An omen?

twitter: wwxchaser (near Arthur, ON)tornado.jpg-large

11 thoughts on “An omen?

  1. Flash!
    Wynne chaser – demands ‘social justice’ for the
    corn field.

    Now you see ‘her’ – now you don’t.
    She’s like magic!

  2. We were pleased to see that sign included in the news broadcast last night about the tornado near Arthur.

    • In the first newscast I saw, about 20% of the sign was showing, enough for me to know what it was about.

      In subsequent reports that I watched on various networks, the video was cropped to remove the sign.

      I had been watching CTV and Global news.

  3. It was great to see the Stop the Wind Turbines sign on the news broadcast last night. A subtle poke to the unaware public, showing there is some support from the media.

  4. Every time we have severe weather I pray that a funnel cloud comes down on the turbines!!!

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