Gas plant cancellations cost $585 million: Ontario Power Authority

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TORONTO – Ontarians will pay at least $585 million to not build gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga. Premier Kathleen Wynne wouldn’t apologize for the debacle Tuesday, but said she is frustrated with the process that led to the siting of the plants in unwelcoming communities. “I regret the situation and I have said that I take responsibility to make sure this never happens again,” Wynne said during an appearance before the Ontario Standing Committee on Justice Policy.

The premier said she was unaware of the cost when her government cancelled the Oakville plant in 2010 and the Mississauga plant in 2011, and instead depended on the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to later provide the numbers. Colin Andersen, CEO of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) which negotiated the settlements with the two private gas plant owners, told the committee the price for relocating the Oakville plant will be $310 million, not the $40 million often repeated by Ontario Liberals. Read article

17 thoughts on “Gas plant cancellations cost $585 million: Ontario Power Authority

  1. Why is she continuing to put wind turbine complexes in unwilling communities? The cost to fix this problem will be astronomical!!! She should be making sure it never happens again, but she is encouraging it, and paying the weasels to harm us, with our own money!!! She is a disgusting, lying, liberal piece of garbage.

  2. “….she is frustrated with the process that led to the siting of the plants in unwelcoming communities…”
    Premier Wynne: that process was a determination, by competent professional system planners and operators, of what was needed and where it should be located. Meanwhile, you were forcing, on unwelcoming communities, wind turbines which were not needed, which were prescribed by technically-illiterate idealogues, and have delivered essentially no benefit to the environment.

  3. Im sorry, am I to understand that even the $40 million was O.K??

    Is that pocket change to a liberal??

    I think thats a hell of alot of $$, but now $585 million…and shes not sorry STILL???

    They need to GO!

    • I think the liberals have no concept of money, since it’s just our money they’re playing with, meanwhile enjoying the good life there at Queens Park along with all the perks – our money again.

  4. Here is a Dr Phil quote from his most recent book, “Life Code”. He is describing what he terms “BAITERS”: ie, Backstabbers, Abusers, Imposters, Takers, Exploiters, Reckless

    “Because BAITERS are such consummate liars, they can sometimes completely rewrite history when it serves them, rather than just tell a specific lie.They remember only the details that serve them to recall and simply “forget” the rest. They manufacture or ‘spin” what they need to in order to support their current position… they are committed liars, they are master revisionists, and a lie unchallenged becomes the truth in time. If the BAITER’S version is told enough, it can become generally accepted, even by you! (Politicians from both sides of the aisle are experts at this one.)

    The Liberal lies are being challenged – BIG TIME. And some of us will NEVER allow them to become the truth – NEVER.

  5. We wanted hospitals in West Lincoln, Fort Erie, Welland, Port Colborne and I’m sure that many other citizens have essential services that they requested. Instead we get $585 million dollars wasted on moving the gas plants that were to be the backup energy system for the industrial wind turbines. Most of the IWT’s are going into unwilling host communities, so we will get the bill for the compensation that will be required for that fiasco too.

  6. If these two power plants belonged to private concerns then the cost for moving them would be known by the companies.
    And the costs of anyother infrastructure needed to distribute the power would also be known by private company owners.
    Ontarians are getting the runaround about the costs of moving these two projects.
    Dosen’t the government employ cost accountants whose job it is to figure out what projects cost like private companies do? Or does government depend on project bids for costs?
    Sumit a project bid to the government and then use the lowest bidder? So the government dosen’t know what the costs really are to begin with?

  7. The costs of anything at these two project sites that can’t be moved to another location are lost.
    Then figure the costs to build at the new location which includes the moved components. These two costs togther will at least give a good estimate of the plant project costs.
    Any other additional transmission infrastructure costs can be figured separately and then included for total cost estimates.
    At least this will yield a rough estimated cost of the two projects.
    The settlements made to these companies are another issue which needs to be considered in costing all this out.

    • I don’t have any specifics related to these contracts in particular but I know it it typical for large government contracts like these ones to have a cancellation fee equal to the value of the contract. So, the cost to build the plant will be paid in full…whether it is cancelled or not.

      • If they don’t have a cancellation clause the companies can always fall back on breach of contract. So the full price will be paid anyway.
        An issue here is that MPPs and agency heads are called as witnesses or for information and what is needed is to have information provided by a cost accountant/accountants so that failed or cancelled projects costs are revealed.

      • I have never heard of a government contract that did not have a cancellation clause!

      • Why not have the whole contracts made public since Ontarians have to pay for this?

  8. Keep in mind this $585M cost is still just
    an estimate. Given the way our gvmt works
    we know for sure that the cancelled project
    costs won’t be any less than this amount, and
    odds are pretty safe that the final tally will be
    substantially more than the estimate.

  9. Talk from Wynne is all predictable, but why listen to the monkey when it is the organ grinder we need to hear from; get McGuinty before this committee and hold his feet to the fire. If he resists an invitation subpoena him, let him testify under oath. Or are people like him protected from life’s unpleasantries?

  10. We have allowed ‘..people like him..’ to be protected from life’s unpleasantries by continuing to vote for them and allowing a permanent(regardless of political party in power),ever growing and unelected bureaucratic staff to teach them how to enact legislation that absolves them of any responsibility or liability for any actions or decisions they take however harmful it may be to their constituents or to the province or nation. We really have only ourselves to blame!
    The more important debate is just what can we do to change this?
    Andrew Watts

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