What wind turbine construction is really made of: Oil spills, wetland draining & dust

Come and witness the devastation that is taking place for the Northland Power McLean’s Mountain Winfarm on Manitoulin Island. Come and witness the spills.

Of particular note is the pumping of construction water through the fence onto non participiating leaseholders land. This has taken place at turbine location 21 where it was identified this location is a wet area.

The turbine location now appears to have been moved about 50 metres to the east which is out of compliance with the allowable limit to be relocated. This further impacts our bushlot property.

The construction of this turbine location must be halted until a full investigation is completed.

Raymond Beaudry

6 thoughts on “What wind turbine construction is really made of: Oil spills, wetland draining & dust

  1. Raymond, the environmental destruction is unbelievable and then people are told this kind of environmental destruction can be mitigated.

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  3. Does the local municipal government have any interest or are they willing to comment on this unacceptable activity on the island?

  4. Oh yes, but in the draft sites it states
    Its highly localized. That means a big so what to any non participant!

    Hope you make lots of noise about it
    And send your info on to the closest
    News crew!!

  5. Anarchy! I thought we had laws! Can’t call the authorities: they wouldn’t know what to do because our rights and those of the environment are trampled by the Greed Energy Act!

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