Lisa Thompson Questions Minister of Energy on Energy Announcement

4 thoughts on “Lisa Thompson Questions Minister of Energy on Energy Announcement

  1. GO Lisa!!! I wish Vic Fedeli was leader of the Conservatives! Everyone loves him, and Hudak unfortunately, is not very popular. Chiarelli is a lousy piece of garbage as far as I am concerned!!! I would love to see all of the liberal/NDP miscreants thrown in prison!

  2. Thank goodness one of the two opposition party’s members are using their voice for us. How long can the Liberals and NDP hide?

  3. Chiarelli is not a very good liar, Reminds me of Georg Costanza from Seinfeld , It isn’t a lie if you believe it

  4. Legislature is a sham. The question/answer session is a joke. A question is never answered. Instead we hear a bunch of B.S. and bent truths. We, the dumb dumb voters have allowed
    politicians of all stripes to continually show a remarkable lack of respect for the system and the
    people. Remember that the first time Lisa attempted to have a moratorium placed on turbines,
    some of her own party members were conveniently absent with bogus excuses. That in itself tells you that the fix is already in.

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