MPP McNaughton Pushes For Reply To Unanswered Wind Letters

EnergyMinLettersApril 15, 2013
PC MPP Delivered Hundreds of Unanswered Letters to Minister of Energy Today.
(Queen’s Park, ON) – 
Lambton-Kent-Middlesex PC MPP Monte McNaughton is pressing new Liberal Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli to respond to hundreds of unanswered letters and emails from constituents and residents across Ontario. McNaughton delivered the file of unanswered letters to Chiarelli in the house this morning.

“Coming from a family business and one where customer service is paramount, I find this to be completely and totally unacceptable,” said MPP McNaughton. “Our constituents deserve answers, especially when they have taken the time to write and express their concerns or ask important questions. For a minister of the crown to simply choose to ignore these letters is not acceptable and is not right.”

The letters raise important questions and concerns about the Liberal efforts to encourage further development of industrial wind turbines. MPP McNaughton and the Ontario PCs continue to push for changes to the Liberals failed green energy act and costly FIT program. McNaughton will support MPP Lisa Thompson’s Bill 39 the ‘Ensuring Affordable Energy Act, 2013’ when it comes to a vote on April 18.

“Tim Hudak and the Ontario PCs are the only party fighting to halt further wind turbine development,” said McNaughton. “I have heard from thousands of people from across Lambton-Kent-Middlesex and they have told me loud and clear that they would like a pause, a moment to stop and consider these developments prior to more shovels breaking ground.”

As outlined in the Ontario PC policy white paper Paths to Prosperity: Affordable Energy, McNaughton and the PCs propose winding down the provinces Feed-in-Tariff Program (FIT), immediately halting all new projects still in the approval queue and stop contracting for power we don’t need, at prices Ontario residents cannot afford

Monte’s letter to the Minister of Energy regarding unanswered mail

9 thoughts on “MPP McNaughton Pushes For Reply To Unanswered Wind Letters

  1. Rural Ontarians are watching everything renewable energy developers do and their eyes and ears are everywhere!

  2. I think the Liberal “spin doctors” are wee too busy to answer any letters right now……………I bet the Sussex Group is burning the midnight oil trying to keep up with this Governments “free fall into the Abyss of lies and scandals”!

    • Screw Sussex Group!

      Solid proof!
      ‘Proud Canadian NIMBY-POWER!’
      Harrison Ford: “Never Give Up – No Matter What!”

      Be patriotic!
      – head to Queens Park!
      …….before session breaks – for the summer holidays.

      Premier Wynne – needs to see – ‘solid proof’

  3. Or one has received a form letter that thanks you for your input and promises that it will receive appropriate consideration…

  4. SCAM FRAUD INJUSTICE TORTURE LIARS DECEITFUL TRICKERY CHEATERS AND BULLIES all this from our servants. Man should these people be arrested for acting like this, all this for the brain washing green energy agenda ? If u or I were to this crap they would haul our asses to jail. Welcome to the corporate world. This has to stop it so ridiculous that it went this far,

  5. At the Amaranth OMB Hearing, Canadian Hydro Developers Lawyer, had 4 baskets of letters of complaints from Melancthon’s Residents. I subpoenaed our CAO for these letters, but only received about 40 letters, compared to 4 baskets. The few letters I did receive were primarily from Leasholders. The letters were delivered by Pamela Munn of Lawyer Osyany’s Law firm. The night before the last day of the Amaranth OMB hearing my husband and I received a phone call from CHD’s lawyer, Mr. Bermingham at our home; telling us that if we delayed the Amaranth hearing by insisting on the release of the four baskets of materials requested in our subpoena, he might come after us for all the costs of the hearing, the lawyers, the expert witnesses etc. The subpoena included a tape of the Dundalk meeting, where all hell broke out, due to unanswered letters, sleep problems, and sickness from the 45 GE 1.5 MW turbines installed in Melancthon. The tape is now the property of Ryerson University, and has never been released. If you follow the money you will find that Ramani Ramakrishnan, a Ryerson University professor and acoustics specialist is advising Government Ryerson Univeristy has received 6 million dollars in a “Wind Energy Strategic Network grant. Dr. Venkatesh of Ryerson is principal investigator for “Intelligent Algorithms for Integrating Wind Power to the Distribution System”, with $170,000 in funding from Hydro One. Ryerson University is working with Stantec Consulting who do many of the reports for the wind companies.

    If Government really wanted to listen to the Victims of Wind Turbine Syndrome, then GAG clauses would be removed, and Ontario residents would once again have freedom of speech, to reveal the insanity and greed of the Green Energy Act.

    • The whole Provincial appeal process is “gamed” to never allow a fair and honest rejection appeal to reach an unbiased and legal outcome!
      Anyone who has been through an OMB hearing will tell you what a true “kangaroo court” it really is.
      When a Government devolves to this low level of “accountability to the people” then it should be labelled “totally dysfunctional” and ABOLISHED!
      We are in the hands of evil, ruthless, less-than-honest Dictators!

  6. Now isn’t this typical of what the Liberals do – they don’t answer a thing and when they do answer something they LIE!!!!! shameful shameful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – I hope all of Ontario remembers this next election – including the Federal one!!!

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