Ontario to change green energy law after WTO ruling

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Ontario will change a provision in its Green Energy Act requiring local content in wind and solar farms after a ruling by the World Trade Organization. Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli says Ontario intends to comply with the WTO ruling, which means the province will change its domestic content requirements for the feed-in-tariff program for wind and solar projects.

The feed-in-tariff system – established in 2009 – set lucrative fixed prices for electricity generated by renewable projects such as wind turbines and solar panels. The legislation had required participating electricity generators to source up to 60 per cent of their equipment in Ontario if they want to be eligible for generous subsidies.

Japan first complained to the WTO in 2010, arguing that the part of the province’s program requiring made-in-Ontario parts for wind and solar farms breaches international trade law. Government sources said Wednesday Mr. Chiarelli expects to have the legislation changed to comply with the WTO ruling by early next year. Read article

7 thoughts on “Ontario to change green energy law after WTO ruling

  1. Yep – can’t offend Japan or the WTO, change the rules – eliminate half of the (fantasy) benefits, but no rush to protect Ontarians from the cost in dollars, environment, and even our health.
    Chiarelli, however, does assure us that they are thinking about it.

  2. But what about all of them there jobs this Green Energy crap was supposed to generate!?! (Note the scepticism, sarcasm, incredulity)

  3. they achieved local content by over-charging for the Ontario content. once they lowered the subsidy for solar, the same $100,000 installation was being sold for $75,000. Ontario electricity consumers go t fleeced but contractors & suppliers made out real good..

  4. We hate you Kathleen Wynne!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have not responded to any one of the many letters, emails or phone calls we’ve made to your office or to your MPP’s. This whole business is a sham!!!!

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