotax – pay a disposal tax for something you don’t dispose of; Waste Management Act – which the Ontario Fire Marshall’s Office acknowledged in their report led to the 1997 Plastimet Fire which was one Hamilton’s worst environmental incidents, just to name a few.) .

        As to the incident on the video, the camera was well back of the crew and I didn’t hear any harassment of the crew by the onlookers, so I found it interesting he approached make the comment. I have worked with ‘ordinary guys with jobs’ out in the field in environmental situations where there been onlookers with cameras and the media. Most go out their way to avoid cameras and I have yet to see one actively approach a camera to make a comment. Most companies, including small companies who do this kind of work have a policy regarding communications with the public which is typically don’t initiate contact, and if approached, direct the inquiry to the designated company person for communications.. Maybe being masked and being nondescript embolden this ‘ordinary guy’ to approach them and out out of guilt hoped to deflect attention on the The Big Lie

      • Either way, he was told by his supervisor to get his lefty / righty / uneducated / uninformed / uncaring butt back to the job tout de suite.

    • So true, when in Ontario they have a LIBERAL government!!! It s the libs that are the morons!!

  7. Since the question was asked, I will answer it here.
    – Why the media is silent-
    We have been asking the question for some time now. Long ago ,I was banned from the STAR for trying to post an answer. Today I was backing up another warrior in the SUN and my comment was not accepted. Maybe it is because I am wrong or maybe for other reasons, but here is how I see it.
    Media are big business, large or small corporations it does not matter, they all need revenue to operate. Source revenue is from selling “space”. Subscriptions, whether that be through cable, satellite or newspaper subscriptions, are icing on the cake. The most lucrative profits from space come from government and corporate business. We already understand how corporations spin off diversify and create multiple company’s under different names.
    When media report something negative that may affect an entity purchasing space, the space is vacated and revenue lost. It is not difficult to manipulate any corporation using threats of lost revenue. You must remember that the livelihood of many is at stake when a company faces financial troubles, that includes media. Media also has an obligation to it’s stakeholders, so again, manipulation is relatively easy.
    Sometimes media does report with the morals and ethics that are the foundation of news reporting.This is permitted for only so long. Eventually the outlet must pull back, assess finances and make decisions. Online news requiring a paid subscription is generally not the result of loss of home/retail purchases, but loss of space purchases ( “the lucrative”).
    Obviously this is just a short version of how the media works and I am sure that some of you will add more.
    But have faith, there are still a few veteran reporters out there that are hard to silence.

  8. Just watched this show today on Shaw called The Corporation – a documentary filmed in Canada – the section below describes how Main Stream Media bends to pressure from Corporations.
    The reporters were trying to do their job!!!

    In 1997, the news division of WTVT (Channel 13), a Fox–owned station in Tampa, Florida, planned to air an investigative report by Steve Wilson and Jane Akre on the health risks associated with Monsanto’s bovine growth hormone product, Posilac.[34] Just before the story was to air, Fox received a threatening letter from Monsanto, saying the reporters were biased and that the story would damage the company.[34] Fox tried to work with the reporters to address Monsanto’s concerns;[34] Akre stated that she and Wilson went through 83 rewrites over eight months.[35] Negotiations broke down and both reporters were eventually fired. Wilson and Akre alleged the firing was for retaliation, while WTVT contended they were fired for insubordination.[34] The reporters then sued Fox/WTVT in Florida state court under the state’s whistleblower statute. In 2000, a Florida jury found that while there was no evidence Fox/WTVT had bowed to any pressure from Monsanto to alter the story, Akre, but not Wilson, was a whistleblower and was unjustly fired.[34] Fox appealed the decision stating that under Florida law, a whistleblower can only act if “a law, rule, or regulation”” has been broken and argued that the FCC’s news distortion policy did not fit that definition.[36] The appeals court overturned the verdict, finding that Akre was not a whistleblower because of the Florida “legislature’s requirement that agency statements that fit the definition of a “rule” (must) be formally adopted (rules). Recognizing an uncodified agency policy developed through the adjudicative process as the equivalent of a formally adopted rule is not consistent with this policy, and it would expand the scope of conduct that could subject an employer to liability beyond what Florida’s Legislature could have contemplated when it enacted the whistle-blower’s statute.”[36]

    • Actually, Summerhaven, I think it was even worse than that. At one stage I think a court ruled that it wasn’t against the law to distort (or worse?) the news, so they didn’t qualify for the protection of the whistleblowers’ law.
      An awful lot of things are against the law, but distorting the news isn’t one of them. I’m surprised they don’t have an amendment to protect the right to distort.

      • Just look at all of the political adds that distort the truth and this ok. Provides money to keep the MSM in business.
        And sometimes it’s not distortion but information that is left out that changes the meaning of any situation. No lies needed to accomplish this.

      • Ha! Shouldn’t that be LSM- lame stream media. And since we’re talking about not distorting the truth, isn’t about time we started referring to the “Green Energy Act’ as the ‘Greed Energy Act’?

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  10. Here is one of biggest reasons that dimwit Daltgoon McSimpy has got to leave and NOW! He is a total moron and so is his liberal government. He thinks wind energy is great, put one up in HIS BACKYARD!!!! BOO TO DALTON!

  11. At least we’ll put it in Toronto Street News.
    Media is scared of us as we have suffered 3 arson attacks among other things and are afraid to report on our own drama for telling the truth!!!
    We’re happy to run this story on the front of our Grass Roots Survival section.
    I’m a Fergus century farm family member.

    • Hey Victor Fletcher,
      Just a suggestion………….
      Show and Tell – Your Teacher
      I’m sure Laurel Broten – Education Minister – would be thrilled.
      and, it fits right into the curriculum of ‘Kill for Green’.

    • Thankyou very much Victor, the corruption involved in this scam runs deep, so I know you are doing something that will not be appreciated by the ones complicit in this pyramid scheme. It needs to come out, and Toronto has a lot of voices. Once again, thanks.

      • I would also extend my heart felt thanks Victor, no one knows but those in this fight how hard it is to get the MSM to print anything. Even TV stations are cowering to big business. 20 emails were sent to CHCH, each representing 1000 voices, to do some interviews of Haldimand residents living near this tragic event and they still have not! Must clear it with the boss! For someone to have survived the events you have and to still keep printing the truth…
        Thanks for having the courage, hope it becomes contagious really soon!

  12. still wondering if the access road was set in stone? bet they regret not moving it now oh well…..hahahahahaha looks so good on the buggers!

  13. A truly sad story, indeed. I’ve posted on this at my site: , just fyi.
    Unfortunately I do not have very kind words for the concerned environmentalists here. There’s a reason why these turbines are taking over…I recall not long ago zillions of environmentalists rallying behind wind energy, thinking it would save the planet. You let the genie out of the bottle.

    In Vermont they’re now fighting for a moratorium on wind energy:

    I have no idea if they’ll succeed.

    • P Gosselin:

      For someone who runs a website seeking the truth, I find it ironic that your comments about having no sympathy for the protestors and that they are responsible for this incident was an assumption with no basis in fact. I agree with you that self proclaimed ‘environmentalists’ have been sucked into a scam called a ‘green’ agenda. But that’s the great hypocrisy here – none of these faux greens showed up here. The people there were locals who actually know their local environment and have been fighting this agenda that has been forced upon them by a draconian piece of legislation call the ‘Green’ Energy Act. In fact since then the very greens you condemn have remained conspicuously silent on this issue. I ran across this by accident of on the Friday when the notice was released by the MNR and forwarded it on to a number of people including known environmental activists, ENGOs and self described environmentalists I have known and followed up with the pictures the next day. So far, dare I say, not a peep out of one of them. You owe the people there an apology and some gratitude for bringing the hypocrasy to light.

      • It’s okay. I was one of the people who witnessed the nest being hauled away on a flatbed trailer. I can understand the frustration we should all have with self-styled “environmentalists” who are only environmentally-friendly when it’s politically convenient for them.

        Like, for instance, does Bird Studies Canada actually think it’s appropriate for these wind turbines to be built AT ALL?! What basis is there for Jody Allair to opine that “one turbine” being moved is a reasonable mitigation?

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