More claims expected to be filed against wind companies

law- Eric GillespieBy Bob Boughner, Chatham Daily News
A Toronto lawyer representing clients in areas where wind turbine projects have been approved is elated by this week’s court decision. A ruling by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has specifically recognized that claims against wind companies and against landowners who agree to host wind turbines are possible as soon as projects receive approval.

“There are many people who have been waiting to see how the courts would respond to these types of claims,” said Eric Gillespie. He called it a major step forward for people with concerns about industrial wind projects across the province. Gillespie told The Chatham Daily News Thursday the court decision will significantly advance the claims filed in Chatham-Kent. He said it now seems clear that as soon as a project is approved residents can start a claim.

“Dozens of plaintiffs who have already started actions appear to have had the right to bring claims validated,” he said. “We can definitely expect more claims now that this door has been opened.” Several Dover Township residents have brought a $9 million legal claim against International Power Canada Inc. and East Lake St. Clair Wind Inc., the wind companies that constructed turbines in Dover and the landowners who have leased their land to allow the turbines to be built. Read article

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  1. It is about time that the wind proponents started to take responsibility for all of the trouble they are causing. This is a good first step!

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