Huron East decides it cannot proceed with appeal against St. Columban wind approval

wind transmission linesMitchell Advocate
While Huron East council has decided it doesn’t have enough evidence to launch a successful appeal against the recently-approved St. Columban Wind project, Mayor Bernie MacLellan said the municipality would like to gain intervenor status as part of an appeal submitted by two McKillop families.

“There are specific things the tribunal will listen to in an appeal,” explained MacLellan after Huron East’s July 16 council meeting. “Part of our problem with going to the Ontario Energy Board is we didn’t even fit the criteria of what allows us to have an appeal, based on their standards. If we felt we had any argument to get our foot in the door to the tribunal, we would.”

MacLellan said that Huron East cannot argue a definite health risk caused by the St. Columban wind development since its complaints centred around two turbines the municipality was concerned were located too close to the road.

“We would need to prove that something could come off the turbine and become a traffic hazard or a distraction,” he said, adding the municipality would have to find evidence that such a hazard has been documented to have happened. Read article

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