Liberal Gas Plants growing out of control…

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9 thoughts on “Liberal Gas Plants growing out of control…

  1. She helped to create the mess, and she volunteered to clean it up. I have no sympathy for anyone but the people who did not vote for these miscreants.

  2. So where is Dolton anyway???? I haven’t heard one speck of intel about him since he jumped ship…. like he dropped off the face of the earth!!!

  3. Ontarians know where to send the bill for this fiasco! Waste money like this and expect to just add this on to Hydro bills.

  4. Does this sound familiar?

    UK energy policy is not plausible…

    The Energy Bill …effectively re-nationalises the investment-making decision process in the power sector. But it is not clear that policy makers yet appreciate that this also means that the risks and costs associated with these decisions must also transfer to the public.

    …we identify a number of possible triggers [for a crisis]; a generation capacity crunch in the 2014-17 period leading to a sharp spike in power prices, a lack of dispatchable generation by the end of this decade onwards, and spiralling consumer costs/developer profits that a future government will find untenable.

    Do they clone these guys?

    • Why?

      The government will replace the existing regime with a Contract for Difference (Cfd) mechanism. This new mechanism will very largely transfer the price risk from the developer to the consumer by guaranteeing an achieved power sale price for each power station covered.

      This is the UK equivalent of the GAM.

      Don’t know what the Global Adjustment Mechanism (GAM) is? You should — do a google and find Parker Gallants’ columns — among other articles.

      • I think they’d need to pile a GAM (or, in Germany, an EEG) on top of the Cfd – first the contracts create a difference between costs and market value, then a mechanism to recover the costs that the market does not is implemented.

    • Yes, they are cloned. IWTs & solar energy are international in scope and Canada is part of this along with the U.S.
      Perhaps the only thing that will save North America are the new oil and gas supplies which will keep renewable energy costs too high here to compete with these
      cheaper energy sources.
      Politicians are keenly aware of what angry voters can do to political careers.

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