The two-pronged plug of high electricity prices

ElectricRatesBy Toby Barrett, Queen’s Park The Sachem
High electricity prices are a two-pronged plug. Not only do higher prices consume people’s expendable income, but they also suffocate our business and industrial sectors. Those with air conditioning find some comfort from this summer’s heat and humidity, but many are finding that comfort displaced with shock when they open their electricity bills. Prices for the electricity portion on your bill now range from the 6.7 cents/kWh to 12.4 cents/kWh at peak time. There has been a significant increase from the 4.3 cents/KWh in place when the present government took office in 2003. But that is just for today’s actual electricity! Add to that distribution charges, debt retirement, HST and your electricity bill skyrockets.

Affordable energy is a cornerstone of economic growth. Provinces that have taken steps to assure a steady supply of power at fair rates are more attractive to new industry and better equipped to retain those already there. Provinces like Ontario where power rates are being driven up by expensive renewable energy subsidies are not.

If we are to bring back jobs, we must replace the subsidy program for wind and solar projects with an energy policy based on what is best for the economy. We must establish a new power rate for manufacturing and resource-based industry that is competitive with neighbouring provinces and states. Read article

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  1. We must establish a new power rate for manufacturing and resource-based industry that is competitive with neighbouring provinces and states.

    Sounds like a subsidy. I’m tired of subsidies — how about we just get rid of all the electrical energy subsidies and start over with some sane policy.

    Let’s not pay for green children’s toys — like windmills.

    • Sounds like some are visiting Germany again this summer and bringing back more failed Germany energy policy.

    • NOTricksZone, July 26,2013″
      As Dog Days Of Summer Grip Europe, German Windparks And Consumers Take A Massive Hit”
      “Germany’s 31 gigawatt capacity wind parks have been idled by weeks of summer wind doldrums, causing spot market electricity prices to soar.”

      • Well, yes, the highest prices for mor than 4 weeks – soaring ub a tiny fraction of a cent instead of keeping falling. The truth is, the 31 GW Wind power delivered few electricity therse days, it was produced in the neighboring coutrys which had the windy “bad weather” during these weeks. But the 35 GW Solar power was running extra hours during the same time, keeping the total produced elecricity about constant.

        Greetings from germany

  2. I am on your side WillR. If they didn’t subsidize these useless forms of energy, we would be able to more accurately assess the energy forms that work best for our province. Most people, unfortunately, have no idea where the money they are being charged, is going. The waste alone, with this new agenda, is enough to make any truly environmentally aware person, green with nausea! Allowing spillage at the Falls???, in order to accommodate the useless wind turbines? There is nothing greener than our good hydro power. It is blatantly obvious that this scam is all about money….NOT our environment.

  3. Canada’s whole political propaganda is a joke. we really are F%^* as a country these jokers need to be hand cuffed and put away. Any other country they would pay severely in a different form.

  4. The European countries that promote IWTs also have national health services which the government runs and controls.
    These two entities have to be in accord for governments to get IWTs installed. You can’t have the health services telling citizens that IWTs are harmful and install IWTs.
    Canada has provincial health services which are run by the very same people who want to install IWTs. So wake up Ontarians!!!

  5. I have been at a couple of the last council meetings one in Seaforth for the St Colombian area and London at the delta downtown with the energy liars and spoke to a few of the citizens who have had to live near theses turbines. These people are very distraught and until you actually see the pain and frustration that these people live with it is appalling. The only choice these people have is to pack up and leave their devalued property or wake up every day and have to see these useless pieces of machinery that we all know are dividing communities and not producing the outcome needed . Globally its proven that these will all be decommissioned and all we will look back on is how the government let this happened.. Is there any update on the email deleting scam. I would like to see Dalton and Wynn in hand cuffs and behind bars. Thick as thieves that’s all the pair are

  6. The Liberal Government subsidises power sold to neighbouring jurisdictions, making our power even more expensive. Yet another billion dollar boondoggle that needs to come to the forefront in the byelections.

    “Based on our analysis of net exports and pricing data from the IESO, we estimated that from
    2005 to the end of our audit in 2011, Ontario received $1.8 billion less for its electricity exports
    than what it actually cost electricity ratepayers of Ontario.
    (2011 Annual Report of the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario_page 112)”

  7. Just look at how long this has been going on,police protecting wind scammers,MOE siding with wind scammers,health studies are a joke,politicians lie,coruption in the energy system,costs are going out thru the roof.
    Noticed no one from any sort of government agencies protecting us in this matter
    Yet they want us to keep our selves healthy by force medicating us with Chinese flouride into our drinking water to absorb into our bloodstream,vaccinations if we want them or not,spraying our skies if we like it or not,feeding us GMOs if we like it or not(no labelling it),forced pasteurized milk if we like it or not. on and on it goes.
    This is Government interference on our free will and we gave them consent.yes it may be a little better than some African countries.
    Thanks to us registered beings as a corporate citizenSHIP as then you are their corporated property and on there ship by consent ,just like if you joined the military your under their command, only a little less noticeable as to fool you that you have rights..
    Applied for the big sin card you lost your true freedom and cannot complain about the unrepayable debt were are in ,as we gave them our consent. Look at fine print as we truly do not need this card.
    Lots to learn from all these scams taking place,but knowledge and learning the dirty tricks will then start the change and the outcome,its still your free will to stop this.
    There is a hell of a lot more to learn if you even look at the court system,the royals,crown.Vatican if you start to think outside their box they put you in.
    You can complain but they do not care as you are stuck in their box and they got your consent.
    This Wind scam has made me look at what has really been going on,and that is one positive thing they have done for me. I seen both sides of the table and now know most of the real truth out there.

  8. Reuters, July 26,2013
    “Column: Well intentioned but flawed, U.S. biofuel policy in need of change”
    Gasoline prices went up because consumption went down as refiners and importers have hit the 10% “blend wall”. Now refiners and importers have to buy RINs which are now ~ $1/gal and expected to rise again.
    As the amount of ethanol increases in a gallon of gas so do the RINs and the RINs cost money.
    Diesel fuel is affected the same way
    .Consumers are paying for RINs and not gasoline and they are also paying taxes on RINs.
    All of this is very inflationary “green” energy policy.
    But governments love all the increased tax revenues.

    • Good reference to show people what they are paying for when they buy gasoline or diesel and before the article gets taken down.

      • People were also told that their electric bills would be lower if they used less electricity.Same with gasoline and diesel fuel.
        The public sure dosen’t mind being lied to time after time by those promoting conservation.

    • National Post, July 19,2013
      “Motor Mouth: Besides Tesla, no one actually wants to make electric cars”
      Compliance EVs are being made in just enough volume to satisfy the requirements of a few places like California. And some makes are sold only in California.
      Ontario spent a few millions to make EVs for the California market?

      Rural Ontarians need to be in command of all the issues in the upcoming election.

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