Why do I call them bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco crucifixes….?

seagull_head_and_bodyBy James Delingpole, The Daily Telegraph
I wonder what it will take before the world truly wakes up to the horror, the corruption, the expense, the pointlessness, the total wrongness-in-every-way of the wind industry. My guess – and it will happen – is the decapitation, by a rogue turbine blade, of an innocent passer-by.

Till then, though, we have photographs like this to send the mind boggling as to why anyone, anywhere can still be so purblind as to go on championing these bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco crucifixes. What’s particularly interesting about this one is that it was taken in the constituency of one of wind power’s most fervent and tireless advocates, Caroline Lucas MP.

Here’s a picture of the Brighton Bird Chomper Read article

12 thoughts on “Why do I call them bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco crucifixes….?

  1. It’s great Esther’s case has garnered this attention. Even the brain dead liberals are going to be aware of this. Sure, the corporations are clinging to their contracts, but they are likely starting to wonder how much they can count on their spineless political co-conspirators who have to get re-elected, and likely never believed in AGW to begin with.

  2. WXGUARD, Sept.13,2011
    “Giant wind turbines create more lightning over Denmark”
    Translated from Danish:
    “When the turbines are sufficiently high, affecting the probability of lightning that location. This means that a thunderstorm which normally would not have generated lightning are more likely to do it when thunder cloud must pass a high wind,”
    Not good news for rural Ontarians.

      • IWT developers have been allowed to set the agenda when it comes to IWT safety issues. The issue is not whether or not IWTs are grounded but the extent of the damage they can cause to their surroundings including people.

      • One one wind developer under FAQs has:
        How safe are wind turbines? Answer is a quotation by Paul Gipe
        Lightning & wind turbine operations? Answer is turbines have extensive lightning protection systems to handle high voltage and currents so turbine operations are not affected.
        What kinds of questions and answers are these for public consumption?

  3. ‘[excerpt] Consider the plight of the communities in Canada, where the wind industry is even more aggressive than it is here. One Ontario resident, Esther Wrightman so objected to the Golgotha of 400 foot wind turbines being planned for her area that she created a satirical website mocking the wind developer NextEra energy. She even filmed them chopping down a tree with an eagle’s nest in it in order to make way for the turbines. How did NextEra – market capitalisation $32 billion – respond to her not exactly unreasonable objections? Why by suing the pants off her, of course.

    Fortunately, thanks to the coverage it has been getting from Ezra Levant, Esther Wrightman’s story is becoming an international cause celebre – and the rent-seeking nasties at NextEra are getting the negative publicity they fully deserve.’

    Thank you – James Dilingpole

  4. Hockeyschtick
    Reprint from WSJ, 6-17-13
    “The Rationale for Wind Power Wont’ Fly”
    300 sq miles of land – 192,000 acres – are needed to generate 1,000 megawatts of electricity enough to serve a city of 700,000.
    Scroll down to:
    “Cracks in onshore wind turbine foundations”, Sept.20,2012
    “The appearance of fissures in wind turbine foundations is a rather common event.”
    Gives causes of foundation cracking. Not something the public knows about yet.


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