Landowners to fight lawsuit

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PORT RYERSE – Proponents of a four-turbine wind farm in Port Ryerse are not backing down from the threat of a lawsuit. The green-energy firm UDI Renewables, of Nanticoke, and the landowners it has contracted to host the turbines have responded to a notice of lawsuit filed at the Norfolk County court house late this winter. UDI Renewables and landowners David and Chere Smith, Irene and Donald Steinhoff, Robert and Erma Woolley, and Janet Faulkner recently filed notices of their intent to defend themselves. The notice says the Toronto law firm Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP will represent the landowners.

It is unclear who will represent UDI Renewables. However, the international green-energy company Boralex is in the process of attaining ownership of the Port Ryerse project. At a recent meeting of Norfolk council, a Boralex representative said the corporation will “indemnify” the defendants in this action. The landowners and UDI Renewables are being sued by Port Ryerse residents Heather and James Walters, Kathleen Pickard, Marlene and Larry Hoyt, John and Dona Coville, William Irvin and Ingrid Zyma-Irvin, David and Elaine Tobin, and Timothy and Inda Lyons. Read article

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  1. It’s about time that neighbors who will be affected by these IWT file suit against not only the wind company but the people who lease the lands to them. I would get a physical to prove I was in excellent or good health before the turbines went up. I would make sure I document my health (sleep habits, headaches etc for a couple of weeks and send myself a certified letter which I don’t open.) I would get my home appraised and document that. Or, perhaps they have that already before the notice about the wind turbines was made public.
    Lawsuits against the people who rent their lands to the Industrial wind companies is important and they are promoting this nuisance.

  2. Company description

    ‘[excerpt] Boralex is taking over the 10MW Port Ryerse wind proposal in southwestern Ontario and has switched turbine supplier to Siemens, writes reNews. The feed-in tariff scheme was recently hit with a lawsuit by nearby landowners.

    Local community developer UDI Renewables initiated the project and landed a power purchase agreement with the Ontario Power Authority in 2011. UDI had selected Enercon E82 2.3MW turbines for Port Ryerse, located on the north shore of Lake Erie.

    Quebec-based Boralex has entered into an agreement to acquire the project from UDI and has named Siemens as its manufacturer of choice.’

    • Background news…………..

      ‘[excerpt] SIMCOE – The Port Ryerse property owners being sued by their neighbours for leasing land to a wind turbine project have some high-powered help on their side.

      That would be Boralex Inc. of Kingsley, Quebec, a green-energy giant with 500 megawatts of power under management and another 550 MWs in development.

      Boralex is in the process of acquiring the Port Ryerse wind project. It consists of four turbines. Sponsor of the project is UDI Renewables of Nanticoke.

      Adam Rosso, a project manager with Boralex, introduced himself to Norfolk council Tuesday night. He gave a slide presentation about Boralex and answered questions about the Port Ryerse turbines.

      Afterward, Rosso was asked whether the recent proceeding against seven Port Ryerse property owners would alter Boralex’s intentions in Norfolk. Rosso was reluctant to speak about the situation because it is before the courts. However, he did say that Boralex is proceeding with the acquisition and that it will protect its lease holders.

      “We plan on indemnifying our land owners,” Rosso said.’

      Final Open House
      Boralex Inc. (Boralex), in association with UDI Renewables Corporation (UDI), is proposing to develop the Port Ryerse Wind Power
      Project (the Project) east of the hamlet of Port Ryerse in Norfolk County, Ontario.
      The Renewable Energy Approval (REA) process for the Port Ryerse Project was originally initiated by UDI. Boralex has entered
      into an agreement to acquire the Project from UDI and retained Stantec to complete the REA Application.
      There are representatives from Boralex, UDI and Stantec available to discuss the Project with you.

      • Appears that UDI owns the land leases so they get to make the deal with Boralex. Small projects like this can’t get financing for these IWT projects but they can still make money from the sale of the leases, share of the revenue generated and royalities from the project.

      • Another case of the big fish moving in and the landowners with options to lease and leases are stuck with a gag order.

  3. Maybe Uwe is still in Germany, where he is from?
    He should ask his friends and family in Germany how the electricity sector is doing.
    Can’t be going well if Angela Merkel is allowing the building of 26 coal fired power plants.
    Hey, Angela, Ontario has some second hand coal fired power plant equipment for sale. Soon to be listed on Kijiji.

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