Dufferin Wind Power Inc. has dropped the expropriation bomb

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Dufferin Wind Power Inc. has dropped the expropriation bomb. A little more than one week after county council agreed to revisit negotiating a rail corridor easement agreement with the wind farm developer, Dufferin Wind filed for expropriation to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) on Friday (July 19). Dufferin Wind intends to build a 230 kV transmission line along the county-owned rail corridor running from its 99 MW wind farm in Melancthon to Amaranth. Both the 49-turbine wind farm and transmission line have received provincial approval.

Permission to build the transmission line requires Dufferin Wind to have land agreements in place with any affected property owners before construction can begin. Those property owners include the county and a number of private landowners found in Dufferin. “To construct the transmission facilities in accordance with the route approved in the Leave to Construct decision from the OEB, Dufferin Wind Power requires an easement along the former rail corridor to allow for a power line,” Connie Roberts, spokesperson for Dufferin Wind, said in an email.

Dufferin Wind could seek to acquire the land in two ways. It could successfully negotiate agreements or choose to expropriate land through the OEB. After going back-and-forth with Dufferin Wind for nearly two years, county council decided to sit back down at the negotiation table again on July 11. Dufferin CAO Sonya Pritchard hadn’t been able to meet with Dufferin Wind officials until Wednesday (July 24), when she was told they had filed for expropriation. “They knew we were still interested in talking. They’d been made aware,” she said. “At the same time, Dufferin Wind had previously made it clear that they were going to start the expropriation process.” Read article

7 thoughts on “Dufferin Wind Power Inc. has dropped the expropriation bomb

  1. well if that isnt opening up a whole new can of worms!

    We need to make the OEB know that this is another outrage that will let
    The wind slime roll ovet rural Ont even harder.

    As non participants we should be allowed a say that were just not handing our lands over for their green scam!

    Its criminal and we need to contact the oeb now. Theyll all follow suit if they allow this!

  2. Only a statutory authority such as a government or Hydro can expropriate. Dufferin Wind is not in this category and will have to request the province to act for it – neither Hydro nor the municipality will act for the wind company. In an expropriation hearing the applicant (Dufferin Wind) pays all the costs for independent legal counsel AND the independent appraisers for the expropriated parties. Ms. Crump is mouthing typical wind company bs when she states that the award amount will be less. This action will cost Dufferin Wind a pile. It is repugnant, to say the least, that the province would act to execute the expropriation for the wind company. The Liberals must like abusing their own citizens to benefit foreign companies.

    • Unfortunately, OEB’s authority to expropriate is outlined in the Expropriations Act. The Ontario Energy Board Act states if the OEB finds the expropriation in the public’s best interest…it may grant the expropriation. There does not seem to be any specific differentiation, by exclusion or otherwise, between public and private interests.

      This could very well end up going through…but it remains to be seen if the interpretation of the intention of the legislation includes expropriating public land for private use.

  3. Hopefully the land owners that are not negotiating have Land Patent Grants. In the attempt to remove all barriers for the renewable energy initiative the provincial government through the Green Energy Act seems to have taken control over all land in the rural municipalities. This is not democratic. What happened to the democratic rights granted to each citizen of this country according to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

    • Under the GEA the “Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms” was made redundant. It was “deleted” and replaced by whatever the Liberal Party Leader thinks is in the “public’s best interest”. Sorry! let me rephrase that “whatever is in the scam’s best interest”. Democracy be dammed

      Keep your stick on your sign

    • Real Property rights go way back beyond the Charter in English law. There were those who at that time said the Charter would cause problems later. Were they correct?
      The idea that the government can expropriate real property for the financial benefit of private individuals has taken hold now. Usual excuse is that this will provide jobs.
      The original intent was this was to benefit all of the public and not just one or a few.

      • you can guarantee the jobs will not be those from our province but experienced people brought in from elsewhere. Just like in southwestern Ontario where the workers all had Michigan licence plates.

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