Green energy changes not retroactive: Minister

MPP Bob ChiarelliNiagara Falls Review
NIAGARA FALLS – Local governments will get a voice in major new wind and solar projects, says Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli — but the existing ones are set in stone. Chiarelli announced Thursday the province will replace the existing feed-in tariff procurement process with a new system giving municipalities a say on where turbines go and whether they want them.

But, speaking to reporters at the Canadian Solar Industries Association’s Solar Ontario conference in Niagara Falls, he said contracts already awarded for wind projects can’t be changed without risking pricy legal battles. “We cannot continue to do what was done in Oakville and Mississauga,” he said. The government racked up massive fees slashing two gas plants there.

But the announcement stung for Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs, whose township has clashed against a planned wind development. She said she came in cautiously optimistic but left dismayed. “We knew it wasn’t going to be ideal, but I thought we were going to be able to take away something from this,” she said. “From what I’m hearing, we’ll get nothing.” Read article

14 thoughts on “Green energy changes not retroactive: Minister

  1. What a travesty of justice!
    Do the right thing, cancel the Industrial Wind Factories,
    just like the Oakville and Mississauga gas plants. Why are rural residents less important?
    At a minimum, enforce a 2km setback and remove the existing turbines that are at issue. Raise the taxes through the roof for IWT companies to help the unwilling hosts next to these monstrosities with health costs, pain and suffering, property devaluation, buy outs etc.
    The Ontario government is pathetically insincere!

  2. So now they are going to revert to the patented Creepy-Crawley move of slipping through groups of small projects.

    Somethings never change — they just get re-cycled.

    • …and use the hammer of litigation at the OMB and other appeal fora. There is no reason to press pause in our fight.

    • Well — I’m going to suggest the major tactics that will be used… Just guess work yah know!

      The Crawley-Dodge 5X1.9MW turbines (Specially Rated) Hey — it’s less than 10MW per application — eh?

      The Six-Pack Slam — 6X1.5 MW Turbines Hey, it’s less than 10MW gee whiz — eh?….

      The Wynning Stroke — thousands more turbines claimed to be in groups of less than 10MW each — they just have to work it out — all owned by Liberal Party faithful and contributors.

      Of course this is just my wild imagination at work — eh?

      And of course some more literature surveys proving that it all worked out in Germany — eh?

  3. How do you feel Rural Ontario when you just were put in your place by Big Intellectual Glib GTA Voter Block. You get to see it stuffed right up our Voter Base Numbers Arses.

  4. Nothing is set in stone – if you want to make change, you can.
    The price to fight this up front will be far less than the aftermath of health, property and environmental losses.

    Grow some cajones Mr. Chiarelli and do the right thing.

    • Give the guy a break, Di – he’s seventy something years old and they’ve shriveled up years ago… and note how far apart his fingers are – maybe two and a half inches? Max. He NEEDS these phallic symbols.
      As for McGuinty and Wynne – I’m not even going there. Not gonna touch that one.

  5. Using propaganda to spread their words in mass controlled media, baseless announcements by the minister of an unelected so called premier.
    Saying this now is to offset the growing ontario wind resistance of the people.

  6. Hey everyone….Now Chiarelli says we can scream and yell as loud as we want to when the Wynne`d-weasels come to town….but of course, that doesn`t mean they`ll be prevented from continuing on with their abuse. Thanks again for NOTHING you liberal miscreants. VETO POWER NOW….retroactive!!!

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