So they did it: NextEra Energy sued me.

NextEra Energy – Statement of Claim

Esther Wrightman – Statement of Defence

52 thoughts on “So they did it: NextEra Energy sued me.

  1. What a great way to win over the local community eh Nextera??? Sue one of their finest.
    I can’t wait for “Esther the Terror of Nextera” to send you out the door !

  2. So they can disparage us as NIMBYs, but we can’t call them “Next Terror” or _________? What a thin-skinned corporation!

    • Ontario: NextEra’s ‘fun-time’ place
      It must be – a team building – exercise.
      By definition of law – it’s madness.

      What kind of lawsuit is this?

  3. All of us must join together to help Esther ,

    do what they don’t expect (even when they read everything on this site)

    email her support her , talk to everyone , and if we need to protest , it is now .

  4. I don’t get it. What do the eagle nest takedown videos have to do with their new earned nicknames? Why is their removal included in this suit? Is NexTerror attempting to interfere with our constitutionally protected freedom of speech? They will obviously try anything to hide the truth. These greedy jackasses know they can’t “save the world” by littering it with industrial wind turbines. They are in it solely for the profits. And they aggressively tutored our government on which laws needed to be changed and the correct wording to use so they can proceed unfettered. And why would our government agree to such a scheme? To “save the world”? I doubt it. Many large companies often engage in the illegal trade of cash for government favours. Many large companies have been found out, charged and convicted of such crimes. Many government officials have been convicted of corruption as well. Many have not been caught, yet. Who will be caught next? Hmmm. I wonder.

  5. NextError/NextTerror continues to bully and intimidate! Just another example of how this company operates! When Esther wins this one, I hope Nextera gets exactly what they deserve…. Public exposure of their bully tactics and their determination to do “whatever” to “whomever” they choose with impunity. They came to their “Information Meetings” prepared for a fight (hence the presence of security) since they KNEW what they were doing was dirty and underhanded and now they complain that people are calling them nasty names! You’re not angry because we’ve hurt your feelings! You’re angry because we’re “onto you”! The truth hurts doesn’t it??

    • Ezra is helping to get the truth out. The spineless bullies didn’t have the guts to go on TV and debate with Ezra…they are pathetic. So much easier to pick on a gardener/mom from rural Ontario, than a celebrity lawyer/TV Host.

  6. Nexterror would like nothing better than to have this site taken DOWN. If you support this site– support the site’s owner: Esther Wrightman! She has done so much.

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  8. There has to be a legal beagle somewhere that should counter sue on Esther,s behalf. Call it for what it is, Nexterror and our own liberal gov as partners in crime.Interesting to see if this gets MSM attention. I,am sure Premier Mom would love to see reports of bullying by her beloved wind partners.This could be a teachable moment for the city folks that just don,t have a clue what the Green Energy Act is all about.

    • We should be demanding that Wynne get these bullies off of Esther’s back. Wynne is the reason why they are still here. I am going to e-mail her daily.

  9. Instead of ignoring NextEra – has decided to put themselves in the spotlight more with their bully tactics. When I Googled NEX, NEXT, NEXTE none of the claims came to the forefront – oddly when I did Nexterror – this came up first (see below), I think they should have included this company in their claim???
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  10. Esther, just a note to let you know that WE know the terror that wind companies are inflicting on rural residents all over Ontario. My family and I have been “terrorized” by wind turbines for years…Thank you for continuing to speak out and bring attention to this matter. If you need a witness to speak on the terror of wind turbines and how the industry operates – I am there for you! Sorry you have to be put through this, Good Luck! I hope you get a judge who scolds them for their behavior!!!

  11. This is the FIRST wind company to come into the “light of day” of Public viewing in a personal attack on a Citizen……it is a huge error on their part, same as their arrogant tactics with Eagles and so on………………..this case is now a public issue and Nextera may force or “scare” Ontario Citizens from opening their mouths, but Nextera will be opened up to public scrutiny and cannot exist in the shadows any more of back-room politics and off the record deals that have surrounded the Wind Industry since day ONE!
    It should also expose this Liberal Government as being totally complicit in attacking and destroying Ontario’s wildlife, causing health concerns for people and the destruction of lands and homes
    These corporate “thugs” that go after the citizens of our once Democratic Province should realize that they are “guests” in OUR home Province and when guests act in contempt of their hosts then they can expect to be EXPELLED!

    • I think Nexterror will find that they have awoken a slumbering bear. Even the people who were not in favour of wind energy, but were not saying anything, are becoming involved because of the attack on Esther for such a silly reason. This is getting international attention, at a time when the wind industry is already looking really bad. Esther didn’t do anything that satirists and pundits etc, don’t do every day, often making a career out of it. To suggest she copied their logo to make money from it is beyond laughable….it is preposterous. No judge would believe their attack is motivated by anything other than the desire to strike “terror” into a poor country woman’s heart. SHAME ON YOU NEXTERROR BULLIES!

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  13. For crying out loud Next..whatever…Get a bloody life! You’re just being Bullies! What’s that old nursery rhyme …”Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” You are a corporate bully and your true ilk is out there for all to see.

  14. NextEra realizes how dedicated Esther is.
    They want to make an example of her; scare others from doing what she is and has been doing. Video taping various incidents which have to do with the IWT fiasco. Such as the removal of the eagle’s nest, co-hosting this site, her availability to media and goodness knows what else.

  15. I agree Petra, they have threatened to sue in the past on other projects to get people to play along. This story won,t play well with the general public . Not good PR for the green movement.

  16. When and where are the proceedings?
    Do I hear “PROTEST”?
    I am and I am sure many others are ready,too!

  17. All the commenters are correct, of course. But, this story must “go viral” in order for it to be exposed and highlighted by the news media. Otherwise, we’re all “blowing in the wind”.
    Any suggestions??

  18. Esther is a funny, witty, bright and brave woman. I have never met her. I have just read her comments. Know that we are all here for you Esther ……..praying, protesting, fundraising, sending cash, writing comments. Just let us know what you need us to do. You are the WOMAN!!!

  19. Maybe a few mainstream newspapers in the U.S.A. would like to know how this “American Corporation” is acting up here in Canada by prosecuting Canadians for their reluctance of putting up with their “terrorizing of wildlife and people”. After all isn’t the EAGLE the U.S.’s sovereign symbol of Freedom?
    Shame these people in their own country!!!!

  20. PLEASE: Start writing letters to the editor of your local paper and any others who may listen and tell as many as who will listen about the bullying, intimidation, false information, destruction of habitat for bird and human and mention NEXTERA aka NEXTERROR by many in rural Ontario as only one of many wind corporations who are operating in this manner. In your letter, talk about how Nextera is a prime example of a wind company in action in Ontario thanks to Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal party who continues to give these foreign corporations a green light along with our money to stomp over our health, our homes and our communities with impunity.

  21. After reading more of the statement of claim I had some thoughts. Some, like Ezra Levant of The Source revolved around the issue of the legal team being incompetent — and there is a good argument for that.

    However, there is another side to this.

    It should be easy for Esther to disprove their claims — by showing them the donation list — and names. As well she could submit here entire set of accounting records to show that she sells flowers and materials for rock gardens — thereby revealing her suppliers and customers. Think you are being harassed and terrorized now? Just wait!

    Now, you can get around this by filing a very carefully worded statement of claim — telling them to put u or shut up — i.e. offer some proof or withdraw the allegations.

    A badly executed attempt to refute could permit them to examine you under a microscope. Beware!

    This would all be done in the belief that some large shadowy organization is fighting the green movement — or at least laying on this ridiculous premise. We know they are wrong, they know they are wrong, but the case can be used to strip away your privacy.

    Once people realize this donations to this web site could dry up.

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  23. I am from Mid-Wales where we are also facing the spectre of around 800 massive bird choppers desecrating our beautifull hills and triggering over 100kms of massive 400kv pylons down some of the loveliest valleys in our country.
    I had heard of what Nextera had done to the eagles nest, even from here – but this latest tactic has shocked me. I am bewildered to hear about the suing of Ester Wrightman for such a flimsly and ridiculous reason. If I were in your area I would be outside thier office with a bullhorn letting everyone know what bullying cowards they are. Disgusting and disgraceful.
    I support you wholeheartedly from afar.
    I can only hope that your judicial system sees this latest tactic of intimidation for what it is and throws it out. It is not sensible, it is not equitable and it makes a mockery of the laws that common people rely on to keep themselves and thier communities safe and free from the manouverings of giant corporation that seek to trample on them in pursuit of wealth.

    • As a matter of fact….I have stood outside of their offices with a bullhorn…letting them know how we feel about them….what a co-incidence!

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  25. Who to call at NextEra to voice your complaint. Their main number in Florida. 561/691-7171

    Suing this woman is an act of terror on its face. The intent of this supplier/vendor is to cast fear in all of us, a direct warning that we’ll be next if we speak out against their company and their method to silence us.

    Name Age Since Current Position
    Lewis Hay 57 2012 Executive Chairman of the Board
    James Robo 50 2012 President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
    Moray Dewhurst 57 2011 Vice Chairman, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President – Finance
    Armando Pimentel 50 2011 President & Chief Executive Officer of NextEra Energy Resources
    Eric Silagy 47 2011 President of FPL
    Charles Sieving 40 2008 Executive Vice President, General Counsel
    Shaun Francis 41 2013 Executive Vice President – Human Resources and Corporate Services
    Joseph Kelliher 52 2009 Executive Vice President – Federal Regulatory Affairs

  27. From here it appears that “adjustments” have been made in Washington to the North American Migratory Bird Treaty so that IWTs can be installed in migratory bird flight paths.

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  29. I Agree . We have Windmills going in, Portland, In It’s a shame to see our country side cluttered with these horrible things. Some farmers don’t consider what they are doing to land, animals and water just to name a few . Their greed blinds them from the destruction they will cause our children’s future . What will it take?

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