Call for end to wind energy subsidies defeated

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Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak is calling for more affordable energy to help lower costs for families and businesses, but a private member’s bill to slow Ontario’s wind industry has been defeated. “Hydro bills are too high…This is squeezing our families’ wallets and costing businesses money they could be using to hire new workers,” Hudak says. The Progressive Conservatives were taking aim at Liberal subsidies for industrial wind farms and provincial control over where they’re built, with a bill introduced on Thursday. Read article

3 thoughts on “Call for end to wind energy subsidies defeated

  1. All I can say at this time, is the NDP had the chance,once again, to do the right thing here , and , as usual,screwed it up.. No surprise there, really…They are a party, destined to go no where… I do believe, IMHO, that they are on the take , same as the fiberals..Ontario, HAS gone to hell in a hand basket !!! Political corruption at its finest..

  2. This can’t last too much linger…every day we are assaulted with another insulting and costly edict from Wynne/McGuinty and these are all propped up by Andrea Horwath and her gaggle of ideological idiots. She is actually more guilty than Wynne at this point as she holds the trump card to douse flames on this uncontrollable despotic group of fools.
    When “crisis management” becomes the “norm” as it is now in Ontario…….something has to give!
    Hopefully the end is closer than we think!

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