“Mothers Against Wind Turbines Yard Sale” at Lowbanks

4 thoughts on ““Mothers Against Wind Turbines Yard Sale” at Lowbanks

  1. Thankyou to everyone who participated with our sale. We are anticipating a legal challenge if , as usual, this huge NRWC project, proposed in our communities, is approved. We want it to be clear that the monies will be used to defend our children, and therefore, our community, in every way that we can, from the NRWC project, whether that be legally, through education campaigns, or protests, by ourselves, and with other communities. We are working on ways to get more community involvement, and believe that knowledge of the issues is the key. So every fundraising event, is also an information sharing event. Anyone wishing to help by donating their time, or a sheet of wood, etc. for making huge signs, is welcomed to contact us. We want to install as many signs, at well-traveled locations, as possible. Suggestions for great locations, also appreciated!!! Our children, are our future, and they cannot afford this windscam in any way, physically, financially, or emotionally. Thanks again everyone, from the “Mothers Against Wind Turbines!”

  2. (darn no correction function on this comment thread) Exact quote from Shellie was “Irate mums are deadlier than CO2, any day!”

  3. What an amazing and informative day! It was nice to see the message and knowledge getting out into the community:) Flyers were made up informing the public about health issues, with a focus on children….We must continue to fight for our children and their future….they are being forgotten about during this injustice, worldwide!!! Thanks to everyone that donated and also came by to help and purchase items to help spread the word about our cause! If anyone would like to represent the Mothers Against Wind Turbines in their community, please let us know and we can send out our information package/literature.

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