Hmm…OPA says they don’t have a map of the wind projects either… the search continues

question-markThe OPA does not currently have a map of all OPA contracted wind facilities.

There is a map of renewable generation on the Ministry of Energy’s website, however, it does not list all OPA contracted facilities, as well, it lists certain projects that are not contracted by the OPA. This is not an OPA map so we cannot verify it’s accuracy.

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14 thoughts on “Hmm…OPA says they don’t have a map of the wind projects either… the search continues

    • I agree, if indeed there was ONE map showing:
      ALL of the turbines already up and running,
      ALL of the sites which already have a REA, and
      ALL of the proposed projects,

      it would indeed be SHOCKING.

      All of the little dots representing IWT’s would obliterate anything else which might be on the map.

      • When I check our Ontario Wind Turbine Map provided to us by Wayne on the right hand side of this website, it’s indeed shocking to see the closeness and density of turbines planned along the Lake Huron coastline! In a couple of years when these extra 1,000 turbines are up and it’s too late, a lot of people will suddenly wonder, Whaaat Happened?!

        Thanks again Wayne, for all your weeks of work to compile this very important map!

      • Sorry, Wayne. Did not mean to offend you, or insinuate that your map does not exist or is not acceptable. OF COURSE it is.
        My response was to OPA, MOE, MNR, etc. who should have a provincial map depicting all of the IWT’s.

  1. It is appalling that residents cannot even get an accurate picture of proposed IWT development from their own government. I notice yesterday the London Free press mentions 1100 turbines operating in Ont. I believe this number is low, closer to 1200 is more accurate. When looking at various wind industry and government sites, one can add up the totals from existing IWT plants, but no total is provided. Is it in the interest of this government to keep the number vague? I agree the sidebar map is frightening, I have never seen it published elsewhere.

  2. I want to see just how much agriculture is being taken. Last yr there was an article about urban expansion taking up a rising percent of prime lands needed to produce food. There was concern there, how much is actually being taken for this farce I wonder?

    And just where the heck is the OFA in all this?? Its like finding waldo amongst the turbines!!

  3. We need to keep pushing for a map!
    (thier map, not ours) its thier job to track this madness!

    They dont get off scott free of saying its not thier job. It has to be someones!? Keep pushing people this is the pandoras box they dont want to show anyone.

    The shock of whats coming will hold them all accountable. They know we will post it for all to see! Lets keep at them!

  4. Fed up:

    Who’s going to hold who accountable? George Smitherman, Dalton McGuinty,Chris Bentley and Dwight Duncan have resigned and walked away from the mess they have left he province in and they get away scot free, no accountability, and collect their pensions to boot. They should all be in jail.

    We have to get a “Recall” election system in place like they have in some of the States.

  5. I totally agree Nipcat, democracy should not end on voting day, and there has to be a safety mechanism for when the government is out of control….as they are now.

  6. Why is anyone surprised? Why should they have any actual plan when the whole scam is based on nothing more than a political agenda and what appears to be proven insanity? The MoE continue to churn out approvals regardless of any contrary evidence provided, even from their own ministry. Why should anyone care about maintaining an up to date map? To them such a map is irrelevant.
    The OPA is a hopeless mess and has been for years. McGuinty didn’t even think any business plan was necessary to implement the GEA. He just believed that going ‘green’ could give him votes because of the influence a number of unrepresentative environmentalist activist groups appeared to have(and sadly, in some quarters still do). We now have the President of the LPO making millions from wind energy and we still believe we can fight this corruption with logic and common sense?
    Believe it people. THEY JUST DO NOT CARE.
    Until we take back control as the people, from politicians supposedly elected to represent us, then nothing will change. Smitherman, McGuinty, Bentley, Duncan, what about Wynne? I would join the fight for the keys used to lock them up and then be allowed to throw them away………..! Sadly, in our dreams.
    It is not only our current political parties, all of whom are involved. It’s our media who appear to be hoping for a bit of corporate welfare if they are to survive. It’s a ‘pretend’ private for profit wind energy corporation who have no desire to compete in the private sector when they can guarantee profits from taxation without having to deliver anything in return. And lastly, our supposed judicial system. Laws written by and interpreted by the same lawyers who are making fortunes by promoting lawsuits both for and against industrial wind projects who so far have only come down on the side of bad government legislation rather than making any real attempt to even concern themselves with what is being done to the ordinary citizen who mostly cannot afford their enormous fees and therefore deserve no legal representation.
    And finally and most important we should all look in the mirror! We are supposed to live in a democracy and yet we have continued to vote for politicians and parties who show increasingly a complete contempt for any electorate once they have been elected. They merely wish to retain their place on the tax funded gravy train for as long as possible and have no ideological principles whatsoever. Just the necessity, at any given time, to preach any current politically correct ’15 minutes of fame’ policy in order to buy votes.
    And it is we who have allowed this to happen. Why should we be surprised when they continue to play us for suckers and still win…???
    Rant over guys and gals….. 🙂 But what do you think?
    Andrew Watts

    • Thanks for the dose of reality, Andrew. I agree with everything you said. It is so easy for a realist to appear cynical to the outsiders but I am also one that sees right through the grand-standing and propaganda from all of the vested parties involved. Intent is clear no matter what anyone says to the contrary. We are in a fight plain and simple. I believe we are at the point where we have to fight by all means with all of the tools available to us. It is us against them and we cannot rely on the corporations and government entities to play fair. Time and again, it has been proven that they do not. They write the laws that favour them and pit the judicial system against us. At this point, civil unrest is simply not out of the question. The days of being gentlemen and appearing civil have passed.

  7. It says North Malden is underdevelopment but it’s been operating for at least 2 years, It’s just south of Essex Center

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