MNR makes *NEW* rule: destroy bird nests if you are a wind company – I’m not kidding

EAGLE NEST POSTER-F 8.5x11MNR New Rule: Remove Bird Nest and Eggs
Ontario’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act protects the eggs and nests of most wild bird species, with the exception of American crow, brown-headed cowbird, common grackle, house sparrow, red-winged blackbird, or starling. This includes both active (in use) nests and inactive (not in use) nests of species that tend to return to the same nest year after year.

Effective July 1, 2013, the following do not need approval from MNR to destroy or remove a nest or eggs:

1. A person carrying out a renewable energy project with the required renewable energy approval under the Environmental Protection Act. 

2. A person conducting maintenance on an electricity transmission or distribution line or on a telecommunications line or broadcast tower in cases where the nest or eggs create a risk to the function of the line or tower.

3. A forest operation in accordance with an approved forest management plan. Any other disturbance or removal of nests and eggs requires authorization from MNR. Read more

32 thoughts on “MNR makes *NEW* rule: destroy bird nests if you are a wind company – I’m not kidding

  1. The MNR used to protect our natural resourses.
    This link is going to my MPP right now. This is un-flippin believable…

  2. “Additional authorizations are required for bird species listed as threatened or endangered under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act.
    “These provisions do not apply to migratory bird species that are protected under the federal Migratory Birds Convention Act.”

    Not QUITE as bad as it initially seems. The last two paragraphs do mitigate it a little bit.

    • The bald eagle is “only” a species of ‘special concern’, so I’m thinking hacking down one of their nests is now perfectly legal…if you are a renewable energy company.

      • Although the local eagles often don’t migrate, I believe they are considered a migratory bird and are protected under the migratory bird act. Five minutes on the webpage of that act – couldn’t find a list of birds.

  3. Hello Washington – yes, Ontario got the memo;
    and, we’re right on schedule;
    we’re calling it – the Summer of Love.

    Talk soon.

    • California has two eco-nut senators and an eco-nut house minority leader so what else can be expected when it comes to birds/eagles in California or the Treaty.

  4. The entire government is sickening….timely to completely disband…and start fresh. No need for MOE or MNR….they can’t do their jobs properly anyway.

  5. Conclusion: The MNR and MOE have been effectively dismantled and replaced by a dictatorial group of politicians making sure their back room buddies are guaranteed a never ending supply of tax dollars with no consequences for illegal acts!

    • That about says it all!

      Then we have small community groups accepting donations hand over foot from these wind companies, turning a blind eye to it all.

      Maddening .

  6. As someone that witnessed the destruction first hand and had the unfortunate chance to talk to the knob that signed the order! Nothing suprises me from these idiots in the Liberal Comunist Party. Its all BULL%$&T!
    No one in the government system will accept any responsibility from any angle. Its pass the buck as fast as possible!

    • The person who signed that order had to have the authority to do so. Where did his authority come from and when?

      • The minister of MNR claimed it wasnt him, the Supervisor signed it but said the decision wasnt his,,, a whole lot of blah blah blah!

      • This was passed some time ago — I forget whether it was “Order in Council” or a modification to an act of parliament — I think it was the latter.

        Either way it is bringing us closer to the Liberal Vision of our Brave New World.

        Your chocolate ration was increased again today…

      • Then the person on the next level above this guy was involved. These are employees who work under the direction of the Minister of Natural Resources and/ or whomever is charge of the employees.
        In this case the person involved here should have been suspended pending an investigation.

      • The government corruption appears complete – rubbish, rubbish, rubbish!

      • Then this person has no proof that he didn’t act alone?

      • The supervisor has then taken it upon himself to issue a directive/ sign an order but has no proof of where his athority to do this came from.
        It wouldn’t be the first time that employees have been engaged in actions with private parties that they should not have been.

      • This guy who signed the order was either “hung-out-to-dry” or acted on his own? So which is it?
        Maybe more digging might provide the answer.

  7. MNR…well..not the first time they’ve copped out when it comes to wildlife protection..have been doing it for decades when some big buck developers have lobbied the idiot politicans who give the orders to MNR bureaucrats and of course, they obey! Bureaucrats might be jobless if they didn’t.
    No ethics in government today.

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    • One could even view this as “Esther’s Law” in the sense that we need no longer be outraged at the wind turbine companies and post nasty video clips of them removing Eagle nests as it is all now clearly spelled out as being both allowable and environmentally sound.

      This will allow her to resolve her current lawsuit — pay off the multimillion dollar legal fees — give up all her possessions ($21.47) and then carry on a normal life — on the street and with a barrel for clothing.

      Cheers (and hth — hope that helps)

  9. One person clearly to blame for this BS still going on in Ontario is the leader of the NDP who decided to side with the Liberals to prevent an election that could have possibly put an end to this mess. Now the Liberals will rush as many projects through as they can before they are finally put out of office. The damage they are doing to Ontario and it’s people will be enormous by then.
    And no one will be held accountable. That’s the way it seems to work now.

    • The Hypocrisy of the NDP is way too much to take anymore. Andrea Horwath and her lap dog Tabuns both voted for the Green Energy Act and NOW Tabuns is all up in the face of the McGuinty Government for screwing tax payers out of 1/2 billion for the gas plants!…………….this arrogant ignorant man should be hanging his head in utter shame, not blowing his mouth off at another disgusting gang of thieves that he would fit right in with if his shirt was red, instead of orange………..oh yeah that’s the new colours of this fake Government!!!…………………

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