City positions itself for possible appeal of wind farms

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MANVERS TWP. – The City of Kawartha Lakes is positioning itself for a possible appeal if three wind farms are approved in the former Manvers Township. City solicitor Tony Sutcliffe tabled a report on appeal options for Sumac Ridge wind farm at Tuesday’s (Mar. 26) city council meeting. It is proposed for the former Manvers Township as are two other wind farms, with a combined 15 industrial wind turbines.

Sutcliffe said that under Ontario’s Environmental Protection Act, anyone, including a municipality, may notify the Director of Environmental Review Tribunal that they wish to appeal the Ministry of the Environment’s (MOE) decision regarding a renewable energy application.

He said the municipality would have 15 days to lodge a written appeal and must describe how the project will cause serious harm to human health or serious and irreversible harm to plant life, animal life or the natural environment. The report added there were other rights of appeal under a number of pieces of legislation, federally, provincially and municipally. Sutcliffe could not provide a cost estimate on an appeal or appeals. Read article

6 thoughts on “City positions itself for possible appeal of wind farms

  1. People do not go on vacation to power generating projects. Tourism will die off in a very short time. Those councillors are either paid off, or very uneducated.

    • Most of the councilors who are in favor of the wind turbines all live in the town of Lindsay and every time they open their mouths in defense of the turbines they show their ignorance of the subject.

  2. The municipality of the City of Kawartha Lakes are to be commended for their actions in trying to protect the people of CKL from industrial wind turbines. We need more of our municipalities to get onboard in firmly letting the leeches pushing industrial wind turbines know that we are not willing hosts and we do not want industrial wind turbines within our municipalities.

    Premier Wynne is making a stop at “Flying Colours” at the Peterborough Airport on Tuesday April 2. Perhaps we should arrange for a “Welcome” protest for her highlighting the fact that we and our communities are NOT willing hosts.

    Rural Affairs Minister Leal will undoubtedly be present to welcome his boss–he would probably love to see us there too!

  3. I wish I could read this article, but it takes you to the Peterboro Examiner and no sign of article anywhere? Anyway yes those who like Turbines are uneducated idiots one who ran for mayor last election and may again. People must remember these treasonous idiots at election time.
    This is one of the huge drawbacks of amalgamation, that McGuilty promised to reverse after we won the referendum. Lying bast//d from H !
    Re yesterdays (Friday Jan.24/14) ERT appeal app. hearing in Lindsay,we must not allow any work to proceed at Sumac Ridge, before the appeal decision has been handed down (or is that handed up me thinks?), even if a blockade is required. Non-violent but effective of course.

    • Douglas….. I didn’t see the rest of the article either. However!! What I DID see was a prominent display of the fact that the United Way, in your area, is within 5% of it’s goal for contributions. Give NextTerror a call and see if they’ll contribute their “winnings” from the Esther Wrightman lawsuit to your local branch and put your local UW “over the top”!!

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