Bill 39: Ensuring Affordable Energy Act on April 18th

lisa thompsonDate: April 18
Time: 3:30pm-3:45pm
Place: Queen’s Park, Toronto

I am writing to you today to inform you that I will be debating Bill 39, the Ensuring Affordable Energy Act on April 18th. This bill contains six key pillars:

  • Wind turbines will only be placed in willing host communities, and municipalities will be given full veto over wind turbine projects in their communities;
  • Wind power must be affordable—meaning the cost per kilowatt hour must line up with other sources of generation;
  • The costly feed-in tariff (FIT) program will be eliminated;
  • Municipalities will have the ability to decide whether or not they want to promote wind energy;
  • The Niagara Escarpment and the Oak Ridges Moraine will be protected from wind turbines; and
  • Municipalities will receive their planning powers for renewable energy back

I know that issues with wind turbines are important to you. This is why I am inviting you to join myself, and the PC’s for second reading debate on this important piece of legislation. It is estimated that debate would begin on this bill at approximately 3:30-3:45.

If you would like to attend second reading debate, please RSVP directly to Ashley Hammill in my office at RSVP’s are necessary as security needs to have the names forwarded to them prior to your arrival.

The Ontario PC Party and I appreciate your ongoing support, and we will work hard to ensure this bill is passed.

Lisa Thompson, MPP

12 thoughts on “Bill 39: Ensuring Affordable Energy Act on April 18th

  1. Since this bill neglects to protect the children
    who cannot consent to be exposed to the dangers of wind turbines,
    it seems a farce.

    Congratulations to the Progressive Conservatives
    for managing to prolong the suffering.

  2. Better make sure there is some legislation that insures the clean up when the wind monsters crash, burn, blow apart or just wear out. Taxpayers are already paying a heavy price; we don’t need the next generation paying to clean up the mess.

  3. Lisa, ( and the Conservative Party of Ontario) have been well informed that wind turbines are a failed, subsidized industry and worldwide are causing “energy poverty” and harm to citizens. This industry has NO place in an energy strategy or a land use strategy. The industrial wind industry is the only industry in Ontario with a law, the GEA, which allows industrial wind turbines to harm the citizens of this province using our tax dollars, our MOE, our money for transmission lines, and our government lawyers in ERTs.
    Take industrial wind turbines out of the strategy and I am in.
    History will be repeated……
    Leave industrial wind turbines in and the Ontario Municipal Board will over rule community efforts as has happen in 2004 with the ruling against Huron Kinloss and the 1200m set back which had been agreed upon by the company at the time Vision Quest, the Lake Range residence group and the township council. The OMB ruling for the Enbridge project north of Kincardine has NOT protected the residence who fought hard for their once healthy and peaceful environment and today are making presentations to the Environmental Commissioner, the Grey Bruce health board, the council etc. trying to get the problems reversed…..this is NOT working.
    The industrial wind industry does NOT need to have bill that provides another avenue of support to allow harm to the citizens of this province who I consider my neighbours.

  4. Still nothing to guarantee funding for decommissioning, which would be ok if you just reduced it to two points – ONE – no more turbines. TWO – remove the turbines that are up.
    This is just politics, Lisa and, as someone once said about my carpentry – “Looks good in the dark and a blind man would be happy to see it.”

  5. This bill leaves PCs looking like the ultimate NIMBY. It dismisses the work done by so many to bring the evidence forward of harm to families, environment, communities, economic future, etc. by ignoring that evidence to say it’s okay to jam turbines next to people who don’t know or understand the harm that comes with doing so. It has fractured support for all of them from the feedback I’m getting. There are still too many who are ignorant, corrupt or greedy enough to throw thier neighbours under the bus. I don’t know who the PCs are listening to but they fell off the track on this one and we are watching closely now.

  6. Elimination of the FIT program alone, would be a death knell for the wind industry. Once that happens, it won’t be worth anyone’s while to use wind power. There will be no money in it, so no one will fight to keep them. It is all about the money, that’s why they insist on pushing these machines, in spite of of their uselessness or destructiveness. There will not even be any interest in repairing the existing ones. Instead of an expensive dismantle, construction grade dynamite, and those protective rubber mats, that will take down the base, once the nacelle and blades are removed. And we can ship the entire package to the LibNDP’s. Perhaps Toronto can use them to rebuild their aging infrastructure. The money wasted on this scam would have gone a long way towards improving the log jam of idling cars every day in Toronto….imagine the pollution avoided, and at no detriment to rural Ontario.

  7. The Bill would stop the FIT subsidy and as such effectively stop this GEA farce from going forward, It however, does nothing about what already on the ground and turning or what’s in the pipe. As such it will do zilch to alleviate present and future health issues or the continuing destruction of the rural Ontario environment. Sorry Lisa, you’ve missed the mark on this one.

    The chances of the Liberal/NDP coalition government of Ontario allowing it to pass anyway are, well nonexistent.

    Onterrible: Your’s to Recover

  8. I realize that for 1000s of people time is running out. One of the problems in stopping this criminal fraud is the relatively small numbers of people affected initially.This AGW- environmental hysteria has been the main ideology of the U.S. Democratic Party since the early 90s. As in On., they work for years behind the scenes and get everyone on board, then if or when they gain the power, ( Lib. majority ) they spring it on the public with the full support of the left-leaning media. Obama has yet to gain the support Mcguinty had, so he’s chipping away untill that time. There is a huge momentum behind this folly, and alot of U.S. political, industrial, and financial heavyweights are very concerned about the situation in On. We are very fortunate that we have the Internet, ( to circumvent the mainstream media ) and the Prov. Conservatives who are willing to oppose the GEA in the Provincial Parliament. In the U.K. EVERY political party supports wind energy! Lisa Thompson is supporting her constituents, and has been since day one of this issue. She has been very determined, very vocal and she deserves our support.

    • While there are plenty of foot soldiers involved in U.S. green energy it appears that the the people at the top behind these schemes are few in number judging by the same top names appearing over and over again.

  9. There are two choices:

    1. Introduce a bill that would cancel all current and proposed IWT developments, and remove all existing projects.

    Chances of the bill passing: NONE. The perfect solution for a perfect world, but no Liberal or NDP members would ever vote for this bill.

    2. Introduce Bill 39: Ensuring Affordable Energy Act.

    Chances of the bill passing: SLIM. Because this bill is not an outright assault on all things wind, there’s the slightest chance NDP members will support it, if only to capture a few of those coveted rural ridings. Bill 39 has enough substance to bring the wind turbine industry to it’s knees. As 57Chevy said above, elimination of the FIT program alone would be a death knell for the wind industry. Once the money drys up, these pricks will be headed for the hills …

    The third option, I suppose, is to just keep howlin’ at the moon …

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