South Bruce Penninsula Not a Willing Host

Bruce picketToday, June 18, 2013, the Town of South Bruce Peninsula Council unanimously passed a resolution stating: “….And that in light of comments made by Premier Wynn with regard to municipalities and their willingness to host wind turbine developments;
That the Council for the Corporation of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula does hereby declare that South Bruce Peninsula is not a willing host to industrial wind turbine development;….”

There was some re-directing of importance and minimalizing the effect of the motion strongly stated by Mayor Close, the recent past president of the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Federal Liberal Riding Association, using the Town’s and the County’s Official Plans as defence that they would trump a resolution of this type. In the end, Councillors voted unanimously to be on the record that when the Town actually does change the Official Plan, at least planners would know that the municipality is against hosting Industrial Wind Turbines development.

This concludes the declarations by every municipality of Bruce County that at their municipal level, there is no place that can be considered as a willing host to industrial wind turbine development. Even for those municipalities that already have some development, they are no longer willing hosts.

5 thoughts on “South Bruce Penninsula Not a Willing Host

  1. Communities still don’t have a say despite the Lieberals fancy rewording of F.I.T. We are still living under the undemocratic Green Act. I wonder if there is a community in Ontario with the
    spine to actually block construction of turbines? Of course there would be trouble but the most important question is still….’how much do you value the health rights of your citizens?’ That would
    take a Churchill-like-character to step forward. Well maybe not. Our First Nations people can break the law on a regular basis. Did you see the nude cyclists flaunting the law and other things recently in Toronto? If we could talk these two parties into joining the cause then turbines would be stopped with no charges laid. (Damn that dream!)

  2. No one dares criticize fully grown, and very “mature” (in years anyway), adults, when they decide to expose themselves to men, women, and children who did not ask for this vulgar display. A group of innocent people just happen to be at Queen’s Park trying to defend themselves against a corrupt and dictatorial government, and we have police and QP security watching us very carefully. The lawbreakers ride by grinning and waving, and neither the police, not the QP security made a move, or lifted a finger to call for back-up. Being Liberal, obviously means being above the law.

    • Maybe you would like to share your recent QP experience with Madeleine Meilleur Ontario Minister Of Community Safety & Correctional Services?

    • I don’t see what’s vulgar about the human body. Some aren’t too attractive – but that isn’t always improved with clothes. OTOH, rows of jack-booted gov’t troops banging on their shields as they advance on peaceful and legitimate protesters (as well as the not-so-peaceful and unsanctioned protesters) – in the downtown of a major Canadian city – now THAT is vulgar.

  3. I am so pleased to see that all of our County of Bruce municipalities have spoken out in a united voice. Bruce County should make note of this and relay this message our provincial government, all MPs, MPPs, all ministries, all counties within Ontario, and all wind companies that have/are targeting within our county. And anyone else they can think of.
    Yes, there is much more work to do but this is quite an achievement by everyone who is fighting the injustice of IWT in our county and beyond.

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