Lawyer Eric Gillespie on Goldhawk Fights Back

dale-goldhawkplay-large-1Goldhawk Fights Back Interview: Lawyer Eric Gillespie says an Ontario court decision has established, for the first time, that wind farms can reduce property values by as much as 50 percent.

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  1. They have known about property devaluation all along. They point to Denmark when they talk about turbines, but they don’t mention the fact that Denmark compensates people for the loss of value in their homes. The wind industry just doesn’t want to spend the money. The money is not the issue anyway. The cash they will rob us of, in property values, will dwarf the small amounts that they pay out. People simply do not want the noise, health problems, community destruction, environmental problems etc. that come with IWT’s. There is no amount of money that can compensate for these things. Just talk to people who are already suffering from these industrial wind turbines, ask them if money is the issue. They just want their lives back.

    • Rural Ontarians have nerve had to deal with property devaluation up until now.
      Property devaluation can have different causes. Examples of this can be seen in areas where there are a large number of job losses and where new people don’t come to live because there are no jobs This causes the property values to decline depending on how severe the job losses are. In severe decline areas the banks won’t lend money because there will be few or no new property buyers.
      The Dust Bowl in the western U.S. caused property devalution as no one wanted to buy farms in that area.
      When bank type financing for real property is lost then it makes it most difficult to get cash for real property. Then real property is no longer a cash asset.

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