Samsung wind project receives approval

si- drennansJohn Spears, Toronto Star
Samsung Renewable Energy and two partners have received provincial approval for a 270 megawatt wind power project in western Ontario. The K2 project in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Township near Goderich has received renewable energy approval for the 140-turbine development, the company said Tuesday. Samsung’s partners in the venture are Pattern Energy and Capital Power.

The companies say they hope to start construction later this year, with operation starting in 2015. Samsung has signed an agreement with the township to deliver $15 million in funding for community initiatives over the next 20 years. It will also pay $1,500 a year to the owner of any home within one kilometre of a turbine. But the project, which has already been taken to court once, could be subject to legal challenges.

Shawn and Tricia Drennan, who farm in the area of the proposed wind farm, argue that the development could threaten their health, as well as the health of their livestock and the value of their farm. That violates their right to security of the person under the Charter of Rights, they argue. Read article

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    • “You must know who you are!” And, you must know who they are! They are legal fiction creations of man subservient to man and man’s law. These fictions are created under the laws of man and therefore subservient to them. Without man’s law these legal fictions would not exist. Man is their creator, therefore they are subservient to man.
      Other than that then we gave them (the they) consent for these approvals unless we act like man and not a person.

    • Of course not. Just slam that rubber stamp down.. Much like the disgusting education minister said about her job….they probably didn’t even read the damned thing!!!

  1. Welllll…. I have a quick and dirty model of the “investment” here on my screen It shows a potential for $1 Billion in profits over twenty years based on best guesses of the numbers.

    I keep saying — with this much money on the table do you really think they care about health issues…

    This is 10% of the project!

    • I sent that spreadsheet output sheet to Esther — she can publish it if she wishes to.

      It takes some work to understand — but hopefully she will publish the document or one like it and people will see why this is not going to slow down without a strong economic argument against the turbines.

      • Agreeded! Ontario will end up where Europe is now and where electricity costs consumers 3 times what it costs in the U.S.
        Manufacturers will go to places where energy costs are lower..

  2. What, only money for those that live within 1 k? What will they have to sign? Sounds like blood money to me. I would be interested to see if anyone takes it. Hey, Shawn and Trish you will get $1500.00 a year!!!!Party TIME!!! LOL

    • The interesting thing here is that *finally* wind companies are acknowledging that quality of like is impacted. Obviously the amount is too low, but the fact that it is mentioned at all is significant.

    • Barely enough to pay for a decent retainer for a lawyer. Gonna have to sue to get any real money! The wind companies are doing this to try to shut people up. I know this from a wind weasel that was very upset, because he feels people like me, are a huge threat to the entire renewables program. They are losing investors like crazy, it seems that turbines are now considered too controversial, for any organization that cares about it’s reputation, to get messed up with. It is our fault, he claims. I told him that it was the fault of the wind industry, who abused us in the first place, and until they stopped, and made amends to the people they have already harmed, it will only get worse and worse, till it will ruin their chances of doing any business in Ontario. I told him, if that was the best that they can do, they should not be doing business here, and they should have their contracts all cancelled for the false claims they have all been making. When no one at the table would defend him….he left, and went to another table. The man from the solar industry commented after the windweasel left, saying that the wind industry had hurt the solar industry, because people now hate all renewables. He said it is pretty obvious, that the time of investment in renewables in Ontario…is over. I tried to feel bad…, really. O.K., not really! LOL

  3. No one at QP seems to care about who these developers are that the province does business with.

  4. The original story on the approval mentions 15 day appeal period for any Ont resident, dated jul 23, Does this have to go through one last appeal? Not that I would have any hope, given the money these guys have at their disposal. Not many Bandings turtles in Ashfield that I am aware of. The original link still up below. Still would be nice for papers to at least mention an appeal process..

  5. As far as approvals,realistically who gave them this authority to harm us and continue our rights to say no more as real evidence from real living men and women and children are indeed telling the truth they do harm and are useless in generating realistic amounts of energy at a savings.
    So my focus from here on in is set on writing letters to officials who think they are in power to explain to me how it is that they believe that they hold authority over everyone. There is no need to use force, but there is a need to apply pressure on them until their imaginary flood gates burst open. The letters I hope will be educational and inspire others start engaging the system as well.

    • D p l ………I’m a 70 Year + retiree and have never had to resort to using force in my life.
      I am not an ‘agitator’ nor a ‘protester’, just a rural Ontarian who has been give no single credible reason as to why a supposed democratically elected provincial government has handed over their authority to foreign companies to ‘rape and pillage’ Ontario’s economy. We all know that neither wind nor solar energy can benefit Ontario in any way.
      Unfortunately I cannot agree with your comment ‘..there is no need to use force…’.
      All the pressure applied world wide, over the past 20 years, has resulted in not even any real crack appearing in your ‘floodgates’ so far.
      Perhaps, with no alternatives, there could be some thought given to polishing off those shotguns and actually going out to defend our homes and communities as our political masters have so far offered no support to those they claim to represent?
      Democracy only fails when those who believe in it decide it is no longer worth defending.
      Today, particularly with regard to Ontario’s energy policies, democracy, if not dead, is already on life support. Desperate times sometimes require desperate measures.
      Andrew Watts

      • I believe we should turn all turbine sites into picnic areas, complete with kids, dogs, lunchbaskets etc. and block off the road with people. Parades too….parades can go on forever! Does anyone own a fighter jet???

      • Gandhi won freedom thru non-violent “passive resistance.” Like Dpl says, “educate” and “inspire”.

        We were indoctrinated as kids to believe in the benevolent state. We are finding that those pulling the strings behind the scenes aren’t motivated by public good. I just learned that Anglo bankers were helping Nazis finance the war by laundering gold teeth…while allied boys were dieing.

        goggle: Banking with hitler

        Western economies have been hollowed out by the bankers and are drowning in debt. Green is just another money making scam. Health, economics are of no concern to these people and co-conspirators. SAME. SAME.

        “educate” and “inspire” the non-believers to see gouvernment in a new light.

  6. Victims v. Shareholders

    We could have done more, says Montreal, Maine & Atlantic CEO
    CBC News, Posted: Jul 31, 2013

    ‘Ed Burkhardt, the embattled chairman of Montreal, Maine & Atlantic, admits his company could have done more to prevent the train derailment and explosions in Lac-Mégantic.

    “The issue about whether we’re going to declare bankruptcy is something that we haven’t decided. We have this under study, It’s a very complex issue. And it certainly involves the insurance coverage as part of it,” he said.

    “We’re functioning at a lower level than normal because our main line is blocked at Lac-Mégantic, so our business is down
    He said that the economic fallout of the July 6 train disaster had hurt his company badly.

    “We’re all victims of what occurred. Our company has suffered very badly and that’s going to go on,” he said, adding that he didn’t believe the damage sustained by the company and the damage sustained by Lac-Mégantic were at all similar.

    Still, he said, the disaster could be the end of MM&A.
    “This may cost us our company. This may cost us our investment, cost the employees their jobs, the customers in Quebec, in Maine their rail service,” he said.

    Burkhardt said he believed the insurance company would eventually pay, and that, “with the insurance money, we can obviously carry on this effort for a good long time.”

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