Ontario’s power policies an example of what not to do

20130707-102307-gGwyn Morgan,  The Globe and Mail

The political firestorm raging in Ontario about the cost of cancelling two natural-gas-fired power plants reminds me of a conversation I had with then-premier Dalton McGuinty in 2005. At the time, I was head of Encana Corp. and we were co-chairing a Public Policy Forum event. As we chatted privately before the dinner, he said: “As a gas producer, you must be happy we’re going to close our coal-fired power plants.” I replied: “Well, it’s not a big deal in the context of our North American gas markets, but you’d better make sure those gas power plants are built before you shut the coal plants.”

Eight years later, Ontario power consumers are stuck paying $585-million for two gas-fired plants that were never built. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Mr. McGuinty’s decision to shutter the coal-fired plants was followed in 2010 by his government’s Green Energy and Economy Act, aimed at replacing some of the coal-fired power with highly subsidized wind and solar energy while, supposedly, turning Ontario into the green power capital of North America. Read article

14 thoughts on “Ontario’s power policies an example of what not to do

  1. I guess the media is being hit in the pocket book now, hence a too late article that was given to them in 2003!……….there are bodies out here guys and you just are not looking beyond the GTA….bunch of teenage loser sniffin dorks!!!!!!!!!

    • Even Globe And Mail articles like this won’t stop the IWTs now. Not as long as the developers can make big bucks on these horse-and-buggy contraptions.

  2. Kind of late for the G&M tp publish an article such as this. After all this paper backed McGuinty for re-election two years ago.
    Now that a complete mess has been made in the Ontario energy sector the paper wants to fess up to this.

  3. He and his environment minister had pass BA’s in Biology and their law degree…

    They though they could our-engineer the power engineers.

    So how did that work out — eh? Politicians are smarter than engineers — right? They proved it — right?

  4. Late to the party? yes. But the media and social pressure must be brought to bear on politicians and awareness to the GTA. Encourage them to keep the pressure up at least!

  5. As per the article, McGuinty started all this. But now Premier Wynne owns it and has to wear it all. A few shallow “conversations” here and there are irrelevant and insulting. The approvals and build out of useless wind power continues at a near-frantic pace. All cost…no benefit.

  6. Feel free to give your opinions on the
    Environmental Registry still up for words till Sept. On the whole long term
    Energy fart, err plan.

    I see 10% is wanted from wind. Lol
    Their gonna need the GTA lands too to get 10% from wind on the pie chart!

    Perhaps the ex. Place could make a nice location for some pinwheels for the real pinheads.

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