Chiarelli: “FIT program is here to stay” (but the Liberals aren’t…so maybe not)

MPP Bob ChiarelliBy Geoff Zochodne, The Oshawa Express
Ontario’s minister of energy visited the campus of Durham College recently, promising students training for jobs in the renewable energy sector that creating those jobs continues to be a priority for the provincial government. Minister Bob Chiarelli toured the school’s campus with Ajax-Pickering MPP Joe Dickson to see what the school is doing in terms of renewable energy training. The minister praised the school for being at the “forefront” of the green energy industry. He also pledged the provincial government would continue to support the green sector the students are trying to enter.

There is a need to “fine-tune” some of the programs, admitted the minister, before stating firmly the government is committed to the FIT (Feed-In Tariff) program and the renewable energy sector in general. “I know that there’s a lot of debate and controversy, in the media, about wind and sometimes solar,” says Minister Chiarelli, “but I certainly want to reassure everybody in this room today that the FIT program is here to stay.” Read article

24 thoughts on “Chiarelli: “FIT program is here to stay” (but the Liberals aren’t…so maybe not)

  1. “I know there’s a lot of debate & controversy, but my mind is closed. The whole party’s mind is closed. End of discussion. You can’t walk around with your mind open – you might get something in it.”
    I think that joke originated with Pogo who also, famously, said, “We have met the enemy and it is us.”
    Ah – the willful ignorance of politicians – and many voters – some things don’t ever change. It’s rather depressing.

    • My husband’s favourite line is very appropriate “My mind’s made up. Don’t confuse me with facts!”

    • Sylvan Bob….. Methinks you have to give the Liberals credit for ONE thing…… They’re “sticking to their guns” spouting the same drivel, telling the same lies, and continuing to follow the same path without wavering. Unfortunately, it’s the “Garden Path” and we all know where THAT leads! They leave no doubt as to how Rural Ontario will respond in the upcoming election. The Liberal Party of Ontario, and their NDP supporters, are “Dead to Us”! GTHA?? Who knows?

  2. Hey, Chiarelli – hint – when the jobs don’t materialize, take a leaf from the windie’s book and blame it on the protesters. Not likely to be a problem, really, since you won’t be in office by the time those poor mislead students graduate.
    Hahahahahahahahahaha …

  3. The renewable energy industry relies on government subsidies of one kind or another or a combinations of these subsidies.
    So in effect these are government subsidized jobs. Since renewable energy is of little or no use this is a complete waste of money.
    What this does do is to make some wealthy at the expense of Hydro customers and taxpayers who have to pay for this folly.
    This is the peoples’ money which could be much better spent on worn out Ontario public infrastructure and furnish jobs in the process.
    This is a transfer of wealth from ordinary citizens to few who can benefit from these schemes.

  4. I have finally figured out a way to make some respectable green jobs materialize….Getting rid of the Lib/NDP government, dismantling all of the standing turbines, and shipping them to Toronto, to be used to create the infrastructure they so badly need….Anyone for carbon fibre bridges and roads???

      • Probably most of the components of IWTs can be converted to use in other ways but if left to stand for a number of years then it’s just scrap material.
        Rural Ontarians don’t like to waste things if another use can be found.

  5. That green energy job promising song and dance is OLD Chiarelli. The only thing I give the Liberals credit for is destroying my home, my health, my life. You are getting reeeeally smelly Chiarelli. HELLO, Ontario is bankrupt thank you very much Liberals. Let me know when you find that money tree. Btw, that big hole you’ve dug…if I were you I’d jump right in it right with the rest of the big fat Liberal liars. Give my best to Dalton. ta ta

  6. Liberal cronyism – out buying ‘college’ votes

    ‘[excerpt] “I know that there’s a lot of debate and controversy, in the media, about wind and sometimes solar,” says Minister Chiarelli, “but I certainly want to reassure everybody in this room today that the FIT program is here to stay.”’

    What does this mean?
    ‘[excerpt] The FIT program contracts out renewable energy generation projects and jobs to the private sector.

    Definition of ‘evolving corruption’ –
    ‘[excerpt] “It’s an industry that has evolved in Ontario over the last four or five years in a very significant way,” continues Minister Chiarelli. “It’s becoming part of the energy culture in the province of Ontario.”’

    Public perception – it simply blows my mind.

    • You say that the FIT program is here to stay. But I hope that Chiarelli is not. I say if you want Industrial Wind Turbines Mr. C and you think they are so great….then you have them in your neighbourhood. Take out a nice city block at a time. Perfectly fine to do so as the government can do as it pleases. Kick the residents out, demolish the existing houses as the government has the last word. Build the turbines…huge monoliths accompanied by police escort will just sneak in quietly and not bother anyone. They will use your infrastructure for the thousands of concrete trucks. Construction will take place day and night. There will be no direct health problems or extraneous noise to bother you. Just ask Arlene King. If you want to sell your house….you will find it has depreciated. But no one will admit why this has happened.
      It’s all part of the Green Energy Act which you love so much. Enjoy it!!!

  7. I think the saddest thing of all is that assuming those college kids are relatively bright just how much have their college staff brainwashed them to ‘believe’.
    Regardless of what college courses offer shouldn’t education be about offering both pros and cons any line of study?
    We all know how little research is needed into the ‘green energy scam’ to sound warning bells.
    How have we allowed our colleges to become mindless campusses only preaching partisan viewpoints?
    Chiarelli is no more than the usual Liberal Party ‘sleaze merchant’ like McGuinty, Wynne, Deguid, Bentley and others. We expect nothing more from them.
    But our college kids? Buying and accepting exactly the same ‘sleaze’ without question?
    That is not just sad it is scary………..
    Andrew Watts

    • Well said, Andrew.
      When I think back to my university days (18-21 years old) who really questioned the professors or Dr.s? Not the timid, naive youngsters. In a way we were all there to get the credits, do the 4 years and get on with life.

      I have been involved in a number of organizations over the past 15-20 years. Once I got into my late 20’s and early 30’s did I even feel confident to question and challenge “so called” experts. Doesn’t really matter what the topic is – maturity/experience/life enhances confidence in most people.

      • Maybe the protesters and demonstrators of the 60’s and 70’s could teach these kids a thing or two.

    • They are not like university and college students back in the day….they had the common sense to question authority, and explore new ideas. The majority of students today, seem to have no initiative to do anything but follow. And we are definitely lacking any good leaders.

  8. For some reason eco-zealots fail to include nuclear in the realm of green energy. By simply touting the contribution of nuclear to Ont generation of green electricity, they could avoid ruinous schemes to “make” Ont green with renewables. It already is green, about 2/3 of electricity being generated by hydro and nuclear. In terms of jobs, the nuclear industry has provided thousands over the last 60 years or so, many of them next door to where Chiarelli is speaking. In Bruce county 3 generations of local workers have been able to stay in the region with jobs in construction and operations. Liberals pipe dreams of green jobs cannot create a fraction of these positions, it’s a difference between fantasy and reality.

    • Nuclear is not included because the green zealots only want to compare the price of wind and solar with coal and gas. Hydro is out too.
      They are trying to get renewables to only cost as much as coal and gas so the public will buy into their schemes.
      Besides the green zealots want to close down nuclear and replace nuclear power with renewables.
      But the huge increase in the natural gas supply has thrown them into a tizzy. No way wind & solar can compete with the price of natural gas now.
      This whole thing about peak oil and gas was a lie to get the public to accept wind and solar and to increase the price of both.

      • That is true, but a simple press release from Chiarelli and Libs announcing the achievement of Ont green energy goals could go a long way to ending the ruinous road to renewable sources.Ont actual record with green generation would be the envy of many European countries trying to get to 18% or whatever level. Liberals prefer to hide Ont achievements under a bushel and that I don’t understand. The “problem” in Ont doesn’t exist and never has.

  9. I guess the 31,000 jobs is the new 50,000 jobs that McGuinty lied about?
    It would be better if the Ministry of Energy could actually itemize each of the 31,000?
    1.How many are permanent and high paying jobs? Probably compares to the IESO figures for wind energy production, usually below 5%………. 🙂
    2.How many are the ‘army’ of propagandists who work for the Ontario Wind Energy Industry who have done the behind door deals with landowners? The ones who spend their time at public and Council meetings telling rural Ontario how dumb we are for not believing them?
    3.How many of the CanWEA sponsored ‘experts’ who continue to peddle their tissue of lies?
    4.How many are additional bureaucrats employed by various ministries to approve new FIT contracts, to approve ‘kill orders’ for endangered species that happen to be in the way, those who arrange for wind energy companies to cut down and destroy Bald Eagles nests, and of course the growing number of ministry spokespersons who at best just don’t bother to reply to letters from rural residents and at worst actually do respond with the comment that their Minister thanks us for our interests and concerns but he/she can’t help because it is some other ministry’s responsibility..!!
    5.How many are the existing employers of construction companies who are being counted twice by the MoE? My ‘favourite’ local wind crook, Rankin, when asked about taking on new workers following the governments ‘stimulus’ package commented that whilst happy at the extra cash coming his way in new ‘stimulus’ contracts he had enough workers and had no plans for taking on more!
    6.And finally, probably the only ones who may be seen to do a ‘useful’ job? The carcass counters and disposal ‘green’ jobs. Probably the only job that can be seen as a growth industry as the numbers of birds and bats fatalities can be assured to rise.
    Chiarelli – ‘…the FIT programe is here to stay…’
    What an awful indictment on all of us that we have allowed such ignorant and stupid people to attain jobs where they actually control our lives………. 🙁
    Andrew Watts

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