Proposed wind development could be hurting home sales on Amherst Island

Janet Grace, Real Estate Agent, Royal LePage: “All it takes is just saying well there is a project that has been proposed that entails bringing 33 to 37 huge wind turbines and people just say oh no no no we’ll walk away from that.”  This is the second time Best’s home has been put on the market and without a buyer she is left with few options.

13 thoughts on “Proposed wind development could be hurting home sales on Amherst Island

  1. Amherst Island:
    You can still retain complete ownership of your home; and, pay taxes.
    This is what is called – civil society;
    bridging the divide,
    perhaps we can have a ‘conversation’ with Kathleen Wynne.

    The idea of having a ‘conversation’ @ the local level –
    is not an option @ this point;………… it?

  2. I also have a little story running on Toronto’s CTV news Monday although this story is about Solar Farms and property value loss I did mention how wind folks are suffering with 35% to 50% property value loss right up to being unsellable. I also mentioned how these company’s are laying waste to peoples lives. (Solar and Wind are a useless joke )

    • Does Gaia Power have land options or leases on Amherst Island?
      Could this be a similar situation to the Wolfe Island Gaia Power options?

      • Gaia did the original lease signups on Amherst and part of Wolfe also, I think. I don’t know the internal arrangements, of course, but Gaia (in the form of one Samit Sharma) isn’t much in evidence any more.

      • Perhaps this explains the Algonquin + Gaia Power project for Amherst Island?

      • Just look around a bit if you want to find Samit Sharma

        Maybe here?

        Gaia Power Inc. is working hard and proving due-diligence sighting land for the Western Lily Wind Energy Project planned for the Grenfell area.
        Gaia Power and Stantec Consulting held a Public Consultation meeting last week to provide residents with project information and to gain feedback that will be taken forward to government.
        “Most of the people are supportive of the wind project because this project has a lot of spinoffs: local employment, taxes to the municipality, payments to the landowners and it acts as a tourist attraction for people passing by town,” said Samit Sharma, president of Gaia Power. “I think a lot of people see it as a positive and the other people have curiousity.”
        The local wind project is part of the SaskPower second annual Green Options Partners Program lottery. Private developer Gaia Power was awarded the bid to develop, construct and fund the two 9.9 megawatt wind farm projects sited for a 10,000 hectare area southwest of Grenfell.

        A little looking — that’s all.

    • CBC News/Ottawa, Nov.29,2006
      “Wind turbines generate richer royalties in Ont. than Que.”
      Ontario % of earnings/turbine is 1.75-3%/year
      Landownwers on Wolfe Island receive annual royalties of $10,000/turbine.
      Source quoted in this article says this is not enough as turbines can generate $400,000/turbine /year.

      Wolfe Island is agreement of land lease + royalty.

      • Wolfe Island Wind Project
        Land owners @ $10K/year/turbine for 20 yrs. = $200K/turbine
        Town @ $7.5K/turbine for 86 turbines for 20 years = $13M or $650K/yr

        Land owners get $860K/yr + town gets $650K/yr = $1.51M/yr from the turbine owners.

        Got 12 permanent jobs created from the Wolfe Island wind project.
        The Wolfe Island 197.8MW wind project operated at 24% of name plate capacity for the year 2010.

        Wolfe Island Ontario, Nov.18,2006
        Wikipedia, Wolfe Island Wind Farm

        What will be the total loss of tax revenues due to property devaluation per year?

  3. The folks living near massive open pit mines and quarries are dealing with the same issue – loss of property values going unrecognized by MPAC because if there is no sale there is no evidence of value loss. There heads are in the sand, and gravel, and other unmentionable places!

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