Wind Turbine SHUT DOWN in Haldimand!


Today in Haldimand County, HDI (Haudenosaunee Development Institute) ordered Capital Power to remove their equipment and workers from 2 wind turbine sites and workers from their Hydro One substation site as well as giving NextEra a message at NextEra’s substation of their outrage regarding the removal of the bald eagle’s nest in their project. The traditional people joined HDI in the action. A Haldimand resident blockaded a wind turbine blade in the area of NextEra’s substation today as well.

Tweets from SHUT DOWN!:

  • Now the #SixNations convoy led by Confederacy is delivering a msg to Nexterra which cut down an eagle’s nest despite ppls rstnce #Brantford
  • @TwoRowSociety Non-Native farmer used his truck to block truck carrying windturbine. Standing with Haudenosaunee Confederacy. #shutitdown #idlenomore
  • @TwoRowSociety “This is not a protest, this is a shut-down”. HDI director Hazel Hill on the confederacy’s shut down of a half dozen sites on the Haldimand.

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  1. If six nations is there, they stand a good chance of being successful. The police are less likely to bother them. (And the six nations people are not afraid of them.)

  2. Bill, Lester and crew– you made my DAY! And all you other non-natives (myself included), time we all learned something from these strong men and women! Stand up and don’t get bulldozed under by foreign corporations. Should this not be happening at all work sites in Ontario???

    • It is moving on to the Nextera sites (-; Sorry- not easy to follow and give directions- but oh so wonderful! the equipment was moved off the sites they shut down and the workers told to go home.

    • Location of Summerhaven/Next Era construction offices and substation site just off
      is Cheapside Road and on Concession 5 (go to Hagersville if coming in from Hwy 6)
      and navigate from there.

    • I am totally impressed with the Native fortitude, commitment and respect for our natural environment. Thank you so much for making a stand. (once again) Artifacts have been found in West Lincoln and they are still planning to plough through. I hope you are with us too as we defy huge insidious corporations, corrupt government agencies and fearful town councils!!
      All I can say is WOW!!!

      • West Lincoln council may me fearful but it’s residents are not! And I think you can be sure to see more of this in the future!! Go Wainfleet!! Go Haldimand! Go West Lincoln! Go Ontario!! We ain’t done with Big wind yet!! This is what happens when our Government fails us….WE FIX IT!!

  3. Just back from ground zero at Cheapside Road and the 5th Concesion of Walpole. Seems they can’t move a blade very far down the 5th. Minutes before I got there, two police cruisers collided with each other. Must be a bit nervous. Somebody (Six Nations) had blocked the road with a pickup truck. Later a convoy of about 30 cars and trucks came across the 5th from the opposite direction. After a while they crossed the Cheapside went past the blade and cruisers to the main office and stoage grounds and shut that down. The war is on. Hopefully this spreads to the rest of the province, giving McGuinty a nasty welcome when he gets back from visiting his communists friends.

  4. This is what we need. People that show these higher ups that were tired of not being heard. Thanks to the native community for showing us how to get it done.
    Kudos to all those passionate people that just dont stand by and let things happen to them. Our government makes decisions for us and we get no say. I think there is a word for that somewhere.

  5. Keep locations posted. Get out and support our brothers. Thank you Natives of Haldimand. (excluding the mayor of course).

  6. Congratulations to all involved. This is exactly what needs to happen. The people need to say NO! This is our community, and we do not follow unjust laws that threaten to harm us and take away from our way of living. We chose to live in a rural area, with wildlife and peace, not an industrial wasteland. We’ve paid the price for our property, and no one has the right to steal the value in it. Thankyou to everyone!

    • Wish the three of us had been there, huh, chev??? Can’t wait for my next knee replacement surgery to be over with so I can be at these things with everyone!!! One of these days chev, we’ll meet up at a blockade!!!

      • I would like to be there as well. I hope the weather is not too bad. I am going to be in Toronto on the 26th as well. Waiting to meet up with you soon! Keep your stick on your sign!

  7. Way to go Haldimand! Organizers please contact in the comment part of the site. Let’s help each other!!

  8. Way to go everyone we need all the help we can get to stop this insanity. Yes and thank you to the native community in aiding us. You really make a difference. This is from Wainfleet with your help we can make a difference.

  9. Just saw Hazel Hill interviewed on CHCH.
    Thanks for everything Hazel, Bill Monture, Lester Green, etc. I know the people I just mentioned don’t always see eye to eye on everything, but it sure worked today!
    Natives and non-natives working side by side.

    • We have a common enemy, and there is strength in numbers. Six Nation Warriors, Wind Warriors, all fighting the same war against the Big Money Bulldozers.

  10. We need 4 all of us to support this protest, Thank you natives, you truly support Mother Nature, May our Mayor continue to live in hell, along with his council members. They are not worried as they will receive there pensions anyway , once removed from office.

  11. Finally……………Nextera has had it’s way wherever they have ruined the wildlife and landscapes across North America…………Our natives take their sacred Eagle very seriously……it is a symbol of knowledge and freedom. For our Government to align itself with a disgusting Wind Scammer like this should be a criminal act against all citizens of Ontario.
    We all wish the First Nations well and this is what a protest should be about….not pipelines!!!

    • I fully support this action, I will stand with the Natives against this corrupt Gov’t and Wind Project. This project will destroy Haldimand County. When and where can we show up to help support?

      • I fully agree with you – when I stated upgrades it had nothing to do the Turbines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!h

    • This is not the time to argue, but the pipeline is just as important as this. The reason Suncor is building wind farms is partly for the carbon credits (what a joke!) they can use to offset what they are doing in the tar sands (sorry Ethical Oil Sands – a Harper joke), so they can pollute northern Alberta and ship the oil to Harper’s Ethical Chinese friends, and what does it matter if they have to run a risky pipeline across First Nations lands and then pour it into ships in a dangerous inlet. Money money money. The Economy!

      • I didn’t leave this message to argue!! it is just what I feel! – and if there is another protest!! I will be there!! – I am not from your area!! – I do take greenspace to heart!! all the best!! Lyn

  12. We all can live with upgrades in our Province BUT there was NO need to take down the Eagles Nest! – I was shocked!!! – I urged everyone to contact the powers that be – keep contacting their offices till you get a response!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hah! 90% of the responses I got were “This did not happen in my riding. Please contact your local MPP Lisa Thompson.” WTH!! It didn’t happen in her riding either, so why should I contact her (even though I did). None of these elected wimps have the coconuts to take a stand. Doesn’t matter which political party they’re with. They’re all gutless.

      • Lisa Thompson Huron County MPP is on board, has put bills before McGuinty and is very proactive fighting turbines. Give her the credit she deserves please, the Conservatives Will cancel the Fit program just get them elected.
        Next Era should prepare for more protests around the province. Go Haldimand and thanks for staring things up!

    • NexTerror’s stupid cocky arrogance when they had the eagles’ nest & tree removed was too much! I thought, they’ve really crossed the line this time; they’ve underestimated what could happen in retaliation! I guess NexTerror figured the Ontario Liberal Govt with all its connections will keep guarding them as they go about their systematic destruction of our countryside, people, & wildlife.

      • Yes the taking down of the nest was too much for me! – I couldn’t sleep that night!!!! – I just hope we all can keep this protest etc up!!

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  14. WOOT WOOT WOOT!!! It doesn’t get much better than this!
    I can’t remember the last time I heard news this good – this exciting.
    Watch the news tomorrow – the racists will be out in full force wanting the cops and the gov’t to stop the Natives.
    Too late! I don’t think they CAN be stopped now.
    And if we have the courage of our convictions, we won’t be stopped either. If I can’t find someone to watch the store, then it will be closed tomorrow.
    There are always pressing reasons why we can’t attend certain events. We’re tired, we’re busy, whatever. ..
    We have just been given a gift. This could be the magic moment when everything changes. Don’t you want to be able to say that you were there. Or worse yet – it fizzles out because we didn’t go to support it.
    I’ve always like the idea of having interesting experiences and I’ve been very lucky – I’ve had a lot of them, but nothing that comes close to this, and I’m not going to miss it.

  15. For all of us who have been fighting this ridiculous turbine installation for months…please..don’t let our native brothers and sisters do it all..join in the fight..shoulder to shoulder with these passionate people who have the fortitude to stand up for what is right..without hesitation. How can we be kept informed as to where the protests are happening…

  16. A perfect example of your typical Ontario taxpayer complacency…to allow the government to totally run us in every shape or form. Thank you to our natives..for the wake-up call! There is a time and place to fight for what is right…this is the time, and unfortunately this is the place! For the record, I am totally committed.

    • Hi there!! I am with all of you all of the way!! – and I am not from your area!! – it is time we all take a stand for what is right!!

  17. BRAVO!!! I just said to Don the other day that all it’s going to take is JUST ONE!!!! JUST ONE blockade and then the revolution would be under way! Thank God the FN showed us how and jump started the end to this tyranny! Let’s not stop the momentum!

      • Absolutely. I am more than willing to spend a night or two in jail if that’s the result of standing up for our rights. Being arrested has never been on my bucket list, but what the hell, huh?

      • As has been said before Donna, going to jail for standing up for what is right, should be worn like a badge of honour. You will share that experience with the likes of Mandela and Ghandi….nothing to be ashamed of.

  18. Thank you. Keep it up. An inspiration for people everywhere that are fighting this insane, useless, evil wind scam.

    • Hi Rob! like I said to Donna -lets get it done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – what is the old saying if you stand nothing- you will fall for anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Then mix huge sums of money into this and you then have the huge problems rural Ontarians are faced with today.

  19. It’s time to stand up to a government that thinks they can do with OUR money as they please. The wind farms have to be stopped but the concept of more efficient ways of producing energy such as natural gas and so on must be voiced and promoted and the whole concept of global warming also needs to be refuted and exposed as the hoax that it is! It’s in the name of “green” and “the good of the people” that they are doing this. They are “saving the planet”. Wake up Ontario! 99.9% of your leaders are not in the game for you; they’re in it for power, greed and who knows what else, but obviously and definitely not for us the people. We are just their piggy bank. One more thing. All the farmers on who’s land these stupid things are going on…did they not approve that action in order that their fellow citizens can give them $20,000 per turbine, per year? I don’t think their greed and lack of foresight can be ignored!

    • The greedy farmers in West Lincoln did not demand health guarantees, they did not demand protection for their neighbours, no….instead they demanded more money. The farmers in West Lincoln will be paid 50,000 per year, per turbine. Most of them plan on becoming full-time energy producers….to hell with farming. More precious agricultural land turned into industrial wastelands. Disgusting.

  20. I watched the news and got the impression that these companies will continue to be allowed to build. The native people want input and to make sure that nature is protected, but the turbine building will continue. This may protect nests but not birds on the wing. The problem is much bigger than protecting nests. Happy for any wildlife protection but so sorry for Haldimand and the people who will suffer from turbine illnesses.

    • I’m sorry to report that, as exciting as all of this is today, p is right.

      Once all the bravado quiets down, expect business to continue as usual, with the exception being more regard given for eagles and their nests. The turbines will go up as planned, payments and compensations will be distributed. The First Nation’s deal with the wind companies will be consummated.

      Wind warriors have had it up to hear with false hope, this whole scenario is just more of the same. I really didn’t want to rain on your parade …

  21. How much suffering will it take before everyone is uprising against this insanity? I don’t think people can take much more of the atrocities being committed against the communities in rural Ontario.

    • Hi all!! one thing I have learned the natives stick together!! – my hats off to them!! great job!!!!

  22. Power to you on your courageous stand against the wind giants.We sure could use some of your help in West Lincoln and Wainfleet. We must take back our province,remind the government that they are our representatives and not our DICTATORS. Way to go Natives!!!!!!

  23. Liberal and Conservative Parties both support the Wind Turbines, they have to be stopped, solar power is far more efficent and does not harm the environment. If you think the wind turbines are necessary than put them in extemely remote areas where there is no population. We support the Protestors to keep up the blockades and demand that the government withdraw the wind turbines!

  24. Put it to a vote of the local population where the wind turbines are being located, and do not pay anyone where they are located!

  25. I fully agree with the protest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep me posted regarding the next protest!! – lets keep this going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. As the man recorded above, 30 trucks on Walpole blocking the staging ground. That’s what it takes.

  27. This does my heart good to see that the natives are willing to stand strong for their beliefs and for the rest of the people in this County whose land and livelihood is being raped by our corrupt government and corporations. God bless the natives for their unity and support! We have nothing but admiration for what the natives are doing. If we (the white guys) tried this, we would be fined and thrown in jail! Thank you to all the natives who are participating in these protests. Why is it that it is only the little people who see that forcing these turbines on us is wrong in every sense of the word and the government sees nothing wrong with stripping us of our democratic and human rights? Well, you know it. It’s all about the money!

    And the removal of that eagle’s nest? What was that all about except a show of force that the government and the MNR can do whatever in the hell they please to keep their dollars moving and not give a second thought about the fact that bald eagles are on the list of endangered species, or at least, species at risk. We have to stop this madness!

  28. Is there any truth to the rumour that at the next protest the natives will be holding a naming ceremony for Dalton McGuinty. …wherein he will now be known as Chief Dead Eagle ???

    Just askin’

  29. Carol Garrow says:

    01/18/2013 at 00:26

    There has been a grave injustice done to the Native peoples in the tampering of the Eagles Nest. Unfortunately, a lot of folks are totally unaware of the native legends, and that is a truly sad thing, making this a happening which has stemmed from ignorance. As native legend would have it, when the earth was made, the Eagle was sent by The Great Creator, to watch over the land. As far as the native peoples are concerned, the Eagle is a symbol of power to watch over and to protect the peoples of the earth.
    By tampering with the great Spirit, humans have now insulted and hurt the Native peoples and their beliefs. There may be no forgiveness

    • humans have now insulted and hurt the Native peoples and their beliefs..
      I hope you refer these humans as fictions as we the living spirits do not consent to any of this. The creator created all of us as one (natives and non-natives is just a label) we need to stop associating ourselves to fictional corporations.

  30. Stay strong, I wish my people (in Scotland) had your bravery but they take the money instead and watch while their eagles get their wings broken. How I hate the wind industry for their destuction of wild open land.

  31. I`ve a real strong feeling that both ‘P’ and ‘SkepticalGord’ are right. People are reading too much into this action. The natives are only protesting the removal of the eagles nest, without being consulted as per the agreement in place with their partners, Next Terror / Capital Power et al.
    That is why they haven`t done this kind of thing sooner. Because they are supportive of what they`ve been told is ‘green’ and good for the environment, with the added bonus of making tons of easy money.
    So while I`m also elated & supportive of their actions on eagles nests, I`m afraid this is a one off action.
    That`s not to say it hasn`t been a good lesson to us all, on how to deal with a corrupt provincial government. It`s all about numbers. We need all hands on deck. ( And a few Native Warrior Flags wouldn`t hurt! )
    Sylvan Bob; The only time I can remember being as exited by extremely fantastic news such as this was hearing the results of the federal election that gave a much deserved majority to Harper & his new Conservatives. Canadians were finally saved, from the coalition of Seperatist, Leftist Idiots!

    • Don`t get me wrong, I`m not saying our native brothers & sisters are all on side with the windies, far from it. Like the rest of us, those who’ve done their homework, don`t support IWTs. That`s not a native/non-native thing. It`s a human thing of any race or culture. We all want to be environmentally protective and we`d all like tons of easy money, if we can get it legally without doing any harm I think. No?

    • Once upon a time, maybe Harper and his Conservatives did deserve a majority government..

      But now it is despicable that they’re ignoring communities being harmed by wind turbines, while at the same time subsidizing those same offending wind turbine projects thru the Eco-energy program.

      Shame on Stephen Harper and his Conservative government.

      • I stand corrected s & d ! Thanks for the heads up. (ecoENERGY) This is truly despicable Especially since it`s well known that Harper & most Conservative MPs, if not all, know damn well that wind turbines are useless and harmful.
        I guess they think that they have to show some support, for so called renewable energy sources, but that`s no excuse to allow these wind projects to proceed, even helping to finance them, without legitimate health studies to protect innocent Canadians.
        I guess it`s back to the drawing board, time to resurrect the Reform Party, because there`s no good, honest party left to vote for again. I wonder how busy Preston Manning is these days?

  32. Look at the whole feeding frenzy picture at who gets the money out of the renewable energy scam.
    They include the developers, ENGOs, unions, electrical contractors and so on. These vested interests do not come by and large from rural ontario except for the host land owners. But they are members of the body politic of urban Ontario. So political forces from these groups act through urban MPPs except for rural NDP MPPs. Rural Ontarians can be safely ignored in this whole scam.
    Follow the money trail!

    • The huge amounts of money involved in renewable energy have caused a political constituency to be created in Ontario which is by and large urban. The various parties that make up this constituency know that it’s in their best interest to continue on the present course of renewable energy development in Ontario no matter how badly this affects rural Ontarians.

      • Hi there!!! there is a way of getting things done and then there are ways of getting thngs done!! – this issue had no regard for the people all over Ontario not just in the Rural areas =- because if it can happen there it can happen anywhere! – and then to cut down tthe Eagles Nest!! – that just shows me that all governments ipretaining to this issue just do NOT care!! –

  33. Again I urge everyone to contact the powers that be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – don’t let them think that you will go awayin a day or two!!

  34. It is good see my namesake involved. In this country (Scotland) the police already are involved before the objectors can even move to the area. They have closed schools, roads access for days to allow the contractors to do their worst. Bird numbers of kill are counted by the very people who gain from the industry. You have a good chance of making a mark for your people. How I wish this whole industry was revealed for the lies, the use of public funds, the deceit, the fact that they are a major intrusion into wild land and a way of life. Windwise Radio should be very interested!!!

    • Hazel: what’s happening in Scotland, ancestral home to many Canadians, is absolutely disgusting, not to mention an environmental catastrophe!
      You say they block off roads, close schools, etc, to keep protesters away while building these obscenely expensive, weapons of mass destruction? Wow, that’s really going overboard! Your gov. is obviously in bed with the Windies, to H with the community!
      If that’s not considered criminal, ie Treasonous, it certainly should be, in any supposedly democratic jurisdiction!
      I wish you the best of luck with your tragic situation Hazel.
      This worldwide nightmare has to end soon for all innocent victims.
      There’s a special place in hell, for all pushers of iwts.

    • In the UK a political constituency has been created that includes both rural and urban residents who make money off from the IWTs. So extremely dificult to fight your IWT situation. The IWT money “food chain” involves many groups of people.

      So far in Ontario a rural IWT constituency has not formed like the powers that be thought it would. But the same kind of money “food chain” does exist here but it is an urban IWT political constituency here.

  35. D p l…Would you please explain yourself??I’m not getting the drift of your statements…

  36. Renewables could supply a fairly reliable 80% of energy by 2050. The very competent Us study also reveals the huge penalties involved. The system and all its components are well beyond the capabilities of the rest of the world, so it is not a global solution. Large scale gas fired backup is still required for when, even on a continental scale, the renewables output fails.
    Read our analysis and the 1000 pp of documentation – if you dare – at our Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy website, See what every community is really up against.
    This is a precursor to a website covering all the energy sources, their economics, and the politics. All the technologies have a useful role, but a renewables dictatorship is a poor choice.

  37. Maybe we need less talk and more action. Wainfleet is holding a Turbine Summit in February to try and bring all the small communities under one flag and one voice. I believe representation from the Native Warriors would be welcome. But how to let them know?

    • Hi there!! try letting them know via emails calls etc – .even going out to the reserve to let them know !! thats what I am going to do!! – I am from the Stoney Creek area!! – people in this area our sick what has happened to the Eagles Nest!! – if people don’t think it can happen in their area they are wrong!!

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