Pettapiece demands moratorium on wind farm development

3 thoughts on “Pettapiece demands moratorium on wind farm development

  1. Hon, Bob Chiarelli, you can’t possibly be that stupid.(tongue in cheek) Pettapiece was not speaking on behalf of ONLY his Municipality!! I can assure you he was speaking on behalf of ALL RURAL MUNICIPALITIES!! Cut the smoke and mirrors, we don’t trust you or your Liberal Government. We WANT a MORATORIUM NOW!! See you April 3rd!!

  2. Way to go Randy. Perth Wellington voters will be with you on this one. Seeing him speaking on our behalf is a good example of the fruits of years of work by fellow wind warriors. He replaced John Wilkinson by 200 votes. Go ahead everyone out there, pat yourselves on the back. We can and will continue to make a difference. As it has been said, keep your stick on your sign.

  3. Plenty of the same old grand-standing from both sides and when the dust settles, everything reverts back to the way it has always been. Nobody in a position of authority is accountable for any of this horribly failed policy…and nobody with authority is interested or compelled to change it.

    Rinse and repeat.

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