Ministry of Energy Directive to OPA on FiT

Ministry of Energy

14 thoughts on “Ministry of Energy Directive to OPA on FiT

  1. There should be an Appendix B.

    In Appendix B Chiarelli should state what to do when the province goes bankrupt.

    Bankrupt because all of the businesses and manufacturing has left the province due to the very high rates they must pay for electricity.
    The Liberal government either: 1. Does not care about the economic health of Ontario and will drive the GEA legislation no matter what or 2. Is too stupid to realize the damage they are doing to Ontario’s economy.
    As an afterthought I suppose it could be both.

    ****this is of course not looking at the health and welfare of rural Ontarians, which they must consider as well, which they are not.

  2. Don’t miss the top of page 4….

    “access to funding for costs…” That should cover a whole range of sins including junkets for the people who get sucked in. You get provincial money just to agree to have turbines and get to spend it on local programs. It makes it hard, perhaps impossible, to resist temptation…

    Since there is a limit on access to the program it hopes to set up a “competition of suckers” to access the program funding.

    There will be a minimum of of 100 – 150 turbines a year through the small FIT programs — plus the “competitive bid”. My guess is that we will see at least 1000 turbines a year approved with the “crumbs” designed to mask the process and make it look fair and wholesome.

    Not the competitive bid can be handled through associations where people decide what are reasonable profit margins and circulate the information is “information circulars” to the membership. Nothing illegal and collusion? — Hardly likely — just trade associations trading relevant information. All above board and clean as a whistle.

    Just sayin’ — but whaddoIknow!

  3. Cell phone towers — the NIMBY’s strike!

    With 2,400 towers in GTA, residents and local councils are starting to push back against the rules governing where they can go.

    All across the country, cellphone towers have become the neighbour nobody wants. But under current federal policy, there is almost no way to stop them from moving in.

    Local governments have long been frustrated that they have almost no say in where a cellphone tower can go or not go [aw shucks — too bad — so sad!], since approval falls under jurisdiction of Industry Canada. And in cases where a tower is less than 15 metres high or new antennas are added to an existing tower, according to federal regulations, municipalities and residents don’t have to be told at all.

    Fed up, councils have started to push back. And residents who wake up one morning to find a tower beaming down at them, are launching grassroots campaigns spurred by a nagging feeling that living next to a tower emitting radio frequency electromagnetic energy (known as RF) all day long — even at low levels — might not be good for them.

    Now Toronto Star writers are experts on CELL PHONE Tower RF radiation! What’s next? Will they pass themselves off as experts on Videos — or Crack Cocaine? Sheesh!

    The Red Star — leading the NIMBY movement — whooda thunkit eh?

    Have any of you guys ever seen Radiation from a Cell Tower? I haven’t — it’s nothing but vivid imagination fueled by media hype. If you can’t see it how can it hurt you? More lunatic marginalized science form the fringe writers at The Star!

    Write The Star — complain about this group of Luddites and their NIMBYism.

    • That’s right folks — cellphone antennas can make you sick… IWT’s can’t…

      Cellphone towers: One woman’s struggle with electromagnetic hypersensitivity

      Veronica Ciandre never imagined how drastically technology would change her life.

      For more than a decade, the film and television hairstylist had lived comfortably with her teenage daughter on the top floor of 2 Regal Rd., an apartment building near Dufferin and St. Clair. Then, in the fall of 2009, the landlord installed a dozen antennas on the roof as a way to get residents better cellular service.

      At first, Ciandre didn’t think anything of it.

      So where did they get this story? In the back of a car, in a dark parking lot, late one night from a pedlar of science fiction stories? Oooojjjjj whhheeee The Toronto Star and all that sciency stuff. Gotcha baby! Noise can’t hurt you but those evil invisible radiations stuff can! Right! Scuse me — it’s hard swallowing their guff! Water anyone? (Bottled Water — Please!)

      Now there’s some credibility for yah — eh?

  4. “Not a Willing Host” isn’t mentioned here so we can assume that McGuinty and Wynne lied to us…………………………again?
    I think it’s about time that we pick a new candidate for Premier of this Province to offer up when an election is called………………….I would propose that we all put our efforts behind the “IKEA Monkey” and make him our new candidate for Premier!!!!
    He would do more for this Province than all other politicians combined!!!!!

    • Last time I checked, IWTs also emit EMFs.

      Really? Then you might want to point us to some peer-reviewed literature — or preferably and engineering paper or assessment. Please emphasize the levels and dangers of this RF emissions.

      Just curious!

      But, having said that one could say that of the brain — otherwise how could we perform an EEG with modern equipment. But we don’t class your brain as dangerous — or do we?

  5. Electromagnetic fields associated with cell phone towers are also very harmful to one’s health. I know of a person who becomes completely lethargic and not able to to a thing, when in proximity to these fields.
    This fellow is a chartered accountant. He is housebound. He is very limited; no traveling, family vacations away, etc. There are very few places he can go without experiencing the effects.
    Believe it.

    • I know of a person who becomes…

      That is what is called anecdotal evidence. Little stories… No “peer Reviewed Statistical studies” — just vague stories.You are missing my point! The Red Star puts up one article of someone who “believes in” the problem and we should swallow it? We should become “believers” too? Rigggghhhhttttt!

      Rather than being supportive of the issue here you should be logging in to The Star and asking why this evidence is more believable than the evidence against wind turbines.

      Do you get it now?

      Before you start in on me — I have taught RF and license courses (have sufficient electrical engineering knowledge) and am very familiar with “radiation poisoning” caused by UHF and upwards — spare me…

      I am asking that everyone here call The Moscow Star to account on why one story about cell towers is more credible than evidence you can hear and measure easily.

      Now I do hope you get it! Pravda!

      • Reuters, Torstar Corp. (TSb.TO)
        See: Overview & Max Chart
        Closed at C$30.61, Jan.1,2004
        Closed at C$5.97, June 1, 2013
        Stock lost ~ 80% of its value.
        What would loss of public goodwill mean for this company?

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