Ontario endangered species changes spark controversy

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TORONTO – Changes to Ontario’s Endangered Species Act have pitted environmental groups who accuse the government of gutting the legislation against municipal leaders and farmers who support the new streamlined rules. Natural Resources Minister David Orazietti said he’s moving ahead with standardized rules that will make it easier to carry out necessary activities, such as repairing a bridge, while still protecting species at risk.

“The regulatory changes, I certainly, feel have broad support and will make the implementation of the act moving forward effective,” Orazietti said. Mark Wales, president of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, said the regulatory and administrative changes will improve the permitting process without compromising the integrity of the legislation. Russ Powers, president of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, said property owners and businesses will find the rules practical and effective.

For four major environmental groups, the new exemptions leave the province’s most threatened plants and animals at greater risk. Earthroots, Ontario Nature, the David Suzuki Foundation and Sierra Club Canada have joined forces to fight what they argue is the dismantling of the six-year-old act. The changes set a lower standard of protection for endangered wildlife where they conflict with industries such as forestry, pits and quarries, mining, hydro, infrastructure development, residential construction and renewable energy projects, environmentalists say. Read article

8 thoughts on “Ontario endangered species changes spark controversy

  1. Hey Chev, glad to see you’re back at it after the devastating Chiarelli news. No argument here that the Liberals set a lower standard. They make it look so natural….

    • The Chiarelli news was just proof that they are running scared. That was step one….they have got many more to take to fix this mess. I don’t know if they are willing or capable though….they likely have to be turfed out, to do the job properly….and until they do….I won’t be going anywhere!!!

  2. At the bottom of the article there is a link to a Sun TV News reporting that the number of turbines in Ontario is expected to TRIPLE in the next 18 months. Starts with an interesting ad for F-35s.
    The good news – if you sell quickly, you don’t have to tell prospective buyers about turbines coming to your neighbourhood. You could move to Quebec where they have a 2km setback and affordable university tuition for your kids.

  3. When they lowered the species protection standards for IWTs they had to lower the standards for others.
    Rural Ontarians went along with the OFA so they can’t have it both ways.
    Can’t see why the environmental groups are complaining because they caused this to happen with their support for IWTs.
    Rural Ontario used to have fence rows between the farms which furnished protection for wildlife. Now the idea is to plow right up to the line.

  4. It doesn’t really matter what the regs say.
    If it doesn’t fit in with what the turbine developers want they just get a permit to harass, destroy, bulldoze, cut down, etc. anyway – likely just provides a short cut to do so.

  5. Oh my dog, turbines are going to triple in the next three years you say Sylvie?? We’ll all be dead, sooner than later!!

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