Wind turbine company Nextera & MNR destroy Bald Eagle Nest & habitat

Thanks to all who helped contribute pictures (Betty, Ernie, Jim and anyone else I’ve missed!). To the rest of the world- please use them to show the rest of the world what the MNR, Nextra and the Ontario government are up to.

nexterrorFisherville, Haldimand Cty, Ontario:
Today, at approximately 10:30am, Florida basedwind company Nextera Energy chainsawed down the tree limb (large cottonwood) holding  a beautiful, active, bald eagle nest (species of Special Concern in Ontario).
How is this possible? Yesterday at 5:00pm the MNR gave a permit to this corporation to destroy this eagle pairs nest, and cut down the tree— as long as they were able to do it by January 6th –

tomorrow. In typical cold government language, it is justified that the tree and nest should be removed as it was “scheduled to be removed for the construction of a road, and within 20 metres of the blade sweep of a proposed turbine“. The MNR was nto at the tree/nest removal site to see taht it was done properly. Nextera’s construction company “Whites” did the removal. I asked the police officer, who seemed to trust that these guys were ‘moving’ the nest, not just making a kindling pile, “If there are only 57 bald eagle nest in Ontario, what are the chances that ANY of these workers has ever removed an eagle nest before?”. Slim. And that is why they had to go through pans A, B, C, D etc to figure out how to lower it onto some straw bales….. they clearly didn’t have a clue what they were doing. and the MNR remained out of sight, as if they had nothing to do with it.

More famous quotes from the MNR:
“By removing the nest before January 6th it is anticipated they will find another suitable nest location and will avoid disturbing them during their critical nesting period…….Removing the nest will reduce the risk of eagle mortality at the site.

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  1. Send this to David Suzuki, Tyler Hamilton, CANWEA, OSEA and every other Wind Lover and ask for their comments……………………….they will probably reply that Nextera cares so much about the Eagle’s stress level within a wind development that they decided to give it a new home!

    Time these idiots were made to watch the results of their misguided and insane love of Green energy and how it’s killing us!

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  3. You comrades must discard your bourgeois concerns! We must all sacrifice for the good of The Party and Our Glorious Leader! Bald Eagles are a decadent symbol of corrupt capitalist system!
    (I shouldn’t joke, but it keeps me from crying….)

  4. Did they build that nest in the last couple of months? That looks like a couple of years worth, at least. I’m not an expert by any means, but they use the same nest year after year, just adding on until sometimes the nest itself will make the tree fall. If that nest wasn’t built in the last several months, then EVEN BY THE EXISTING RULES they should have known about it and not located the turbine there. But hey – maybe they just didn’t notice it, eh?
    I’m saying a special prayer to the nature gods that all their anger should be focused on that one turbine – may it have one problem after another and never come into operation.
    May the cranes fall over, the electrical wires get cut, the bosses cars have flat tires – and if they ever get it up there, it should catch fire on day one.
    And may everyone at Next Terror have boils, hemorrhoids and then catch STDs from their spouses.
    And that’s just for starters.
    Many thanks to those who went.

    • This is a sad day for humankind. We are definitely in a downward spiral. Not so long ago that nest would have been cause for celebration and joy. Now it brings sadness to see the lack of respect man has for everything that stands in the way of money-grubbing greed.

  5. Someone will need to let the eagles know that either they will have to move to a new area as their nest has been moved, or that they will need to build a new nest/home.
    Shame, shame, shame.
    Excellent pictures!

  6. This is what we should be showing our children. A perfect example of the true follies in the rush to push these over-priced inefficient pieces of machinery upon us, witness the destruction of beauty and precious life in it’s path. This is a prime example of the wisdom in teaching your children to question authority. Just because someone is in a position of power over you, does NOT mean that they have your best interests at heart. The GEA has ripped the soul out of our government entirely. No one is safe from their twisted agenda. Common sense no longer prevails. Democracy is losing the battle to survive along with our eagles. The schools are brainwashing our children into thinking this is good, and we are obligated as parents to tell them the ugly truth as soon as they are mature enough to handle it. They’re well-being is at stake, and they deserve the opportunity to fight back. If a foreign entity were attacking, would you push them into the closet, or teach them to defend themselves? I am teaching my son to defend himself.

    • This action of chopping down the tree and removing the nesting place of mating Bald Eagles is a shame and makes a travesty of all things “Green”.
      Shame on all of you who organized and perpetrated the crime.
      It took 8 men of questionable morals to do the job at overtime pay on a Saturday (with all faces turned from the cameras.
      A plan shrouded in secrecy and evil, but reeking of money…like everything associated with the Industrial Wind Turbine projects.
      It’s a very sad day.

      • I don’t know how these individuals can live with themselves. They’ve sold their souls for a few dollars. Birds, bats, people, it’s all the same to them, just shove them out of your way and don’t think twice. All pro-windies deserve a special place in hell.

      • 1957chev “All pro-windies deserve a special place in hell.”

        Sorry but are your smoking crack? I don’t agree with the destruction of this nest in the slightest but ignoring location what would you rather instead of wind turbines, huge solar panel networks, 20 story high hydroelectric dams, or would you just rather stay with coal, oil, or gas plants and their pollution (that is not helping the environment in any way), or would you rather a nice new nuclear plant and all the centuries of nuclear waste storage that go with that option along with all the potential risks – and yes I do acknowledge that CANDU’s are safer than most. While wind turbines do have some negative points, namely they’re not always the most attractive things to look at and sometimes locations seem to be a case of throwing a dart at a map, their positives of clean, cheap electricity (and yes I do think the subsidies are stupidly high) with no pollution generally outweigh the negative aspects.

      • Thank you Susan for understanding the true nature of the joke that is the wind turbines and their green energy. McGuinty and his “Green Energy Act” has never been about green energy but has always been about money, money and more money and the fact that HE IS THE BACK POCKETS of the companies that want to wipe out rural Ontario. It goes to show how really stupid and corrupt MCGUINTY is that he would do this to such a vital part of our economy – that of our farmers who feed us. I am sickened and more than that I am so saddened by this that I have moved from right where the Eagle nest is/was (literally) to an area in a city so far removed from McGuinty’s plan to destroy.

      • Hey Ben, if I was smoking crack, I would likely be as uninformed as you . Before you begin to make such ridiculous statements, do your research. Not on the wind companies website, they are selling this scam. Everybody on this website has already done so. We know that wind energy is a scam. If you don’t, you are not paying attention. Shame on you.

      • Wind energy a scam? Well that’s a new one of me, I never knew that you couldn’t harness the power of the wind to produce electricity. Sure I don’t agree with the way the government is handling things and some of the locations for turbines are just baffling but to say that wind power itself is a scam is mis-informed. That would be like saying coal does not produce CO2, nuclear power doesn’t produce nuclear waste and that solar power works at night. The only scam involved is the way the subsidies are being handled and the way in which it seems that a company can place a turbine wherever they pretty well like, the power and concept itself is good. Indeed when combined with solar and hydroelectric power the few issues that do arise around continuous supply can be minimized. Wind itself is not the be-all green energy solution, it is part of the puzzle, when you and the government wake up and realise that to replace existing “dirty” power sources with clean energy requires using ALL green energy sources combined then progress may be made.

        If this group achieves anything it should be three things, one continued installation of turbines – in SENSIBLE locations (off shore in the middle of Lake Huron would be a good choice as it would be isolated from people, non-visible from shore and subject to higher continuous winds than land based turbines), abolition/revision of the current subsidy scam (revision would involve fair subsidies with loop holes closed, yes even nuclear power is subsidised!) and promotion of other green energy sources, I for one would love to see roofs across Ontario equipped with solar panels with the energy produced powering your own home first and then the grid with any excess.

        I fully intend when I build my own house to have geothermal power, solar panels on the roof (those panels on the yard are just ugly), with the possibility of a small wind turbine in the yard as generally speaking wind turbines are more effective when solar panels are not and vice-versa, they are complementary power sources working at peak in generally opposing conditions. Trust me when I say that I understand a far greater amount around the technical side of these power sources than the average person so I cannot stand by when the actual concept of wind is being attacked as a scam, it simply isn’t. The scam is the way in which the Ontario government is managing it!

  7. Would NextEra have us believe that removing the nest from that tree, at that location, will definitely prevent a bald eagle or perhaps two of them, from being killed by turbine blades? I hope someone living near that turbine site can keep an eye on the area for eagle mortalities. A video or photo of dead or maimed bald eagles would make a huge impact statement, a testimonial to the true mentality of this current Liberal government. Wouldn’t a photo and narrative in the Toronto Star, or National Post drive home the message? Think of the political implications come election time!

    When you’re given lemons, make lemonade.

  8. The whole Green Energy Act is nothing more than our elected people selling out to the highest bidder. How can a so called Green Act be so disrespectful of our endangered nature? We are in favour of protecting our environment,but this is absolutely not the way to do it . The people responsible for this should be held criminally responsible.

  9. This is such an absurd situation that people don’t know what to say. The people are mourning, as we should be. These are major losses for all of us.

    What punishment would be appropriate for this kind of despicable behaviour?

    If “green zealotry” is the offence, then we should heap shame on these @ssholes everywhere. But who’s to blame?

    the Ministry of Energy? Consultants to the Ministry of Energy?

    • Lets put all turbines in one remote area, and banish all the pro-windies to live there with each other for the rest of their useless lives. Turbines and pigs, all happy and content together.

  10. seems to me ,there is no care of the eagles or their nest…it s all about the fricken blasted money again, and again, and again.

    • Nothing matters to them but money. I don’t know what good money is when they are destroying the earth and everything on it. GREEN MY A__. They don’t care who or what suffers. If I hear one more person claim they are still stupid enough to believe IWT’s are good for the environment….I will scream! NOBODY can really be that stupid.

  11. Seems to me that if you have enough dollars behind you to feed the greedy corrupt government officials, anything is possible!!! This is just a travisty of unjust!! If you or I did this, we’d be fined heavily, see jail time or both!! But somehow these I.W.T companies can get their way no matter what the consequences or what impact on the environment may be at stake!!

  12. Unfortunately, it is our money that Dalton uses to fund this campaign of terror. The GEA and FIT program make this scam very lucrative, and we will be forced to finance our own destruction.

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  14. Collusion: (i) a secret agreement, esp. for a fraudulent purpose. (ii) Law such an agreement between ostensible opponents in a lawsuit.

    If this act was not a rock-solid example of collusion between the Ministry of Natural Resources (i.e., posting a notice to the EBR moments before 5pm on a Friday afternoon) and an industrial wind turbine proponent (Next Era–having equipment onsite and the eagle’s nesting site destroyed before 10:30am the next morning–and a Saturday no less) then what is?

    McGuinty and his minions are beyond feeling shame or remorse–“psychopaths” comes to mind!

    • Mike Crawley, Pres of the FEDERAL LIBERAL Party AND Pres of AIM PowerGen/IPC/IPR – GDF Suez/Plateau Wind is one of McGuinty’s BEST BUDDIES and colluders in this GRAND TAX larceny.
      We, the tax paying surfs have NO SAY in this grand give away of our hard earned savings; we don’t write the laws that force us to pay for IWTs we don’t want and don’t need.
      When will it become clear that we don’t owe a duty to unjust laws and actions perpetrated by rulers who have absolutely NO REGARD for those who have been submitting to them?

      • Johanna, you are absolutely correct. If they won’t return our power to us democratically, we have no choice but to fight for it. We do not want or deserve this travesty being visited upon us. They have shown complete disdain for anything or anyone who stands in their way.

  15. I really hope that everyone is being proactive with this thing and not just making a comment and forgetting about it the next day. We all need to send this story with the pictures to our MP’s, MPP’s, every news outlet, every radio statioin, every nature group/bird group we can find. It might take a few hours of your time, but one person alone doing this won’t make an impact.

    We ALL have to get busy and get this out EVERYWHERE!! Email everyone on your list. Post this on your FB page. Be proactive and be LOUD!!!

    • Absolutely right Donna– half the work is giving the information, the other half is getting it OUT THERE. Please send everywhere!!

    • I have been showing these pics to everyone I can today including the mayor in West Lincoln, (whom nobody trusts), and Tim Hudak, who is posting it on the wall in his constituency office, I will spread the word to anyone who will listen. it is very valuable ammunition in our arsenal against this windscam. Proof of their disgusting attitude towards anything that gets in their way. Humans will get equally abused, and with just as little recourse. We must stop this NOW.

      • You go chev!!! I emailed Hudak as well. We just have to keep hammering home the absolute insanity of this decision. Great to know that the Ministry of Natural Resources doesn’t have the foggiest clue about the habits of nesting eagles.

        Even a 6th grader could probaby have told them that this was a very very BAD idea.

  16. Please refrain from negative comments about Natives. I will remove these posts. The question is not, “Why weren’t they there?”, it’s, “Why weren’t you there. We cannot expect them to protect everything all the time, and only put themselves out to be charged with trespassing etc. while we “idly” stand by watching. This is our job too. Anyone who watched Bill Monture and Lester Green at the ERT hearings, putting heart, soul and energy into trying to stop these projects, just like the Haldmiand Wind Concerns Group, would only have praise for what they have done.

    • Thanks you very much for your kind words. Yes Bill and Lester did a masterful job in an unfamiliar environment, twice, to no avail. This act is what they were arguing against and the evidence is now in pictures. Thanks for taking the time to travel to Haldimand once again to get this out there as fast as possible.

    • Let’s face it Nextera and the MNR try to pull a fast one and caught a lot of people off guard. The MNR only posted this on the EBR on December 31st and only gave 7 days notice at a time when they hoped people would be to busy to notice. This was intentionally kept low profile not to draw attention to the issue. The whole process is slimy.

  17. This government continues to get away with outrageous corruption and destruction because of the apathy and ignorance from far too many of ALL of us. Muriel says, “There is no reasoning with our elected officials, but it’s time to unite and to take a hard stand against further habitat destruction; because, the habitat destruction will not end with the eagles, the migratory birds or the animals in the forests that are too close to the vibration and noise of the turbines—it will
    extend to the destruction of OUR habitat.” A ton of OUR neighbours know only too well about the destruction of OUR habitat. Don’t care if I sound like a broken record; how many have abandoned homes? How many have quietly sold at loss and moved? By loss, I mean financial and emotional. How many sit, trapped by finance or unwilling to put someone else into a toxic home?

    • You are absolutely right Lorrie, this is just a small example of the lack of respect the wind companies and their allies show towards everyone and everything that stands in their way. If anyone thinks that people will be treated any better than the eagles….they are sadly mistaken. Nothing is sacred to these miscreants. People are suffering as we speak, and they are being denied any recourse. Maybe they can build an “artificial home” for these people elsewhere so that they will not be harmed as they say they have done for the eagles…..oh ya, people are not yet on the “endangered species list”. We are left to fend for ourselves.

    • We did not hear about the plans for demolishing the tree and nest until after the fact at 3pm Saturday. I am hoping that communication will be better and we can get to areas of conflict in time to make a difference. Of course…everything “Green” is a deep dark insidious sneaky secret. But we can try!!!
      I am also thinking too….that with the support of the Natives, we are all coming from the same place in trying to prevent the distruction of rural Ontario. Perhaps some good will come out of a horrible situation.
      I believe Wainfleet is arranging a rally for all wind turbine groups. More information on this would be great. We can plan together and help and make an impression on our provincial government.

  18. Well another deed done in the name of money who cares about nature…. let’s destroy where we live and the beauty surrounding it….. when will these big companies start to be responsible for their actions…. they are bullies …..

  19. The Ontario Government has been simply ignoring the importance of bird migration along the Lake Erie shoreline and over Lake Erie (also true for the other Great Lakes of Ontario, Huron as well ). At the Lake Erie Port Stanley, Ontario hawkwatch of Hawkcliff the most observed numbers of migrating golden eagles in eastern North America was reported (Fall season-2011). It was a total of 269 golden eagles. Golden eagles are in very limited numbers in eastern North American and some experts believe they are a sub-species of the western North American Golden Eagle. Also large numbers of migrating bald eagles are being this Port Stanley hawkwatch (one of the top hawkwatches in North America for all species of raptors).

    The Ontario Government has failed to recognize the importance of eagle and other bird migration along the shoreline of Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes (as well as over the Great Lakes). The Ontario government continues to blindly accept inaccurate information from wind companies as the truth without providing an investment in trully independent, scientific studies of bird, bat, butterfly migration before and after these projects are built.
    Tom Wasilewski
    Coordinator of the Northwestern PA Eagle Conservation Association
    Edinboro (Eerie County), Pennsylvania

    • They take the word of the wind companies so that they will not be held responsible when the truth comes out. They are trying to get around all of these important issues without any publicity. Killing eagles or destroying their habitats does not make for good publicity. They would much rather that this was kept secret. Wind companies are taken at their word???? On the honour system? There is NO honour in the IWT business, and that is painfully obvious. Citizens groups are being forced to spend their time, and hard-earned dollars doing the job of trying to protect ourselves and our lands, because the government institutions that are supposed to, do it, refuse to do it. The green energy act is a vile disgusting piece of legislation that needs to be thrown out…..immediately. If an energy source is so destructive that people don’t want it, they have NO right to force it upon us. I’d rather use woodfires and candles than continue along this path.

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  21. The best way to make money is to not spend it. Conserve energy. Create Starry Night Cities and Towns. I believe we could save 50% of our energy by turning out the lights at night. If you think we are safer by leaving the lights on in commerce buildings we could have motion censor lights that go on at night when someone enters the building and or room in a building. Light inter fears with wild life for example baby turtles use to now to walk toward the ochean because the light from the moon and stars reflecting off the ocean was dominant. This lead them but now they wander off in the wrong direction because of the ambient light from our cities. The dark shadows created by our too bright street lights makes it dangerous for a person to walk at night. I was living in Marfa Texas when we decided to be a Starry Night City. We turned off as many lights a possible turned down and hooded some lights and the only new rule was bicyclers had to have lights on their bikes at night. The City saved money and it also supported the Mac Donald Observatory 30 miles away above Ft. Davis. Night is a beautiful place with the lights off. Louise Gregg

    • I could not agree with you more. Subsidies should be given to individuals rather than corporations. It would be much better to insulate homes, or develop conservation practices that reward people for doing their part to limit the energy expended. I have a difficult time believing that they think windpower is really going to do anything other than make rich people richer. I love the darkness of the rural area, and I find my rural counterparts to be much less inclined to leave a carbon footprint the size of the city dwellers. Yet we are expected to supply power for their excessive demands? The reality is that we are producing enough power to more than meet our needs without a single turbine. This a money-grubbing scam, and nothing more.

    • I have been saying the exact same thing. We’re headed in the wrong direction…trying to increase production of energy, rather than pushing conservation.

  22. Even worse than this nest being taken down, will be the death of eagles and other species from the newly placed turbines. I have studied wildlife for decades along the wind industry’s phony documents and studies. If anyone thinks for one second that the wind industry has been forthcoming and honest about their mortality impacts to birds and bats, consider these two astounding facts from America; (1) There has been an ongoing slaughter of golden eagles in Texas that has never been disclosed. 2) With over 30 plus years of operation at Altamont Pass, approximately 35 bats have been reported killed by their thousands of wind turbines. This works out to about one bat per year being killed over an area of 86 square miles. The true number could be 5000 or it could be 500,000. What ever the number it is, this 35 number is off by thousands. Maybe even the worst has happened; the Horay bat might have even been wiped out from this region.

    Most people have no idea how devastating these turbines are because after word got out about Altamont pass, the industry tightened security changed everything about their operations to hide impacts. This is the primary reason extensive gag orders are now written into their contracts all across America.

    As far as prosecuting the Wind industry for their slaughter, there has always been a hands off policy towards the wind industry. About the only time you hear from wildlife protection agencies is when they want to make changes in the laws for the wind industry or to cover for them when word has leaked of a crippled eagle being seen near a wind farm. Their behavior and the lack of meaningful studies is without question evidence an ongoing mortality cover-up between the USFWS and the wind industry. There is one certainty; you will NEVER hear the truth about wind turbine mortality from the wind industry or the USFWS because they have been working together for decades.

    These are shocking truths about an industry many embrace. An industry built on fraud and deceptive marketing. Today the state of Vermont is in the process of putting a 3 year moratorium on wind projects. They are looking for the truth. The rest of the North America needs to follow.

    Recently I was presented with this question. How would I respond if I were running the USFWS and was not allowing this agency to cover for the wind industry?

    I would co many thing but first of all we would have an accurate count of all the whooping cranes in Texas along with the sub adults and juveniles so real condition of this population could be disclosed to the public. After all over 200 are missing from this population and there are now thousands of deadly wind turbines that litter their habitat.
    I would have USFWS personnel responsible for checking the GPS transponders on whooping cranes, checking on their well being every 6 hour period during daylight hours. Presently the whooping cranes are not checked on unless there is a lack of movement for 24 hours. This huge gap gives a wind farm more than enough time to move any dead whooping cranes.
    I would have every gag order ever written into a wind industry dismissed under eminent domain laws for the sake of protecting our natural resources. It would seem to be an easy matter because is all too obvious that the extinction of wildlife and destruction our natural resources are far more valuable to our society and future than the small amount energy produced from wind turbines.
    With the gag orders out of the way a complete investigation would be conducted into the history of operating wind farms. I would concentrate on the wind farms located in the habitat of endangered species.

    I would have a federal law passed so it would be a felony to conceal the death of any protected species killed at a wind farm. Owners that profited from the concealment of bodies would lose their land much in the same way a drug dealer does. I would also have rewards, big rewards because we would be fishing for big fish.
    I would initiate a series of truly constructive wildlife studies to determine the cumulative damage that has been done by these wind turbines. These studies have been avoided for over 28 years. It would asl be a given that not one of the sell-out experts that worked on bogus wind industry studies would be part of any of these new studies. . I would set up a DNA data bank that would prove to the world that eagles and other species killed at wind farms were being killed from populations thousands of miles away. The USFWS is already in custody of many such carcasses. Analyzing these carcasses alone and comparing them to remote populations would probably be enough to establish vast mortality footprint of wind turbines.
    I would have cadaver dogs searching wind farm properties for buried carcasses that were hidden from the world. Some locations in particular I would bet would have body dump sites that look like the Auschwitz.
    I would try not to bother Congress with any of this because their time is much better spent investigating really important matters like Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, and Rodger Clemens.

    Yes, it would feel pretty good to see a Dirty Harry sent in to clean house and kick some wind industry asses. God knows they sure need it. But justice usually only happens on the big screen. That is why so many films are successful.

    • I would like to see cameras set up to film the destruction, if you are forced to live near a turbine, use the opportunity to show the slaughter that is taking place. It is perfectly legal, and difficult to deny.


    See page 7.
    We’re all fortunate to live in Haldimand County and it’s being destroyed every single day that passes.

    Our local dictatorship can take with them as part of their legacy the knowledge that they have participated in the local extinction of a rare and majestic bird and the destruction of one of the nicest rural areas of Ontario.

    I don’t know how these bottom dwellers sleep at night….

  24. Eagles rebuild nests in the same area when natural destruction occurs. There is no reason to believe this pair of eagles will not start rebuilding nearby and still have the same hazard. What is likely is that they will not offspring this year, or do so without an adequate nest. Those massive nests take time to build, and to do so in the winter means risking using valuable energy the eagle needs to survive the cold winter. (They do not migrate, but simply move to where they find open water to fish.) This idiotic action will cause at least the delay of offsprings, and possibly the deaths of the mature eagles as well – either trying to rebuild or still hitting the windturbine.

    There are good places for wind turbines, but keep them away from known raptor territories.

    Keystone cops are running the government.

  25. Thanks, Jim Wiegand. If only you would be installed as the President of the US instead of the aid and abetting element who allows the ongoing destruction in California; who was responsible for appointing EPA dictators the likes of Lisa Jackson; all who have lawfully given the green energy companies a free pass to kill and maim. See this video:

    Fines of $10,000 per eagle destroyed are waived for the wind industry! They get a free
    “get out of jail card” as well — no prosecution here.

    In Ontario we see the same picture. Ministry has rules about keeping wind turbines away from sensitive habitats. It now seems as though the way to enforce these rules is simply to move the habitat. So there! The turbine construction is now within these rules. Simple solution, is it not? Just remove the habitat — impeccable logic.

    Fast forward to the Ostrander Point situation and this excerpt:

    The Blanding’s Turtle, Whippoorwill and other species soon to be evicted from Ostrander Point, however, must now rely on the goodwill of the developer for their survival. All this so that Dalton McGuinty can say he was green . The Ontario Liberals will pick a new leader later this month. Absent the blind ambition of its current leader, the party—or more likely its successor government—will begin backing away from McGuinty’s green energy schemes. Why? Because they don’t work and we can’t afford them.Perhaps more compelling to the politicians, however, will be the unrelenting images of the industrialization of a pristine rural ecosystem at Ostrander Point and the destruction of the habitat of two endangered species—in the name of green energy.We must kill, so that we may save.This will be a harder slogan to sell after Ostrander Point is ruined.

    In the case of the eagle’ net, I suppose no one know just where the occupant was or is and whether or not the pair had been tagged and is there a follow-up to actually determine what where this eagle pair will be?

    • Imagine trading that nest on your property for a ******* wind turbine. Now imagine a world that allows let’s this happen. Have faith because the crowds that will want to see this industry in Hell will one day number in the millions. Vermont is Ground ZERO.

  26. Another Case of some Idiot Burocrat being influenced by business . PROTECT THE BIRD MOVE THE TURBINE. Discusting.

  27. Back in 2007 EC did a survey of 17 raptor wintering sites, finding that just 4 of them were particularly densely populated. 3 of those 4 are now within wind energy project boundaries: Wolfe Island, Amherst Island and Fisherville (the scene of this nest removal). Only Glencoe, the worst of the 4, has escaped – sort of, so far. Here’s the text of their findings, from the Wolfe Island bird study.
    Environment Canada compiled the results of recent winter bird surveys from 17 sites in
    southern Ontario, and concluded that just a few sites across southern Ontario provide the
    necessary conditions to support high numbers of wintering raptors (Environment Canada, letter,
    September 21, 2007). Two sites, Amherst Island (3.14 raptors/kilometer) and Fisherville (2.14
    raptors/kilometer) had higher raptor densities than Wolfe Island (1.4 raptors/kilometer, with 1.92
    raptors/kilometer west of Highway 95), which had similar densities to a site north of Glencoe.
    The remainder of the sites supported raptor densities that were an order of magnitude less than
    these four sites (Environment Canada, letter, September 21, 2007).

  28. As someone who observes photographs and documents our local raptor population including the local Bald Eagle convocation I find this reprehensible. However maybe it’s time all the various anti turbine groups amalgamate and pool their collective resources across Canada and possibly including groups in the US. Considering that this is their national bird wouldn’t it be good to get their backing on this matter?

    • At least southern Ontario does not have many tall and strong trees that can support an eagle’s nest anymore. The other trees have been cut down but old cottonwoods do remain. Had an eagle’s nest near here in a cottonwood but a neighbouring idiot drove them away by setting off holiday fireworks on several occasions but the eagles did relocate a short distance away.

    • Even if the MSM did report the destruction of this eagle’s nest it would have very little meaning to city people. The just think the eagles can just find another location because city people don’t know anything about the nesting locations and tree requirements for eagles. The tree branching has to be right as well a tall strong tree.
      This is how things like this are gotten away with. No general public awareness of meanig of this situation.

    • I have been saying for a long time that all of the anti-wind groups need to come together to form one united and MASSIVE force. I don’t know how to get that done though.

  29. These eagles will NOT go away… they own their territory and will return and try to build another nest! What then? We humans are just nuts, trying to change Mother Nature… I pray that these eagles are safe and not headed into the turbine because we have TAKEN or tried to take their territory… makes me cry lots of tears and the arrogance and stupidity and egocentrism and narcissism and money grabbing bevavior of these humans… WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM???

  30. Shocking and disgusting. But not a surprise to those who have been observing the complicity of the MNR (and the MOE) over the years. Those ministries, backed by the Green Energy Act and its FIT program, have enabled the wholesale destruction of the rural landscape, at present only 1/5th complete (there is still about 4500 more turbines on the way).

    This event is a surprise and an outrage to the average Ontarian, but I have some questions for the local stakeholders (opposition) in this project. In no way would I say anything that would belittle the efforts of the many who opposed this project, and of course, I cannot know all that has gone on in the courageous battle to stop it, but I must say, as one currently fighting a local wind project, that I am aware of the locations of the wind turbines proposed in Melancthon and as a resident of the area I can see what is around each proposed turbine location. The locations are defined within a metre on the project maps. I am invited by the process to comment to the proponent (and the MNR, MOE, and the local politicians, and free to contact the local media) about specific concerns for the turbine locations. I can raise a “big stink” about a specific turbine and insist that it be moved (even though I know they will not listen), and at least I have raised the awareness BEFORE it is too late.

    Did the local opposition know the eagle’s nest was next to a turbine? (for sure, they knew where the turbine was going to go) And did they make a “big stink” (with a paper trail) about this with the proponent and the MNR (and the media)? If they did, why am I only finding out now, after it is too late for me and thousands of others to do anything? Just asking. There may be a good lesson here for the other projects assaulting our province.

    In any case, this is another sad event in a long, and growing, sad chapter in Ontario’s history.

    • “Did local opposition know the eagle’s nest was next to a turbine?”
      November 27, 2012

      “Did they make a “big stink”?”
      Please define “big stink”. How “big” is a “stink”?
      “More than ’40 dba'”? “Less than 120 metres”? “Letters to the editor, elected representative, neighbours, friends, family, bureaucrats,”? etc, etc, etc

      “Why am I only finding out now?”
      Because obviously you’re not as committed as you ought to be to these very important matters.

      “Is it too late for me and thousands of others to do anything about it”?
      Only you can answer this question.

    • “(for sure, they knew where the turbine was going to go)”

      Your assumption [above] STINKS

      The 3 IWT developing companies – Capital Power, Nexterror, Samsung NEVER gave local residents exact locations of their IWT placement – proprietary information don’t you know!

      Local residents – Haldimand Wind Concerns and INCLUDING First Nations chiefs and members confronted the PROPONENTS, the MoE, local and national MSM, appealed in TWO Environmental Review Tribunals.

      My involvement started in Dec of 2004 when Mike Crawley, President of the Federal Liberal Party, anounced his company AIM PowerGen was going to erect 66 IWTs along the north shore of Lake Erie in a Major Migratory Flyway west of Long Point.

      Appeals to our Municipal Councillors fell on deaf ears.

      Our MPP read our > 70 person petition in to the Legislature and our MP listened to our pleas for mitigation.

      Mike Crawley & CO. then struck the coup de grace – by surrounding my house and our community with 18 IWTs ALL within a 3 km radius and my health has been deteriorating ever since.

      YOU chose NOT to learn about “IT” until it is too late for you and 1000’s of Ontarians to do anything.

      What are YOU going to do about “IT” now that you have learned about it?

  31. If they would put a fan cage over the blades of the wind turbine there would be no bird kills but that would cost money which they do not want to spend or never thought about it.

    • If they would put a fan cage over the blades…

      Excellent idea. Do you have a proposed design?

      You do know the scale of the design and the rigidity of the material required — right? And then there is the drop in efficiency of an already next-to-useless device.

      As a final step — have you considered that a “toothbrush” would be required to remove light planes, large birds and politicians flung with trebuchets from the mesh of such a “bird cage”?

      I’m not saying that your idea is just plain darn silly — like some might — but it does need a little work…

  32. We as humans almost brought them to extinction once. They barely make it off the endangered list and government starts letting the big business (that almost destroyed them the first time) start all over again. Will they never learn? This makes me sick!

  33. sad to say but our gr$$dy neighbours that sold out are being ignored in this mess if not for them and their need for more in their pockets this nest would still be their, look where most of these turbines are going land owners that really need the extra $$$$$$$$$$

  34. We have had the same eagles nest for 20 years every year they come back to have their lil ones for 20yrs. They protect their nest and so do we. We live in Hatzic B.C. Canada. This is near Harrison which is world know for it’s eagle population. We must all protect this majestic bird . Yvonne Vinall
    Hatzic B.C. Canada .

  35. The Anti Rackets Bureau of the OPP clearly states that it will investigate government corruption.
    I’m waiting for an answer as to what is needed to begin an investigation. For sure they will ask for some kind of real proof whatever that may be. Stay tuned because maybe , just maybe we will get a call to collect proven data. Continued condemnation with words is a must but there has to be a means of challenge that won’t break the bank like a legal circus.

    • I’m sure there is lots of proof. It is going on every day. The GEA act should be illegal simply because it takes away our right to defend ourselves, as well as the rights of all gov’t institutions to help us. They tie our hands behind our backs while the wind companies take the boots to us. This should be illegal in itself.

  36. I witnessed this travesty personally, and am saddened by what has happened. These eagles were actively living in this nest (I have photos dating from Nov 2012 of them in the nest) despite what the permit for destruction suggests. I also have other photos of this pair of eagles, dating back to 2010 when they first started living in the area. The biologists missed the mark here big time! Shame on you and your green energy act — it would be better called “Destroy nature and your relationship with your community act” !

    • Great that you have photos!
      The photos taken on Saturday show what eagles need to nest. In general, they need a tree that large birds can fly directly into, is tall and strong with the right kind of branching that will support the nest weight. location near a food source is needed also There are not so many trees left in southern Ontario that have all the right criteria for eagle nesting.

    • My fiancé and I are locals and were told the pair was seen flying around the location at about 4pm that afternoon looking for their nest. Such a disgrace.

  37. This is absolutely absurd! Tell me how these eagles will have time to rebuild a nest- in January – in time to reproduce? That nest wasn’t built in day, but years! I can’t believe biologists would say it’s the right thing to do? We are taking up all of the wilderness form every bird and animal every single day – but to tear down a bald eagles nest from a cottonwood tree, brings it to a new low level. i am ashamed of everyone that was involved in the endeavor. Shame On You ALL!

  38. sad that the only resort was to remove a nest of a beautiful wild bird instead of adjusting the location of the road and turbine.

    • It wasn’t the only option, it was the easiest for them. They do not care about the eagles or anything else but money. The turbines shouldn’t be in our rural agricultural areas to begin with. Corruption has allowed this travesty to take place.

  39. When will the insanity of this lame and shameful mentality stop….it leaves a pit in my stomach.

  40. Moving a nest so birds won’t be killed may seems like a reasonable thing to do, but this is another adverse environmental impact associated with wind development. It is called ‘displacement,’ where development may force birds to seek other habitats; in other words driving the birds away from their local homes and haunts.

    But this is a new twist. The same agency, MNR, who undoubtedly talked about ‘displacement’ in their reviews of wind projects in Ontario, have now become the very displacers. MNR is now aiding and abetting the very process that any responsible natural resource agency should have strongly condemned.

  41. Thank you for not giving a About the Earth and what is trying to live in it,Shameful,Sad,Unhappy, Mad as hell, This is just a few of the things this makes me feel about you people.Just doing your jobs right? Money is what it”s all about for you,I feel sick for you so sleep well after your hard day of work,Better yet don”t.

  42. About 10 years ago the MNR charged a good friend of mine $10,000 for cutting down the trees adjacent to a Bald Eagle nest in Norfolk County. Now the MNR is providing permits so that IWT companies can cut down their nests, a species of Special Concern in Ontario! The difference being, my friend did not realize (still no excuse) the error of his ways, whereas the MNR realize exacly what they are doing!

  43. This isn’t even a wind turbine issue. It’s looking out for Mother Earth and a protected species, previously unknown to the area, now nesting here.

    • The nest was removed to make way for an industrial wind turbine. How is that NOT a wind turbine issue? Perhaps people had better start waking up to see the monster they have created. This is not about green energy, this is about big money.

  44. I got this response from Rob Stang this morning:
    I am not the Green Party critic for Natural Resources. I have been sent dozens if not hundreds of emails in error because someone on the website organizing this protest didn’t check to see who they were spamming before putting my email on the website. One wonders what other facts they don’t bother to check. Please make some effort to have them stop spamming me. I have been a naturalist all my life and care deeply about the plight of bald eagles, but I have no tolerance for incompetent people who send spam over the internet.

    • Read this link from Bird studies Canada miffed. As of 2011 there were only 57 Bald Eagle nests in southern Ontario. Why do you think it was removed to make room for a wind turbine? It certainly wasn’t about saving the Bald Eagle it was all about saving money for Nextera. Read the section in BSC link about failed or abasndoned nests. It happens all the time. The nest removed was succesful and apparently active for 6 years. There is no guarantee the eagles will rebuild a new succesful nest

      • “Miffed” was leaving really nasty and juvenile comments for several people all over the site. That’s one angry Windie. His comments have been deleted. We don’t need to focus our attention on his hostility.

      • Dan, this is interesting. 6 years huh?

        “Since receiving all required approvals for this project, Bald Eagles (listed as special concern in Ontario) have built a nest within the project location.”

    • Hi Petra – read above . . . the Act isn’t all that old — it’s been updated actually . . . the links are included in my comments above.

  45. The statement on the EBR said that “it was anticipated that the eagles will find another nest”. That’s not very definitive! When one considers there’s 900 turbines in Ontario already with another thousand planned, but only 57 nesting pairs its a thin margin to gamble on a maybe the eagles will find another nest rather than move a turbine. .

  46. Go back to the beginning. “regularly occurring human disturbances ”

    200+ industrial wind turbines located within 60km of Lake Erie shoreline for just a few projects of the currently approved projects. Turbines that would be located in a Globally significant flyway, winter raptor concentration site, and location of the largest portion of the southern Ontario Bald Eagle population. (Review statistics from Jodi Allair’s 2011 report). Consider reviewing testimony of Scott Petrie about displacement is equivalent to habitat loss

    The operational impacts of the turbines extend much further than their roads, transmission lines, substations, and rotating blades.
    (Blade tip speed stated to be be over 300km wake turbulence effects 400-700metres, etc review testimony given at the Summerhaven appeal hearing)

    Starting at the beginning:
    *Why was the nest destroyed?
    *What is the real purpose for destroying this nest, habitat, and exposing harm human health to erected and operational wind projects?
    *Where are the eagles, and other species including homo sapiens suppose to relocate?
    *Most importantly… Why and who benefits in what manner?

  47. I have this feeling that the Migratory Bird Treaty between CANADA and USA has been violated. No worries, I will contact US Dept. of Justice to see what their take is on this — thanks for photos – will be very helpful.

  48. PETRA – here is the information you want . . .
    Migratory Bird Treaty Act (FYI where it says Great Britain – it NOW refers to Canada)

    1. Maintain a buffer of at least 660 feet (200 meters) between your project activities and the nest (including active and alternate nests). If a similar activity is closer than 660 feet, then you may maintain a distance buffer as close to the nest as the existing tolerated activity.
    2. If you perform your activity closer than 660 feet due to a similar activity existing closer than 660 feet, then restrict all clearing, external construction, and landscaping activities within 660 feet of the nest to outside the nesting season (i.e., outside the nesting season is from August through mid-January in the Midwest).
    3. Maintain established landscape buffers that screen the activity from the nest.

    It reads, more or less, that you have to “build around” an eagle’s nest min. 660 feet away (being the “buffer) and that you “cannot disturb any part, nest, or egg of any such bird.” (16 U.S.C. 703). This applies to birds included in international conventions between the U.S. and Great Britain, the U.S. and Mexico, the U.S. and Japan, and the U.S. and the Russia.”
    (Again Great Britain — they specify that is now CANADA).

    Presidential document (Migratory Bird Treaty Act) can be found here:

    The bottom line is they definitely “broke the treaty” – that is obvious.

  49. “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph
    is for good men to do nothing”
    Edmund Burke

  50. Here is a record of my conversations with Joad Durst, Area Supervisor, MNR Niagara District

    From: Ken Bell [] Sent: January 7, 2013 12:44 PM To: Durst, Joad (MNR); Subject: Eagle Nest Removal
    Hello Joad My name is Ken Bell and I have some questions regarding the removal of the eagles nest. Hoping you can help me understand the decision. I’m wondering, under which act the application was made? Which act covered the review process and under which act it was finally approved. Thank You

    On Jan 7, 2013 1:57 PM, “Durst, Joad (MNR)” wrote: Hello Mr. Bell – in response to your questions – the permit was applied for, reviewed and approved under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act: 7(3)

    Nests and eggs
    7. (1) A person shall not destroy, take or possess the nest or eggs of a bird that belongs to a species that is wild by nature. 1997, c. 41, s. 7 (1).
    (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to the nest or eggs of an American crow, brown-headed cowbird, common grackle, house sparrow, red-winged blackbird or starling. 1997, c. 41, s. 7 (2).
    (3) Subsection (1) does not apply to a person who destroys, takes or possesses the nest or eggs of a bird described in that subsection,
    (a) in accordance with the authorization of the Minister; or
    (b) in the circumstances prescribed by the regulations. 2012, c. 8, Sched. 16, s. 2.

    From: Ken Bell [] Sent: January 7, 2013 6:44 PM To: Durst, Joad (MNR) Subject: RE:
    Thanks for getting back to me Joad. Could you tell me which reason was used?
    (a) in accordance with the authorization of the Minister; or
    (b) in the circumstances prescribed by the regulations. 2012, c. 8, Sched. 16, s. 2.
    And where I can see regulations 2012 c.8, Sched. 16, s. 2. thanks you Ken

    On Jan 8, 2013 10:09 AM, “Durst, Joad (MNR)” wrote: Mr. Bell – subsection a) was used – this authority is delegated to an Area Supervisor.

    Regulation 2012 c.8, Sched. 16, s. 2. – is simply “an Act to implement Budget measures and to enact and amend various Acts”. What it states for the FWCA:

    Subsection 7(3) of the Act is repaealed and the following is substituted: Same (3) Subsection (1) does not apply to a person who destroys, takes or possesses the nest or eggs of a bird described in that subsection,
    (a) in accordance with the authorization of the Minister; or
    (b) in the circumstances prescribed by the regulations.
    It really has no bearing on implementation of the Act itself.
    Hope that helps.
    The Area Supervisor was Joad Durst. After calling him today Joad told me that the nest was reported last year. I asked how long the nest had been there. He said that the biologist had determined that it was “recent”. He said that “options” were considered but the decision to remove was influenced by contractual considerations with the proponent, NextEra. Apparently, by having to move one turbine, they would have had to go through the entire review process.for the complete project. I spoke with the biologist, Anne Yagi who conducted the natural heritage assessment. She didnt tell me a lot except to say that the eagles were a “recovering population” in the area. I got the impression that she didn’t personally approve of the removal.
    Some questions:
    Is what Joad said about having to go through a complete project review to move a single turbine actually true?
    Was there a positive determination of the actual age of the nest?

    • I find it VERY hard to believe that an entire review would have to be redone. All the past projects that I’ve seen, the developer moved around the locations of the turbine right up until the last minute, keeping every one guessing. It has happened in almost every project!

      If a Minister can wave his wand and do away with regs on eagle’s nests, I’m sure a simple move of turbine location could also have been accomplished. More bull$hit, If you ask me.

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  52. They should be ordered to erect a nest pole with a nest pelartially or completely built somewhere nearby. That was done in BC and it works find the eagles even wtched it being built and then moved right in after it was completed being built be the humans.

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