Plympton-Wyoming hires environmental lawyer

‘People have good reason to be cautious’ when looking at renewable energy projects, lawyer Eric Gillespie saysPaul Morden, Sarnia Observer
Plympton-Wyoming has hired a lawyer to defend its wind turbine bylaws from a court challenge by Suncor Energy Products. Mayor Lonny Napper said Toronto-based environmental lawyer Eric Gillespie is representing the town in the suit, launched recently by the company planning to build up to 46 turbines as part of its Cedar Point Wind Power project in Plympton-Wyoming, Lambton Shores and Warwick Township.

Plympton-Wyoming’s bylaws include tough rules for wind farms, including a 2-km separation from neighbouring homes. Ontario only requires a 550-metre setback.

“He came highly recommended,” Napper said of Gillespie who has experience in wind energy cases. “We had a meeting with him and we’re very pleased with the outcome.” Napper said court dates haven’t been set yet. “We’re not pulling back,” he said about the town’s resolve to defend its bylaws.

“We feel stronger about this now than we ever did before.” Read article

5 thoughts on “Plympton-Wyoming hires environmental lawyer

  1. Bravo to the municipal government of Plympton-Wyoming. Imagine putting the health and property rights of it’s citizens ahead of a multinational energy company. Sadly, our local government in Norfolk folded like a cheap suitcase when it came down to protecting us.

    • Unfortunately, many of the local politicians have no idea how to deal with this situation. It is far more serious than most of them realize. The slick wind industry weasels came in and quickly found the weak links in the chain, and proceeded to rip the communities apart, one by one. A few of the councils have been courageous enough to listen to the vast majority of the citizens, and fight the injustice of the greed energy act and fit program. But the majority of them are like scared little pups, hiding under the bed, hoping the people don’t find out they were weak, and have gone for the bone that the wind developers held out. Too many councils were willing to sell out the outlying rural communities. They even have the nerve to spend the blood money received for selling out the poor country folk, to build things and buy things, for the people in the towns who will not have to suffer. Disgusting behaviour by anyone’s standards. When this whole scam is brought out and the perpetrators punished, I hope the sell-outs are remembered for their lack of integrity, and crippling inability to see the “bigger picture”! Nobody that is doing business in a trustworthy manner, has to withhold information, and hide the facts, as the wind companies so often do. When you have to create laws to force a product on people, rather than simply PROVING the benefits, and negotiating prices, and locations etc., you know that you do not have a viable product. Our councils should have had the intelligence to see this., and the courage to stand beside us, and fight for what is right. Kudos to the wonderful representatives that put the needs of their at-risk constituents, before their financial concerns.

      • Hey 57chevy,

        I see you’re on to the machinations of the wind weasels as they mitigate any serious resistance by milquetoast municipal politicians. Nicely articulated.

  2. Hello Mayor Lonnie Napper please teach Mayor Kenny Hewitt something about standing up for your citizens.
    Way to go Mayor Napper!

  3. …and West Lincoln looks on as Municipality after Municipality takes on Big Wind in the court room….embarrassing. Embarrassing since we (the residents) wanted to follow right on Wainfleet heels and have a 2km bylaw passed months ago, willing to take on BIG WIND in the court room as well. Go Wainfleet! Go Bluewater! Go Plympton-Wyoming! Go Ostrander Point! …and all others who have had the courage to stand up and fight BIG Wind in the court room for all Rural Ontario! Not to late West Lincoln to give this Gillespie a call….just saying. is another web site that is updated daily with e-mail notifications to help keep the residents of West Lincoln up to date on anti-turbine news locally, provincially and world wide. There is an increasing net work of information being shared between Anti-turbine Sites, Anti-turbine groups, Blogs, Media etc that helps to keep the fire burning in the fight against BIG WIND and the Green Energy Act. BIG WIND and the Government hates that the public are much better informed and knowledgeable on the issues.

    Applauds to all those who put their skills, energy, time, effort, voice, money into bringing awareness, keeping the fight going and letting others know they are not alone.

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