Couple heartened by court wind decision

KenneysWiggins v. WPD Canada decision

By Elliot Ferguson, Kingston Whig-Standard
KINGSTON – Gail Kenney welcomed a court ruling last week that supports landowners’ right to seek compensation if their property values are lowered by wind turbines. But she admitted the ruling will likely not help the couple’s property assessment battle.

Last Tuesday, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice dismissed a lawsuit by landowners seeking compensation for lowered property values caused by a proposed wind energy development. The decision stated that residents could not sue for lost property values before a wind project is approved but they could pursue legal action once a project is approved. “It is absolutely wonderful, the decision that came down,” Gail Kenney said Monday morning of the new court ruling. “It’s a fair decision, hopefully it will help people in getting a fair assessment of their property.

“People who are adjacent to wind turbines or live close by have much more issues than just the viewscape. There certainly is the the noise issue and now there is a lot more attention being paid to people who are saying ‘I’m not feeling well.’” Read article

2 thoughts on “Couple heartened by court wind decision

  1. I found it amazing to read that the committee didn’t allow a lower assessment for property on Wolfe Island. I visited Wolfe Island — I really had to see it as I have been reading about this area for a couple of years now. I wanted to see for ourselves Wolfe Island. Arriving via the ferry it looked like a place from outer space. I would not go there again. I hope tourism wasn’t it’s main industry. Of course IWT will lower property values — few people want to live in an industrial complex.

  2. One would either have to be very corrupt, or very stupid, to think that property values would not drop, and drastically at that. Just look at the thousands and thousands of people fighting the turbines. That tells the whole story. None of those people want to live near turbines, and that is only the ones who are being threatened with the infestation of turbines into their community, or have already been infested, and are suffering. And as you know, many of the hardest hit, are elderly, and children, who are unable to speak out and defend themselves. Study be damned. They only need to open their damned eyes and ears to see the truth. Where is the list of people looking for a home surrounded by turbines??? I bet the number of people on it, rhymes with hero!

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