Kincardine rushes to provide input to Quixote One wind project

Wind turbine noiseThe Kincardine Independent
Confusion around the deadline for comments on the Quixote One wind project had Kincardine council scrambling to make a decision on what to submit last week. During last Wednesday’s meeting, council was unclear on whether the deadline to submit comments to the project’s developers, Leader Resources Services Corp. is March 31 or April 30. The Quixote One project is a single 2.5 megawatt industrial wind turbine project north of Kincardine, near Tiverton. The project received a FIT contract in July 2011. The final public meeting was held on Feb. 21.

“I think we need a discussion at council of what our comments will be,” said deputy mayor Anne Eadie, and suggested that council should hold a special meeting if need be. “We don’t want to miss it and we need our comments ready to go.” Others around the council table stated that they would be happy submitting comments similar to those sent to Pattern Renewable Holdings and Samsung Renewable Energy for the Armow Wind Project. Read article

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