Entegrus and Hydro One investigating

Toronto Power Failure 20090116By Bob Boughner, Chatham Daily News
Reports of power quality issues in the Erieau area are being investigated by Entegrus, according to Mike Goodwin, the company’s manager of engineering. “We have heard from some customers who are having power quality issues and we are looking into the matter along with Hydro One,” he said.

Goodwin said he was only aware of some issues in the Erieau area. He noted that Erieau is at the far end of the grid. The Hydro One district station is located on Erieau Road. Erieau businessman Doug Barnier, owner of Erieau Marina, told The Daily News Wednesday he purchased a $35,000 generator system as a backup because of the hydro quality issue. He said his company can’t afford power interruptions. Read article

5 thoughts on “Entegrus and Hydro One investigating

  1. Power quality is a huge problem in Clear Creek, Norfolk County, Ontario where Mike Crawley’s AIM PowerGen frauded…err…I mean… took advantage of OPA regulations and divided one large 18 wind turbine project into three separate projects, which appear on paper to each be “less than 10 megawatts in capacity,” and so eligible (at the time) to get the contracts…

    AFTER the wind turbines were built, they realized more transformer stations were needed to accommodate all this new (low quality) power generated by the wind turbines, so they built new transformer stations.

    To correct its mistakes and ignore frauds, the Ontario Power Authority decided to ;focus on the good times.; This is how the Ontario Power Authority perceived the situation on May 13, 2008:

    “Some larger projects divided up to qualify for RESOP contracts

    “Moving RESOP Forward
    – Ensure fair and efficient allocation by setting proponent limits:
    • No more than 10 MW of projects per proponent per Transformer

    • “Hide-and-seek-for-two-grand-a-week”

      Recently a Hydro One worker told a customer: “We’ve had to spend more than a Million dollars around Clear Creek fixing….”

  2. Speaking of power misinformation … had a discussion with my breakfast server this morning …

    I told her useless wind turbines had been contributing next to no power to the grid over the last few days of this hot, sticky, calm weather when everyone’s air conditioning is dialed up to the max.
    She said her air conditioning was working just fine.

    I explained to her that IWTs were not particularly green (everybody on this site knows why so I won’t elaborate).
    She said that she was a dyed-in-the-wool environmentalist and always voted for the Green Party.

    I indicated that I was also an environmentalist but wouldn’t vote for the spectacularly inept and anti-environment McGuinty / Wynne Liberals under any circumstances.
    She said “at least they didn’t cancel the gas plants like the federal Harper government”.

    At this point I just said “Google everything we discussed and maybe we’ll talk again some time”.

    If this is typical of the supposedly well educated, connected, social media savvy youth of today, then good luck with that. I’m sure they’re right up to speed on the real important issues, like who had what for lunch, who’s going where and who’s doing who …

  3. I didn’t hear about power issues from the Erieau area until now …. a few months after the start up of the GDF Suez (used to be AIM) Erieau wind project…the same project that has 8 turbines that have to be removed from near the C-K airport… what a disaster.

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