Liberals hid wind turbine health report, PCs allege


5 thoughts on “Liberals hid wind turbine health report, PCs allege

  1. ….and when a demand for a police investigation was put to Lisa on CFOS radio this morning, she referenced “historical practices” . It was pointed out that history has never had this level of corruption and citizens need a government that will stop protecting each other and protect the citizens of Ontario. She stated that the PC’s have explored all options and are waiting for the legislature to go back so that committees can be formed to look into the problems. It was pointed out to her that the legislature/government does not work and the O.P.P need to be called. Lisa had never heard of the O.P.P unit that deals with political corruption ( thanks for pointing that out Tony ).I am grateful to Lisa for her hard work, but enough is enough. It is truly sad that we must commit so much energy to protecting ourselves from government.

  2. It is shocking to see how much corruption has infiltrated our system at every level because of McGuinty and his disgusting behaviour (while he was supposed to be premier, not a turbine pusher). He obviously feels like he should make and break any rules he pleases. No punishment would be severe enough for those complicit in this scam in my eyes.

  3. It’s a shame that the report wasn’t backed-up by copies of redacted files on the health effects with the Chief Medical Officer of Healths office fro 2010.

  4. Arlene King has been misled sadly because she is/ was a fine person.
    Political influenece of lobbyists trump well being of rural Ontarians.

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