Save the Bornish Eagles Gathering

NexTerror cut down one eagle nest in Ontario already this year, eagle celebrationand are eying up another at the Bornish project that was just approved last week.
Please come with your friends, neighbours and family to the Save the Bornish Eagles Gathering:

Date: Saturday, May 25
Time: 1:00-5:00PM
Place: West Williams Community Centre, 32217 Kerwood Road, Parkhill  MAP (right beside the eagle nest)

12 thoughts on “Save the Bornish Eagles Gathering

  1. Are any of the Native groups able to attend? I am sure they will not be impressed, to see the proof that this is definitely NOT a “one-time thing”! These people have no shame , integrity, or ethics at all.

  2. Wonderful video, Esther. Thanks for this – as well as all your other work on all our behalf. (behalves? lol)

  3. Great Job Esther!!! I have forwarded this to everyone I know and I hopefully they will forward to everyone they know and on and on and on…… Just think how many nests may be loss due to wildfires caused by IWT fires like the one that recently happened near Goderich, Ontario. The Capital Power K2 Wind Project is placing their IWTs adjacent to hundreds of acres of woodlots!!!

  4. Now,, you don’t think for one minute that nexterror wouldn’t cut down another tree containing a bald eagles nest??.Corporations are faceless, heartless, have no conscience,greedy, and the list goes on…If I were a betting man…..!!!!!

    • Agree with you 100% but it’s the people running the corporation and not the corporation itself that is to blame.

  5. Great video, Esther. I wonder how many of the Liberal MP’s, including the MNR, has ever seen wildlife other than at the Toronto Zoo. Anyone who has not seen an eagle in a natural habitat cannot truly appreciate this species’ magnificance.

    • TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, founded 1990
      A national charity that funds environmental projects across Canada and accepts donations from the general public.

      View: Regional Advisory Boards Members:
      Central Ontario
      Ontario Northeast Region
      Western Ontario Region

      • Some of the same old,same old people and/or organizations again and again.

  6. Do you think that nest will still be there on Saturday? Birds are nesting in SW Ontario. Keep an eye on it.

  7. Permits are also be requested for bobolinks and eastern meadowlark. Both of these species are in decline due to habitat loss.
    The eastern meadowlark population has declined by 70% since 1970 so no permits should be issued for these species.
    Both species are important to agriculture as bobolinks feed mostly on weed seeds. Meadowlarks also eat insects.
    Further reductions in these populations means that more pesticides will be needed to control weeds and insects.
    There is plenty of information available on these birds and this should be made known by the people to the appropriate ministries.
    Perhaps the MNR and the Minister are so myoptic that they won’t acknowledge that there is information available on these birds from outside of Ontario.

  8. They have been ordered to sacrifice anything and everything for these turbines. Obviously, this scam has nothing to do with “saving the environment”….It is all just a cash grab, with the blessing, and collusion of our own government….disgusting.

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