Unwilling hosts still don’t have much say when it comes to wind turbines

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Norfolk council has requested two moratoriums on Industrial Wind Turbines. Norfolk council has also joined 43 other municipalities across Ontario in becoming unwilling hosts to these giant towers. And it appears it was all for not. In a recent report to town hall, Port Dover councilor John Wells says the fine print reads the province can still override municipalities who want nothing to do with wind-turbines. Read article

18 thoughts on “Unwilling hosts still don’t have much say when it comes to wind turbines

  1. It would be generous to say that they override us. They simply ignore us. A politician’s promise isn’t worth a pail of warm spit.

  2. Till we find a way to rid ourselves of the Liberals, we have to keep on their butts to make them change the GEA, and give us back democracy.

  3. ‘[excerpt] In a recent report to town hall, Port Dover councilor John Wells says the fine print reads the province can still override municipalities……’

    So then – let the Wynne regime – rule by directive.
    Energy minister Bob Chiarelli would be more than happy to sign the directive.

      • Yep – he’s out there supporting the Ottawa food bank.
        Since their job-creation strategies have been an abject failure, the least they can do is encourage people to share the remaining food.
        The REAL unemployment rate – over 20% – about the same as during the depression.

      • Oh I get it! So the generous contributions of the Garfield Weston Foundation to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to “restore” prime agricultural growing fields in Norfolk County to forest

        reminds me of a story I heard that the Westons don’t like snakes at their cottage so they order them, ahem, “removed”.

      • Sorry, my adding machine is broken.

        What is 2+2?

      • Ontarians have had to supply food banks in recent years on a level not seen since the great depression. Some have jobs that don’t pay enough to buy both food and shelter.

    • Ontario is a McGuinty/Wynne – Liberal ghetto
      Green jobs – hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
      Ontario is bankrupt!

    • And Wynne was trying sooooo hard to endear herself to rural Ontario. Why she invested in red rubber boots and Lou Rinaldi was hired on to see what the issues were(are) in rural ON so that the divide could be bridged.
      Whatever could go wrong, you say?
      The Libs dogged determination to put up IWTs come hell or high water….

  4. And it appears it was all for not.

    Ahem… I think you mean “All for naught”
    naught also nought (nôt)
    1. Nonexistence; nothingness.
    2. The figure 0; a cipher; a zero.

    Just sayin’

  5. Let’s suppose — just suppose — that’s all…That we can get these fellows advocating for IWT’s… How long do you think it would take liberal people to reject the idea? Or do you suyppose they are all like this?

    Pure advocacy can be bad…


    Cyclists went au naturel for the World Naked Bike Ride at Coronation Park on Saturday, to protest car and oil dependency.

    Reject Oil — support Wind Turbines? Yuck!

    • I was there WillR, you couldn’t find a more Liberal group. I was sure it was the Libs. having a leisurely lunchtime bike ride around the grounds of Queen’s Park. Not a cop nor a QP security guard moved a muscle to stop this, even though there were children and families all over the place. When “Mothers Against Wind Turbines” were demonstrating at QP, security was all over us….baby buggies and all. Trust me….most of these people looked as though they hadn’t been on a bike in years. Trying to explain to a 12 year old why fully-grown, supposedly mature adults would carry on that way, was a challenge to say the least. I love not living in the city. Out here, only the animals roam around naked in public.

  6. As I noted during a delegation to our local municipal council on the issue of passing a Resolution re: Not a “Willing Host” of Industrial Wind Turbines, perhaps the most important consideration is that a future proponent might think twice about approaching a community that has formally stated that they are NOT a willing host.

    If we continue to approach our municipal councils and request that they too pass similar Resolutions, the Wynne Liberals might be forced to remove the blinders from their eyes and face the fact that rural Ontarians do not want industrial wind turbines in our municipalities and communities!

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