Blowing our tax dollars on windmills

windBy Michel Kelly-Gagnon is President of the Montreal Economic Institute   Sun News

Who doesn’t love windmills?  The very word conjures up nostalgic images of solitary brick or wooden towers with vanes set against picturesque fields. Of course, wind farms nowadays are filled with row upon row of tall, steel tube towers, but even these wind turbines have a sparse, modern beauty to them.

The thing is, wind power is also expensive. In Quebec, it’s about 2.5 times more expensive to produce than hydroelectricity from large dams in the James Bay area (roughly 14¢ versus 5.5¢ per kWh), which account for most of the electricity produced by Hydro-Quebec.

Moreover, the province has more energy than it needs, which is why the government cancelled six small hydroelectric projects earlier this year. If that’s the case, why are Quebec taxpayers still indirectly subsidizing the wind power industry to the tune of $695 million a year? And why is the government announcing new supply contracts for wind power?  Read article

6 thoughts on “Blowing our tax dollars on windmills

  1. Nice to know that we are not alone, Quebecers are getting scammed also with this ponzi scheme

  2. Welcome to new world enslavement. agenda 21 and all that crap to keep us focused on Canada day as we do not have a Canadian government but a Harper government. Maybe we should also change it to Harper Day. all this crap for government corporations.It separates us all and causes all these wars that we also pay big taxes on for, ad all this wind turbine waste and we will all be a third world area.
    Lets cheer on how great Canada is while they milk us dry and send us off living in cities as agenda 21 wants us to do.
    Sorry no flag of war to be raised up in my hand but a white flag for peace on earth as it has been hell on earth for me.

    • The ONLY option left to US to regain control over OUR lands and money is to take back our Municipal Government…..without complete approval from the Municipal level of Government for this fraudulent behaviour (sell-out) at all other levels of Government this country wouldn’t be a DICTATORSHIP!

  3. I’ve said this a million times….
    If they’re pushing IWT’s in Quebec (80%+ hydro-electric) then there is no doubt that it’s a scam. Nothing to do with saving the planet.

  4. I got this email from Lisa Thompson MPP Huron-Bruce

    From: Thompson, Lisa
    Sent: Friday, June 21, 2013 2:14 PM
    Subject: FW: Time for OPP to Investigate the Liberals’ Gas Plant Cover-Up

    Hi Barry:

    As the PC Critic for Green Energy, I thought I would respond. Since the GEA was introduced and passed in 2009, the PC’s have put forth about a dozen motions, resolutions and bills to try to stop way industrial wind turbines are forced onto unwilling host communities.

    We have said that when we form the next government, we will end the FIT program and not allow contracts going forward and we will have a serious look at all contracts that have been approved and yet to be built. We cannot continue to force wind turbines on communities that do not want them–it’s all wrong.

    I have been doing a lot of work on this file and have many press releases on this issues, including yesterday’s Samsung announcement. They can all be found online at

    I hope this helps you understand our position a bit more. As an MPP in a riding facing approx. 1000 more wind turbines in Huron-Bruce, we need to put a stop to this.

    Kind Regards,

    Lisa Thompson

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Barry Bridgeford
    Sent: June 7, 2013 11:14 AM
    To: Ontario PC Party
    Subject: Re: Time for OPP to Investigate the Liberals’ Gas Plant Cover-Up

    While you’re looking at the gas plants, how about giving a serious look at the financial and lobbying hanky-panky regarding the Green Energy Act and the Industrial Wind Turbines.

    Those poor rural people with the IWT’s stuck in their ‘backyards’ can only take it so long. Between health impacts and devalued properties .. they are stuck in hell!

    All those contracts for the IWT’s should be invalidated because the industrialists lied about the health impacts. The next government (you guys) should tear them up because they were acquired through fraud.

    As long as you guys keep saying you’ll honour the existing IWT contracts, I have to stop short of supporting you.

    You have to do the only honourable thing and take a stand against all the IWT contracts within 2 kilometers of residential properties and schools .. against those IWT contracts both proposed and already built!!!!

    Without honouring the health of residents over the fraudulent interests of industrialists, you cannot claim that the PC party has any honour!

    Barry Bridgeford

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