Concerned mothers gather at QP to speak with Wynne about wind turbines — she refused.

Letter to Kathleen Wynne _ SCorreia April 18 2013

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8 thoughts on “Concerned mothers gather at QP to speak with Wynne about wind turbines — she refused.

  1. Wynne can’t open the doors of her office to the children who are being harmed by her………….it would be her immediate END to her POLITICAL CAREER!
    “Crisis Management” in action!

  2. at 4 minutes – says something about no one will be harmed by a 2 km setback. I am doubtful that 2km is sufficient. And since the things are basically useless anyway, let’s stop asking for minimum setbacks. There are cases of people suffering at greater distances. If they were to give us 2km setbacks and then we complain they’ll throw that in our faces.
    What about when they bring In the bigger turbines? – they haven’t hit the maximum size/height yet.

    Let’s ‘Just say ‘NO’ to turbines.’ NO setbacks, NO health studies, NO mitigation for wildlife. NO more BS.
    Just NO turbines.

      • Right. “UNSAFE at Any Distance”, one of my signs says.

    • I agree, that comment was just to make a point, in reference to her saying that we MUST have turbines….for the sake of the poor asthmatics. Even IF that were true….(and we all know it is not). A setback of 2, 3, or even 50 kilometers would not make a difference. The idea was to establish a basis for conversation, and take it from there. She is obviously afraid to discuss this subject, because she has no valid argument for any of these issues.

  3. Premier Mom sure is not doing a good job at co-parenting. I guess children have to live in a Liberal riding or in a major city for her to really give a damn. The MSM would be all over this if it was a city issue. I sent this link to the Red Star. The chances of them doing one of their human interest stories on children suffering by wind turbines are between slim and none,and Slim just left town.

    • I have always pointed out the dangers and environmental concerns re children around the Industrial Wind Turbines. It is of great concern to me personally as my entire family, including two grandchildren live within 1000 meters (at most) of several proposed 3MW IWTs. I literally have nightmares about it and write letters of concern to all political parties at all levels of government. No one can ever say that this Granny gave up!!
      Keep gnawing away at the powers in charge. They are in charge only because we had confidence in them and we can kick them out!! Our confidence was sadly misplaced. But never give up. There are thousands of us who will be affected, or are already affected by Industrial Wind Turbines. It might come down to civil disobedience. I sincerely hope not….but if that is all this government understands…I would do it for the children and not think twice of my own safety or reputation.

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